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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NIGERIA @ .50(not 50)celebration of a new Nigeria!!celebration of hope!!

I did not do research before starting this post, didnt need to i guess.
 This is dangel eyez blogging her mind from what she knows about Nigeria. I am a Nigerian , no need to wiki/google what I see everyday.
Hey you know when its testimony time in church and someone comes out to say that he/she is just thanking God for his or her life, that was what it was to me when I thought of Nigeria turning 50 "WE THANK GOD THE NATION IS STILL STANDING OO" and nothing more... hmmm
    oh well when I decided to start this post with oleku by iceprince ft brymo on replay(great song, felt I should mention it), some other things came to mind that Nigerians can be grateful for.
For instance, the entertainment industry is not doing bad at all. People/companies are trying to bring up talents as we now have reality shows here and there.
The music,film and fashion industries are starting to grow(small,small)

   With other countries giving names to their natural disasters, we are lucky the only thing we need to give names to in naija(Nigeria) are still newborn babies, pets, streets and so many other nice things.(PHEW! THANK GOD OO)
hmmm whatelse....................
     The youths are beginning to engage themselves in productive things and using their talents for good  which makes me really happy thats why every friday i get to feature great talents I find.
drawing by dauda

kekewa makeover
photograph taken by udoh augustine

author of the abyssinian boy
you can find more of these talents and their contacts on these links:
A lot of Nigerians especially the youth are beginning to stand up for what is right and ready to fight for it. Fight against corruption and bad government. ITS ABOUT TIME...WE WANT CHANGE!!
Some people in the government are begining to DO SOMETHING atleast now some are not just "eating" only but in addition doing something, for example, we can see some changes in Lagos(thats a start i hope).
like seriously, nothing more...oops!!
So many things are still wrong in that country, maybe some of you are wondering why I'm not talking about the ills in the society. hmmm its not that I can't blog about the poverty, the bad people in the government or the ridiculous budgets for ridiculous things(e.g approving a budget of approximnately 1b to IMPORT dustbins). AHH! my dear, its just that I AM TIRED , not even in the mood of blogging about that lets just look at how we can make things better.
 Over here in cyprus where I'm studying (hmmm I have to go outside my country to study )our theme of the independence day is "CELEBRATING HOPE" somehow we believe there is hope  for the country somewhere or maybe there is actually nothing to celebrate than hope.
     In my opinion people,  Nigeria is .50 years to day...yes!!that wasnt a mistake,  that was a 5 and a 0 after the decimal point. yeah!! 0.50yrs because at 50 years we should not still be having all this wahala(problems).
  So with dangel eyez seeing it as .50 years this hopefully is the celebration of a new Nigeria, the birth of a new nation. 
Lets try to celebrate the fact that there might be hope that the country will start getting better and soon too :) hope that we will have a good government by 2011 and we will begin to see good things in various systems like the educational system.
               please feel free to pour in your comments on what you feel we are celebrating.
                                      HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY NIGERIA
NIGERIA @ .50!!!!
much luv,
dangel eyez


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  1. i do agree with u and am i hope things get better soonest


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