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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

NIGERIANS AND MUSIC COMPETITIONS- something seems wrong to me

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!!!happy new month!!! hope all your good dreams come true this month.

  First of all , I will love to say KUDOS to all the reality shows finding out the beautiful voices in Nigeria and giving them a platform to showcase their voices. yup!! dangel eyez supports you all the way as its all about giving a voice/platform to the talented Nigerians.

 Mtn project fame is currently on, I’m really sorry about the ugly fire incident and I hope recovering from it is less painfull, others include west African idol(only 1 season),naija sings(auditions are on ,almost over or over for the next season),star quest and others. They are all doing a great job atleast I hope
  But something worries me about these competititons: WHY DON’T WE SEE OR HEAR WHAT THESE CONTESTANTS ARE UP TO after the competition. Or maybe I should ask questions instead:
are Nigerians ready for music competitions?

 are Nigerians ready to give them support all the way EVEN AFTER THE SHOW???

 are we ready for the songs these talented people are trained in the house to sing??

 are  the songs Nigerians are expecting from them the kind of songs they want to sing???

 With the quality training they get , at least half of the contestants should be making waves in Nigeria and in fact(I mean, you know..lol)outside Nigeria as well with real good music but sadly L  I can’t see any of them!!
 Where is Jodie(oh! how I adore her), uche, eric from west African idol, tamara(amazinggg voice),rolake and others from naija sings and the good contestants from Mtn project fame?(I was not able to follow the last show well but I know for sure there were great singers there as well).How far have they gone in the music industry? Why have we not heard anything from them.

 Omawunmi(West African idol) is doing great but why is she the only one??
 I actually heard Timi Dakolo’s(west African idol winner) tracks and they are really good click to see heaven please by timi ft m.i, a lot less than our normal Nigerian tune but then they are “idol” worthy. So why are they not topping charts?
 could it be that they have songs that “won't sell” in Nigeria because they might sound too “western”? What exactly is wrong???

 You notice for the first time , my title is a question..yes,yes,yes!!! This topic confuses or more like worries me a lot.
 So what exactly is the essence of these shows when we cannot see their products or we are not ready to accept what their products have to offer.

 I believe these shows should serve as foundations for great things for these contestants to succeed in music, after all that is why they were part of the show(their passion for music) it should not just be about the vibe or the prize(hmmmm now I’m rhyming..niceee).
         Established artists should be able to feature some of these contestants in their songs
         Established producers should have plans of working with any one or two of them as soon as they come out.
     If these contestants are not blessed with writing/composing skills then its high time people start writing/composing songs for others to sing in Nigeria like it happens in.. (oh I am so trying not to make comparisons!!)
I do not know how many people have thought about this but I guess I “blog” the minds of many. So do share your views with me.. I am sure ur eyez have seen, now its time to blog about it.
                                                                   Happy New Month,
                                                                      dangel eyez

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  1. well i think its because most Nigerians wait for things to happen to them rather than actually make something happen. Omawunmi for eg has a strong personality and she makes things happen, i am sure if she had waited for that miracle by 'faith' , nothing will happen. in as much as God loves it when we have faith , what is faith without us sowing a seed of 'action'


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