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Thursday, September 30, 2010

15 children kidnapped 29/09/2010

if you have not seen my post on NIGERIA @ 50 . CLICK http://dangelola.blogspot.com/2010/09/nigeria-50not-50celebration-of-new.html

oh someone please explain this to me
     15 children in Abia state kidnapped by gunmen!!!!  This incident occured in Abia state while the children(nursery and primary) were being driven to school and now asking for a ransom of approximately N29million.
like seriously what is wrong with these people, so government officials and oil workers are not giving you enough money(ransom) right?? you have turned to innocent children??? 
    Something should have been done about this kidnapping situation a long time ago, I never believed kidnapping anyone is the way forward and all they do is ask for ransom in millions. These kidnappers are just like some of the people they claim to be fighting. They use their position to intimidate people, collect money and do absolutely nothing!!!!
                We should be celebrating 50years tomorrow and this is not a good sign at all.  I hope they find the children and get those kidnappers as well

God be with the children
dangel eyez


TO ALL THE LOVERS OF ASA...our darling babe is back with a new album. I am sooo excited. From the album title to the album cover to the one song I have heard on it...fabAMAZING!!!! 
        so lets start with the album title....
                                  ***************wait for it*********
                                                    *******************wait for itt!!!!*************

and the album cover says it all

oh! I lurvv it...naturally beautiful girl with that cute crack in her glasses, funny how I think the crack makes her look cuter(nt sure there is a word like this..lol but allow me to use it)...no heavy celebrity makeup just her beautiful self.
I wonder what her idea was concerning the necklace/i dont know what around her neck
but you just never know what our babe has in mind.
anywaiz it still works for me :D
in the words of a friend of mine  "a la hot" :D :D

watch the preview of the video of one of her songs on the album "be my man"
you can listen to it on this link
The album will be officially out by October 25th

 *Why Can’t We
*Be My Man
*Preacher Man
* Bimpé
*The Way I Feel
*Dreamer Girl
 *Baby Gone
 *Broda Olé

as a singer and a songwriter, ASA remains my inspiration
*singing out loud* "will you be my man and I will be your woman everyday...."
yours truly,
dangel eyez

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NIGERIA @ .50(not 50)celebration of a new Nigeria!!celebration of hope!!

I did not do research before starting this post, didnt need to i guess.
 This is dangel eyez blogging her mind from what she knows about Nigeria. I am a Nigerian , no need to wiki/google what I see everyday.
Hey you know when its testimony time in church and someone comes out to say that he/she is just thanking God for his or her life, that was what it was to me when I thought of Nigeria turning 50 "WE THANK GOD THE NATION IS STILL STANDING OO" and nothing more... hmmm
    oh well when I decided to start this post with oleku by iceprince ft brymo on replay(great song, felt I should mention it), some other things came to mind that Nigerians can be grateful for.
For instance, the entertainment industry is not doing bad at all. People/companies are trying to bring up talents as we now have reality shows here and there.
The music,film and fashion industries are starting to grow(small,small)

   With other countries giving names to their natural disasters, we are lucky the only thing we need to give names to in naija(Nigeria) are still newborn babies, pets, streets and so many other nice things.(PHEW! THANK GOD OO)
hmmm whatelse....................
     The youths are beginning to engage themselves in productive things and using their talents for good  which makes me really happy thats why every friday i get to feature great talents I find.
drawing by dauda

