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Friday, April 22, 2011

The search for Nigeria’s most adorable man is on!!

This summer, the eyes of Nigeria are focused on one destination! Get ready to experience a fiesta of everything adorable as we travel to exotic city of Lagos. Here, 16 of the most stunning men in Nigeria gear up for the opportunity of a lifetime. They will come from all parts of the country to compete for one chance, one title, one life changing experience and nothing will stand in their way. At the end, only one will be crowned the next Mr Ideal Nigeria. 
The pageant takes place in June and will transform Lagos into a hive of creativity, bringing the eyes of the Nation to its beautiful city. All eyes are focused on Lagos as Nigeria searches for its most adorable man. 

The pageant is again being organised by Twitch & Stiles Events. The pageant aims to encourage young people to start their own business, live an active and healthy lifestyle and appreciate the beauty of their country by promoting tourism and having one voice by giving back to the society, as we all work towards a New Nigeria. Wale Bello, the ideal man 2010 says ‘It’s been an amazing year, not only did I get to start my own home aerobics business, I also met amazing people. It’s a year filled with emotions, learning, friendships and growth. I will never forget for a second!

The competition will start with auditions in Lagos, Ibadan, Owerri , Port Harcourt, Abuja, and Ekiti. Prelimnaries will be held in Lagos, Ibadan and Owerri and 16 finalists will emerge. This year, the judges are looking for an individual with the ability to communicate and inspire. Personality is a contributing factor in the winning choice, the winner not only has to look great but show he has good character and determination. 
The contestants will compete in swim wear, talent hunt, evening wear and the final question. The winner will have access to funds to start his own business and launch a campaign that aims to encourage young Nigerians to start their own businesses, become the face of award winning design outfit Mutay Mode and represent Nigeria at the Mr United Nations pageant. The runner- up becomes NaijaTrek’s ambassador, promoting tourism around the country. The show will see Femi from G xploits, Teni of Caysis Models host this show and great performances from the latest music sensations in the country.

 Ayotunde Twitch Fabamwo, President of the Mr Ideal Nigeria, says “We are still charged by last year’s success, and are using this momentum to build an even bigger and better show for this year.”

The pageant is by no means full and Twitch & Stiles are still looking for sponsors and partners who would like to participate. Mr Ideal Nigeria offers the chance to reach out and engage with new audiences on a grander scale, so if you are a photographer, artist, musician, band, craftsperson or filmmaker then send an email to info@mridealnigeria.com or for more information, visitwww.mridealnigeria.com. London (Ayotunde 07909418515) , Ibadan (Segun 08033867209), Lagos (Charles 08033471722, Jade 08038195824) BB (house of twitch 2306e0e8). 

Audition Dates:
Venue : Mutayz Mode , blk 2, flat 21b tunde pinheiro street , otedola jubilee estate , just by omole phase 2

Date : 28th of April , 2011

Time: 12.00pm

Venue: Kokodome (upstairs) , Dugbe Ibadan 

Date: 7th of May, 2011
Time: 2.00pm
If you have what it takes! Log on to www.mridealnigeria.com and register. 
guess who will be one of the judges for the final selection .. :D

urs truly,
dangel eyez

Thursday, April 21, 2011


   One of the most respected actors in Nollywood , Ashley Nwosu, is dead. He has been struggling with his liver  problem, slipped into a coma yesterday and died this morning.

  "Ashley Nwosu, a pioneer actor in Nollywood, started professional acting with NTA in 1988/1989, and he’s among the people who started Soap operas and Tele movies in Nigeria.."

Read more on Ashley nwosu: http://www.articlesbase.com/art-and-entertainment-articles/acting-is-my-second-talent-ashley-nwosu-1008611.html#ixzz1KBayEQcS 
                                       He was a really good actor
May his soul rest in perfect peace.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Video Evidence Of Election Fraud In South-South Nigeria.

        A lot of Nigerians may say last election was free and fair but we all know that is not true.  Someone just tagged me in this video and I had to share it.
The  comment below was by the group that uploaded this video on youtube:
"The woman in red is Baridi Naleloo, PDP women leader Ward 4 B-Dere and a staff of Gokana local government working for Mr. Victor Giadom chairman of the council and a cousin of Hon. Magnus Abe. Woman thumb printing is Barivure a staff of University of Science and technology, Port Harcourt and a PDP member."
   As you'll see the woman is doing all the thumb printing and the place was packed with Nigerians probably doing the whole accreditation process or maybe they were told the materials had not arrived or one funny story.

