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Sunday, October 3, 2010


Do you remember my post "nigeria @ .50 (not 50) celebrating a new nigeria!celebrating hope"??  
In that post,  I highlighted a few reasons worth celebrating the country's 50th anniversary and few days back I FOUND ANOTHER GOOD REASON to keep celebrating..
                  Many months ago, I came across the facebook profile of  Tinuade Adewole 

and from her pictures I understood she was the winner of a beauty contest in 2009, a contest that had to do with helping the less priviledged children across Nigeria. At that time, I thought the whole contest was a good idea but did not bother to look into it any further.
   I guess I should have because it came back to me recently as my friend brought it to my notice, told me more about the contest and I am so excited that I'd love to share with you all. Maybe thats one of the blessings about starting a blog like this (you get to find out about many great things people around you are involved in, they get to inspire you and its fulfilling making others aware )
SO HERE GOES...........................

              In 2009,  Ayotunde Fabamwo (popularly known as twitch)the president of  WOTCLEF(
Women Trafficking and Child Labour Eradication Foundation
) vanguard oyo state at that time wanted to draw people's attention to the monster of child abuse and women trafficking and he needed a spokesperson who would get the attention of so many. He thought about the fact that beauty queens have been known for years to campaign about world causes hence, he decided a beauty pageant was the way to create awareness for his own cause.


                                                       and he came up with  

In 2010, he will be involving the young men of today as he introduces Mr Ideal Nigeria. (and I am in support..read more to find out why)
Dangel eyez had an interview with Mr Ayotunde and  I bring you the juicy part of this whole post 
:D :D
dangel eyez:        
hiiii, how are you? my friend chris just told me about the competition-Miss Omolewa Nigeria 2010 and Mr Ideal Nigeria 2010.
I think its a great thing you're putting together, helping children and giving to the society. I would love to know more about the competition.
Thanks Dami , i am really glad you doing this and of course i will tell you about it. At the Miss Omolewa we believe that for a greater Nigeria, its essential for the Nigerian child to know that it is important to grow in life and help make a difference in the world and NO ONE IS TOO YOUNG TO TOUCH LIVES.

dangel eyez:
How or why did you come up with the name "Omolewa"?
My target market was the soutwest states , and this is predominantly yoruba states , so i went with a name 'omolewa'. In Yoruba, it means 'child is beauty'. 

dangel eyez: What is Miss omolewa?
The Miss Omolewa started in 2009. I was the president of WOTCLEF Vanguard, Oyo state. I wanted to draw people's attention to the monster of child abuse and women trafficking and I needed a spokesperson who would draw more attention. Beauty queens have been known for years to campaign about world causes hence, I decided a beauty pageant was the way to go and that way I can get children involved, like a 'children for children' idea.The average age of women trafficked in Nigeria is 14 - 17 hence, the age range for the contestants. The Miss Omolewa pageant creates campaigns that promotes causes affecting the Nigerian child and every year the winner of the Miss Omolewa works with a charity.

dangel eyez:
What is Mr ideal Nigeria is about?
Mr Ideal Nigeria 2010 is the first.
The Mr Ideal Nigeria is the ambassador for the 'business Key'. This is to encourage the young Nigerian men that coming up with their own business idea is a way to alleviate poverty in our society. Guys between the ages of 17 - 25 are allowed to apply to the contest and the final five to compete are chosen after a preliminary interview.

dangel eyez:
How is the winner selected?
 The Omolewas will go through three rounds of competition; traditional wear , occasional wear , interviews. the Top five will be chosen and they will go on to the final round which involves asking the contestants a question. This is to ensure we have a Miss Omolewa that is a combination of brains and looks.
The Mr Ideal Nigeria contestants go through four rounds of competition; physical fitness, Talent hunt , corporate wear and the question round. The winner will also be a combination of brains and looks.

dangel eyez:
Who is Miss Omolewa?
Miss Omolewa has to be an ideal teenager , who is charismatic , elegant , smart , beautiful and delectable. 

dangel eyez:
Who is Mr Ideal Nigeria?
The Mr Ideal has to be ambitious, charismatic, handsome, physically fit and fun to be around. 

dangel eyez:
Where and when will it take place?
The Show will take place on the 23rd of October in Fonts hall, Akure. Dresscode: a touch of white and read.

dangel eyez:
What did the last winner do in her tenure?
during the final question stage at the Miss Omolewa 2009 in Ibadan , Tinuade Adewole, representative of Oyo state was asked 'how will you execute your beauty as Miss Omolewa?' and she said 'everyone stops for a beautiful girl with a great smile. I will use that to draw their attention to the effect child abuse has on our country'. 15year old Tinuade went on to become Miss Omolewa Nigeria 2009.
she was the spokesperson of Child labour eradication in Oyo state working with the women trafficking and child labour eradication foundation and she also worked with the love of a child foundation helping kids with HIV AIDS. 

dangel eyez:
What are we expecting from Miss Omolewa Nigeria 2010?
The Miss Omolewa Nigeria 2010 will work with lifting our community to raise money for the education of children in Nigeria during her reign and also the love of a child foundation to give charity to motherless kids and orphans in rural and sub-urban parts of Nigeria. she will also be hosting a fund-raising show in Akure on the 27th of May 2011 and this will showcase talent display by kids from all over the country(dont we just love the word talent on dangel eyez!! ;) ). in the year 2011 , the Miss Omolewa Nigeria 2010 will represent Ondo at the Miss Independence pageant in Lagos, cover model of Berries magazine, interview with Vibes Magazine and sam undyee of 94.6Fm and loads more.

dangel eyez:
What are we expecting from Mr Ideal Nigeria 2010?
The winner of Mr Ideal Nigeria 2010 will work alongside fashion Icon Adebayo OKe-Lawal to create awareness about the Business Key initiative. Adebayo Oke-Lawal is a perfect example of a youngster who came up with his own business ideas and is named one of the top fashion gurus to look out for. The Mr Ideal is Managed by Chris Onanuga.The winner will represent Ondo at the Mr Independence pageant in December, Duke of World (dukeofworld.com) in may, cover model madtainment Magazine, feature in Onyeka Nwelue's New movie abyssinian boy and loads more. 

       For those of you that follow my posts, I had featured both adebayo Oke-lawal and Onyeka Nwelue here on dangel eyez.
             so I agree with Ayotunde, Adebayo is a rising young fashion icon. He is a great stylist and I personally love the way he mixes colors. He is also one of the gentlemen of onyx&pearl clothing. Some of their clothings you can see below:

Onyeka Nwelue is a young author. He is the writer of "The Abyssinian Boy" which sold 15000 copies within the 6 months of its release becoming a National Bestseller, The Abyssinian Boy will be made into a film by Lasse Lau of Kran Film Collective, Belgium.

The Miss Omolewa Nigeria is chaired by Ayotunde Twitch , the Miss Omolewa pageant is managed by Bola Sanni and the Mr Ideal Nigeria managed by Chris Onanuga who I have worked with. He is fun to work with, passionate about helping others, puts his heart into whatever work he has to do and I'm sure he is going to make a good manager.


I know this post might be long but it is worth reading 
dangel eyez officially endorses these two competitions and I hope that most of you will support this competition in anyway you can.

click to view the facebook profile of Ayotunde
This is my own way of supporting,
October 23,
a touch of red and white,
be there!!!
much luv,
dangel eyez

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