kekewa makeover
photograph taken by udoh augustine

author of the abyssinian boy
you can find more of these talents and their contacts on these links:
A lot of Nigerians especially the youth are beginning to stand up for what is right and ready to fight for it. Fight against corruption and bad government. ITS ABOUT TIME...WE WANT CHANGE!!
Some people in the government are begining to DO SOMETHING atleast now some are not just "eating" only but in addition doing something, for example, we can see some changes in Lagos(thats a start i hope).
like seriously, nothing more...oops!!
So many things are still wrong in that country, maybe some of you are wondering why I'm not talking about the ills in the society. hmmm its not that I can't blog about the poverty, the bad people in the government or the ridiculous budgets for ridiculous things(e.g approving a budget of approximnately 1b to IMPORT dustbins). AHH! my dear, its just that I AM TIRED , not even in the mood of blogging about that lets just look at how we can make things better.
 Over here in cyprus where I'm studying (hmmm I have to go outside my country to study )our theme of the independence day is "CELEBRATING HOPE" somehow we believe there is hope  for the country somewhere or maybe there is actually nothing to celebrate than hope.
     In my opinion people,  Nigeria is .50 years to day...yes!!that wasnt a mistake,  that was a 5 and a 0 after the decimal point. yeah!! 0.50yrs because at 50 years we should not still be having all this wahala(problems).
  So with dangel eyez seeing it as .50 years this hopefully is the celebration of a new Nigeria, the birth of a new nation. 
Lets try to celebrate the fact that there might be hope that the country will start getting better and soon too :) hope that we will have a good government by 2011 and we will begin to see good things in various systems like the educational system.
               please feel free to pour in your comments on what you feel we are celebrating.
                                      HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY NIGERIA
NIGERIA @ .50!!!!
much luv,
dangel eyez


Friday, September 24, 2010


Our own danielle dan-irabor who was featured on the first edition of  great upcomings of the weekendhttp://dangelola.blogspot.com/2010/09/great-upcomings-of-weekend-tgif.html needs our help for a competition she just entered pleaseeeeee
go to http://www.talenthouse.com/creativeinvites/preview/ddannie007/134 and just click on "vote via facebook" its on the right above "vote with sms". its really easy!! pleasee vote
danielle dan-irabor(photographer)

thanks a lot :D :D

HEY!! HEY!! HEYYY!! dangel eyez has searched far and wide again. yes!! 
Dangel eyez presents to you the great upcomings of the weekend/week.
They are all definitely talented and loveee what they do.
so here goes...........

I came across a photo album titled "illustrations" on this young man's facebook page and I just had to add him just to be sure that the designs/illustrations that were drawn with a pen and colored pencils were his. 
 I found out he is not only the designer/illustrator responsible for the amazing designs/illustrations I came across but a stylist too.


****************************DRUMS ROLLING*************************
BB PIN -211292F6designsbywale.wordpress.com

wale oyerinde

Assistant fashion stylist for FAB MAGAZINE 


wale says "All i do is flip through the fashion bibles of VOGUE,MARIE CLAIRE,HARPERS BAZAAR etc to source inspiration,when im not on a set,i'm either writing or creating a storyboard for the next shoot or sometimes even on the move discovering new locations."
and his fav quote:
Fashion is never how expensive you are........its simply the effort you put!

moving on........

I actually had the opportunity to work with this young lady and I could see she definitely loved what she was doing. She made sure everything was the way she wanted it "perfect" plus she has a great personality too.

****************************DRUMS ROLLING*************************




RENIQUE SAYS she is ready to give you"Just the kinda look you are looking for.... Get it or Regret it".


WHO LOVES CAKES???????????? :D :D

 well you are reading the right section of this post. infact, weekend is all about cakes...parties and weddings need cakes and I came across this amazing caterer. I mean I loved his gallery of pictures of cakes he has done and I'd be selfish not to share with you all. 






and finally enjoy this great song by our 



  If you are finding it hard to contact any of these great stars ...you definitely know how to contact me ;) 
 email: dangelola@yahoo.co.uk

HERE THEY ARE brought to you by your one and only dangel eyez

1 designer/stylist to give you the best clothes or give you tips on how to rock the clothes in your wardrobe
1 makeup artist to make you look beautiful
1 caterer for all you cake lovers and for your parties and weddings
1 MUSICIAN with a great song to start your weekend