If you really belong to PDP , shame on them too.
All other parties are probably guilty as well.
I heard from someone too on how people that came to vote were asked to go home ( they all went home) and some people were paid to do the thumb printing to favour a particular party.
     Where were the so-called observers and security?????????????

  The presidential election is this coming saturday, I wonder if it will be peaceful, free and fair or if I'll be sharing with you more videos like this?
           I do not believe that our elections this year will be free and fair(thats the bitter truth) but I'm hoping Prof. Jega puts in more effort so that it can be close to a perfect election.

kudos to the person that got this on camera
No matter what, We must still vote
pleaseee vote wisely and do not sell your votes!!!
much luv,
dangel eyez


The elections this year has been an interesting one although it is not over yet the results of the presidential elections has just been announced by Prof. Attahiru Jega, the chairman of the electoral commision in Nigeria.
    I have no idea what happened to me in this presidential election o but i just kept retweeting polling unit results, state results and giving live updates on twitter... the 2011 election was suspense filled especially with the Northerners putting most of their votes for BUHARI of CPC. Everyone was waiting patiently for the results for each state , it took them two days to release the results of all the states which you can see here http://www.inecnigeria.org/ .
  Anyways, some people were already posting the state results even before inec was done..i kept wondering how but i guess they have their ways of finding out.


  Honestly, i really dont know what ta run-off means (someone be kind enough to explain :D ) but i think it means doing the elections again. The thing is according to the constitution, for a winner to emerge, two things must happen
1. he/she must have majority of the votes
2. he/she must have a 25% win in 2/3 of the Nigerian states which is about 24 states and the FCT
 so yes with Buhari and the northern states , some people were afraid of a run-off
    Well well that did not happen
Total Votes for all the relevant parties (in my opinion)
A.C.N: 2,079, 151 25% in 4 states and fct.
C.P.C: 12,214,853 - 25% in 16 states and fct
P.D.P: 22,495,197 - 25% in 31 states and fct.



  After some of the results in the north were announced, the northerners felt they had been cheated and started rioting...the fights spread in almost all the states in the north.
Personally o i felt (in my opinion) the results in a state like Kaduna ( CPC had over 1.3million and PDP had over 1.1million) will cause problems because i expected a wider margin based on results that came in from the polling units. Anyways, I hope the riots reduce completely as it doesnt matter anymore, GEJ would have still won anyways.


  Although everyone is tired of PDP as a whole, most Nigerians still voted for Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. They said "we voted for the man and not the party". Honestly, i heard that with yaradua..The whole story of the president acting according to his will and not being poisoned by their party.. I feel its all lies and tales. Well, the question was "what other option did we all have?" . The other candidates were once again not as strong as the rulling parties' candidate and Nigerians voted for GEJ (giving pdp another chance).


ohhhh somebori have mercy...i did not know we had other parties like this o..Someone should create a new rule that prevents all these unnecessary parties from coming up. It was really annoying having to hear all the state collation officers read out the results of ALL the parties every time. kmt!!
PDC, UNPD abi UNDP, MPsomething, Rsomething something, lol..very annoying o. 
By the way, I think it should be clear now to some people that they should not come out to contest the presidential elections again.... i rest my case.


 The INEC chairman who tried his best to make this election free and fair..Although I know it wasnt exactly free and fair but he did his best and used all his resources well.
CREDIT goes to NIGERIANS... we tried our best this time to make sure our votes count with all the help from technology, Nigerians helped in making sure this election was credible.


   dangel eyez watched the announcements of the winner of the presidential elections live...(clap for it..hehe) . Anywayz, I will like to say congratulations to President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. I pray he leads us well and does many productive things that we can see o. we want to SEE the change.
May God guide him and give him wisdom.
  I am sure our first lady will be making a speech soon :D ..she'll be soo happy!! everyone voted for UMBLERA. 

the next four years better be good,
i got my eyez on GEJ..hehe
much luff
dangel eyez.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

P.U.S.H - Pray Until Something Happens

      Some people believe that praying to God about something more than once shows that you doubt the power of God..Well, I disagree . When you want God to do something in your life, you must pray till something happens and it shouldnt be a prayer of request only but also one of thanksgiving, thanking God for what you are yet to receive. It may take months or even years, HE HEARS YOU but you must keep praying till you get to the point where you can hear HIM too...till you receive that which you have asked of him....till something happens. 
Have a Blessed Sunday,
dangel eyez

Friday, April 8, 2011


            This is for those yet to begin their "service" to the country #NYSC. All the future OTONDOS (I HAIL). The fun part is definitely the orientation camp and the annoying part is the primary assignment.

