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Thursday, September 30, 2010

15 children kidnapped 29/09/2010

if you have not seen my post on NIGERIA @ 50 . CLICK http://dangelola.blogspot.com/2010/09/nigeria-50not-50celebration-of-new.html

oh someone please explain this to me
     15 children in Abia state kidnapped by gunmen!!!!  This incident occured in Abia state while the children(nursery and primary) were being driven to school and now asking for a ransom of approximately N29million.
like seriously what is wrong with these people, so government officials and oil workers are not giving you enough money(ransom) right?? you have turned to innocent children??? 
    Something should have been done about this kidnapping situation a long time ago, I never believed kidnapping anyone is the way forward and all they do is ask for ransom in millions. These kidnappers are just like some of the people they claim to be fighting. They use their position to intimidate people, collect money and do absolutely nothing!!!!
                We should be celebrating 50years tomorrow and this is not a good sign at all.  I hope they find the children and get those kidnappers as well

God be with the children
dangel eyez


  1. am nt findin dis situation funny at all, seriously d gov. shld do smthin abt dis dey r jt innocent kids. GOD shld protect them, my sincere apology to d family invole in dis.

  2. really this is ridiculous....wat happened to all them rich people again........money don finish they had to settle on those poor babies.....


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