I refuse to see a good thing and be quiet about it,
Much love,
dangel eyez

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MAKEUP TIPS, TRICKS, DOS AND DON'TS 101!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   HEY!! really been a long while, hope you have all been doing great :) . I do apologize for the long silence, still trying to settle down properly in school. I was so sad I could not do the edition of GREAT UPCOMINGS FOR THE WEEKEND/WEEK last friday, there will definitely be another edition this friday so if you've got any talent you want to showcase, tell me about it --->> dangelola@yahoo.co.uk.

well!! well!!!! well!!!!!!

  dangel eyez has seen enough makeup disaster and its time to blog about it. Some girls lovee to use makeup, some can't do without it and some think it is not neccessary. Well,  people are entitled to their opinion about makeup!!

 I am a makeup fan and i love the art of it as long as it is used RIGHT.
                so this is makeup tips,tricks,dos and don'ts 101
   The thing is many girls forget the first rule of using makeup "LESS IS MORE" and use everything at once and in the wrongest way possible(oh me gosh , you have  no idea!!)and  what you get is a really good masquerade look and please this rule also applies to the regular white powder.
                                           TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT THIS 

there are so many things wrong with this look. I see red, I see black,purple and I am totally confused????? 
YES!! a lot of girls/ladies/women end up looking like this sometimes and go out feeling "hawt!!"lol .. we really need to be careful.
   I love makeup and I constantly search for great makeup tips/tricks/dos n don'ts and it really helps. so I am going to share it with you.
 dangel eyez will really appreciate if other eyez(other people) get to post other makeup tips not mentioned here or makeup errors you have seen. we are all here to learn!! so have fun telling us about your own makeup tips,tricks,dos and donts.

Once again the FIRST RULE which must remain at the back of your mind while you do your makeup is

RULE 1: LESS IS MORE- Thou shalt not forget!!.

 What you get from putting too much is an artficial look and I am positive that your intention is not for people to think you put a terrible mask on. :D :D
 makeup is meant to enhance your natural beauty, make you really look beautiful.
Another thing is if you put so much effort to your eyes then make sure the lips aint shouting "look at me too". okay people, What I'm I trying to say is

RULE 2: Thou shalt not overdo both...If you are rocking the lips, let the makeup for the eyes be really soft and vice versa.
 For example: don't put on a really shouting gold colour on your eyes and a loud RED color for your lips..(you get the picture right?) like who are you trying to confuse durrling??
allow me to give you examples of what I mean by this simple rule number 2

AND FOR THE LAST LADY....she worked the eyes and kept the lips looking soft and simple...now THATS WHAT I MEAN!!!

blush brush
foundation brush
lip brush
powder brush

 During the day, try not to forget that the sun does shine!! so pleasee go soft on the eyeshadow or all everyone you come across will be seeing are the colors on your eyes and not your pretty eyes.  stay away from colors with glitters or shinning colors and make it soft . 
so this is a bit more colorful than the remaining two but you can still rock this during the day. its soft, pretty and has no glitters..its a fun summer look

  yay!! no sun!!... still i go with soft and less but ofcourse you can play with colors and bring out the glittery ones but play safe. try not to overdo it.
A great night look!!


   Make sure your face is clean and use a good moisturizer. Start applying makeup about 4mins after moisturizer. 
At so many points I'm going to be screaming in this blog like right now ...GET THE COLOR OF FOUNDATION THAT IS THE SAME WITH YOUR SKIN COLOUR (screaming out loud) I know a lot of girls that just want to be fair when they are OBVIOUSLY NOT, cannot remember when black stopped being gorgeous. 
ANYWAIZZ drop that foundation if its not your color(whether its too dark or not) and go with the other one that is. Its really sad to see the difference in the color of the face and body on many girls. why would anyone prefer to look like they are wearing a mask??? 
      RULE 3: make sure you test the foundation by applying it to around your jawline area under good light(prefarably sunlight)
  Use a concealer(the same color as your foundation) for dark spots on your face. Apply your foundation with a brush or foam/sponge(depends on what you call it). I prefer to use the brush and I do not buy the idea of using fingers(not hygienic). 
Apply your powder with a powder brush which helps to put the required amount of powder on your face. You can also use a foam but be sure to remember RULE 1.