   About 2weeks before the orientation is over, there will be announcements for people that have request letters from companies to submit them so they can get posted to the company. This takes me to the various options *VERY IMPORTANT*

This is the best and safest way to go about your primary assignment(where you will work/serve). My advice will be to work it out with the company you desire to work with either by submitting CVs , writing exams,going for interviews(yes you'll do all that depending on the company) or knowing somebody. Just get the company to give you a letter to NYSC officials requesting for you. If you do this, you are SAFE.
      work it out with the officials(if you know somebody or know how to work your way with them, it still happens so im not going to hide it) to get you posted to a company you wish to work in..This method is a 50/50 chance because even if you get posted to the company, they might still reject you.
     Now for those that worketh by faith and hope that they get posted to a good place(which should be the ideal way) , goodluck o but I should warn you that this should actually be your last option #SadButTrue.

   I am a victim of "posting gone wrong" and I believe I'm better than a lot of my fellow corp members I have seen walking the streets of Lagos since we got out of camp. I got posted to a particular company that I was sure I was going to start working in immediately I got out of camp. 
  Unfortunately, when I went there the next day I was told that I might not be placed in the IT dept and they will get back to me.. #NOTIME I started my search for an IT firm or a company with a good IT dept. Some people told me "dami, its just service, you can work anywhere" OH NO I cant, unless I have no where else to go I'm going to start searching for a place moreover I still had not heard from the company I was posted to.
I did not just see how I will spend 1 whole year doing something I did not study or have the passion for and no be say I no know book o..ahn ahn!! 
   I started searching oo but it wasnt easy because the truth is that many of these companies will take their time to get back to you or they'll have to consider all the people they know first before getting back to you.  

    Well I guess I can peacefully blog about this because my own wahala is clearing up and looking good *THANK GOD*. As at today, I saw many rejected corpers looking for other alternatives. One even said that after waiting all these days, he still got rejected. I know a lot of corpers are going to stay months without a job and its just sad. The funny one is if you get posted to a school and you don't want it(not that its bad tho) just know they will not want to give you a rejection letter..lol and without a rejection letter you can not move to another company.

I'll like to share some basic rules you need to know.
1. As soon as you get out of camp, go to the place you have been posted to or go the next day dressed in your corper uniform. Loads of people have been posted there too so do not delay.

2. Do not think the company will just give you an acceptance letter o. One rule of the NYSC programme is that interviews and exams should not be conducted but this rule is just there for decoration. Especially if you did not get posted via option 1, you'll write exams and go for interviews till you are tired and they might not still accept you. I do not blame these companies tho because with the state of our educational system(which BUHARI seems to think is okay KMT!!), these companies need to do a lot of screening.

3. If you have been rejected from a company and you are going to other places looking for a new placement, please try not to wear your corper uniform so that you get a better reception and they probably wont tell you "no place for corpers" at the gate. 

4. Make sure your rejection doesn't state that it was you that requested for a rejection letter or something negative. If you do not like where you were posted to, cook up a good excuse for rejecting the place.

5. Have a CV ready because most companies you go to will ask for it. Even after you've been posted to a place, do not sit around waiting for them to call you..submit your CV to other places just in case.

If you are a corper still looking for a place check this link(ill post more here as i find them)

I will suggest that this programme should be scraped but I know some corpers benefit
from it so here's me hoping that the new government will work on it and put more effort into the educational sector.
much luv,
dangel eyez

Thursday, April 7, 2011

SHOCKING!!! SHOCKING!!! The educational background of Dame Patience Jonathan

Click for Full Image Size
  My friend and I were discussing about Nigeria and all the election drama and somehow we find ourselves talking about Dame Patience Jonathan..One thing led to another and he told me that when i google her educational background , I'd be shocked...Truth be told I was not only shocked by her educational background but her career as well...Here goes:

1989: the first Lady obtained the National Certificate of Education (NCE) in Mathematics/Biology from the 
Rivers State College of Arts and Science, Port Harcourt. (NATIONAL CERTIFICATION OF WHAT????)

