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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I know it’s a new month and many of us are happy and comfortable as we begin the month in good health, unfortunately some states especially the Northern states in Nigeria are experiencing a terrible thing this month and it has been going on for months .

I came across this news in PUNCH newspaper this morning titled“Another Cholera Outbreak”. Sometime in July I heard on the radio about the outbreak but I did not pay much attention to it, but seeing it this morning and the fact that it is getting worse has brought me to the point where I have to blog about it.

     The federal ministry of health  disclosed that the death toll in borno, bauchi and 5 other states had risen from  360 to 571.The number of infected persons has also increased from 5,320 to 10,134, out of which Borno and Bauchi states recorded 2,617 and 2,417 cases respectively. There had been more than 6,400 cholera cases since June and the disease has been detected in 12 of Nigeria’s 36 states.

This is really heartbreaking !!!
 I  further read that this epidemic could have been avoided if serious measures were taken when cholera outbreak was reported in our neighbouring Cameroon in early June.
There were warnings that it might affect Northern Nigeria but nothing really was done to prevent it. L This outbreak happens regularly and its sadly due to poor sanitation and contaminated wells .

   I know it’s a new month and we are all happy but lets put this epidemic in mind:
  • Drink boiled or treated water, tea and coffee must also be made out of treated water
  • Eat food and vegetables that have been thoroughly, thoroughly cooked and still hot
  • Avoid raw foods, salad, undercooked fish or seafood.
       I do hope that health authorities will make available adequate supply of antibiotics and fight hard to prevent this disease from spreading further. 
                 I believe we should not still be at the level of contaminated WELLS!!  when exactly are things going to get better???? 

                 May God be with our brothers and sisters suffering from this disease. AMEN .

                  Keep your environment clean all the time.
Stay healthy,
dangel eyez


  1. y most u pple paste it on internet so d whites would always knwu guys are always havin sickness

  2. well anonymous..i do not know what you mean by "u ppl"I am sharing this because it needs to be shared.I do not know why u are separarting whites from us but I know we all have issues and the "whites"(as you've used) also have sicknesses and other issues that i am sure you clearly and regularly know about. thanks for your comment. M.luv dangel eyez

  3. Mr/Ms Anonymous, segregating people into 'white' and 'others' is very very rascist. This blog is supposed to enlighten others FROM HER OWN POINT OF VIEW - if you cannot understand that then I think its best you keep your thoughts to yourself.
    Am not surprised you are not brave enough to display your identity either...


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