    First of all shapen your eyebrows, it makes a whole lot of difference.trust me!!

RULE 4: Properly shapen your eyebrows. It truly truly makes a beautiful difference.

 personally, I am not good with using eye pencils for my eyebrows yet so as you can see from the picture above, I dont make my eyebrows too thin when I shapen them.
Talking about eye pencils, please and please do not use colors for your eyebrows, i just really get confused when I see a lady who has shaved off her eyebrows, only to be DRAWING eyebrows in OTHER COLORS than black especially wine...not good, not good!!
By the way, when I mean black , please go for a soft black color/dark brown not the really dark ones, like I said its all about enhancing the natural look not searching for an artificial one. 
so stop the excessive drawing in various colors other than soft black/dark brown, make sure it looks natural.
  For those of us that cannot use the eye pencil, I use mascara sometimes to brush it upward or I use a black eyeshadow on it, applying with an eyeshadow brush. Remember I dont make them too thin when i shapen them so with a little eyeshadow or mascara, it looks a bit darker and still natural.

EYEZ,EYEZ,EYEZ..i love eye makeup especially when its beautifully/properly done.
So rock soft colors and try to leave the glitters at home during the day and you can play with colors and bring out the glitters at night.
Most of the time, basically use the color you wish to use at the bottom then above it an earthy dark shade and below your eyebrow(brow bone), a bright color prefarably a soft cream color that will not look ridiculous with your skin color …I am sure you have seen plenty women with so much gold close to their eyebrow, its not supposed to be too much. It is meant to bring out your really shaped brows, the idea is just to brighten that area nicely...not too much!!
I love using eyeliners.Took me a while to learn how to apply the liquid ones, anyways now there are the ones you can just roll on. Well eyeliners are cool and mascara is a must-do because it makes your lashes look great.


 "oh! dear dear blush, how lots of ladies have misused you"....yes!yes!!yes!!! blush is not meant to turn you from your natural colour to RED...OR PINK.
When it comes to blush, I enforce the "less is more rule". first of all, you cannot just use any colour of blush, you have to check your skin colour/tone. pink or peach looking coloured blushes are prefarable for fair people(in my opinion), dark-skinned girls can rock the red looking ones and probably fair-skinned girls too..well, just like foundation get the right colour of blush and dont put too much!!!

like the lady here, it should not be too much
when you're done
     IMPORTANT..blush is to be applied with a blush brush and if you dont like smiling well you just have to smile every morning to apply your blush. lol! I'M SERIOUS!! as you can see the lady above. Smile and apply the blush to the apple of your cheeks(the part that comes up and looks cute and cheeky..lol hope you get??), now use the brush to smoothen the blush upwards so it appears like its fading upwards. do not cover your whole cheek with blush.

If you must use a lipliner, you should try using one with the same color as the lipstick. Then so that it does not just look like a LINE, blend it with your lip brush, i mean just slightly use the lip brush to brush the lipliner upwards. This way it blends nicely with your lipstick. Then apply a lipgloss to finish it up!!

Lets not forget darling readers that too much of everything is bad..So here goes our next rule

RULE 5: make sure to remove makeup before you go to bed, to prevent having pimples, spots and the rest of that family..lol
I also believe that you do not need to use makeup everyday, i mean you should allow your face breathe once in a while by not applying any makeup on it maybe on days that you just want to relax at home.

    Now dangel eyez came across a really great video http://www.videojug.com/interview/make-up-myths-and-legends-2
 that gave great answers to the following: 

   you should really check out the video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok now, lets make sure everything is ok!! before we go out
my work here is done but please your comments/contributions are highly needed
much love,
dangel eyez

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