 She then proceeded to the University of Port Harcourt and studied Biology/Psychology in 1994.(WELL IT WASNT STATED THAT SHE GRADUATED #justsaying :P )

Mrs. Jonathan started her career as a teacher at the Stella Maris College, Port Harcourt and Sports Institute Isake(Teacher??like really??? *my mouth now wide open in shock*)

    There's more stuff about how she went to the banking sector and started a bank and then later went on to the ministry of EDUCATION... There's just a million things not right with this information cos I'm wandering how a person with this educational background can make the blunders below 

 " the people sitting before you here were once a children"The bombers who born them?wasn't it not a woman?they were once a children now a adult now they are bombing women and children making some children a widow" #DEAD

and there's more o...ahn ahn!! 

with my mouth still opened
much luv,
dangel eyez

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Omotola jalade talks about her music and grammys.#NotWorkingForMe

     I like Omotola Jalade , she is a brilliant actress but this her singing matter is one to worry about. I cant believe that the main reason for going to the grammys was to promote her music career. What career?? According to kilonsparkles? , its like she hears celine dion whenever she sings. I sicerely believe that is what happens because I cannot understand why she would still push this singing mistake.

 Why am I blogging about this now?? I just came across a video of an interview where she spoke about her experience at the grammys and about her music career . hmmmmm I was PUSHED to lfind her songs and tually listen to them......

some omosexy songs I found ...

you've probably not heard this one ...

oh my goodness, I just wanted to mute the videos and just watch her ACT in the video.. I cant believe none of her close friends have told her to stop. Some actors have tried it and I forgave them  because they became aware of their mistake and quit.... 
               With all the love I have for you omotola please stick to acting and spend your time promoting what you are talented in. #enoughisenough                                          
     much luv,
dangel eyez

Naomi Campbell hosts Genevieve Nnaji for her gala launch..GO Genny!!

  So my twin , Genevieve Nnaji(yelz!! we look alike :D), is not stopping for anyone o.  This event was Naomi Campbell's gala launch of her Fashion For Relief pop-up shop.  She looks absolutely stunning and definitely going higher. love her much!! 
love!!love!!love!! :D

genny's twin (believe it or leave it)
dangel eyez :D

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So the funny question going around the social network is "would you hire Jega  as your wedding planner??" and there has been so many other jega jokes on twitter and facebook.

   Who is Jega and why all these jokes?? Jega is the chairman of the organisation in charge of conducting the 2011 elections in Nigeria who has already started failing us by postponing the first part of the elections TWICE!!!.
I do not know why some things can not just go as planned in this country especially something as important as elections. We've all known about this election since last year, months before now, so I do not understand why it had to be postponed. WHY WAS INEC NOT PREPARED??
 Jega's reason was that the ballot papers did not arrive as planned *sad/angry face*. That reason does not even make sense because according to many Nigerians , they had cast their votes using ballot papers(so which ones didn't arrive as planned???).

IMG00089 20110402 1234 1024x768 Nigeria Elections 2011: What was Caught on Camera #PhotoSpeakIMG00093 20110402 1237 1024x768 Nigeria Elections 2011: What was Caught on Camera #PhotoSpeak
"At Ward 8 in Ibadan North Local Government for instance, hundreds of voters at the various polling stations had cast their votes. With the turn of events, how will they believe INEC’s claim that materials just got flown in at 9am Saturday morning? They expect a better excuse."  www.cp-africa.com

Exactly Jega , we need a better excuse as to why you moved the elections from April 2nd to April 4th and then to April 9th. KMT!! It is a big shame to the present government and loads of us already believe that there is something fishy going on with all that has taken place.
  INEC whatever you have to do , do it O because we all want a credible election..no wuru wuru, no jega jega (jaga jaga).  

  moving on to nollywood, have you seen the "NOLLYWOOD FOR GEJ " video??
click this link http://dangelola.blogspot.com/2011/04/loud-mouth-nollywood-for-gej-videoright.html and as usual I haff got something to talk abourrit (about it)

urs truly,


 Now let me face our Nollywood celebrities who recently shot a video "NOLLYWOOD FOR GEJ"

  When I saw this video, I actually did not know what to say at the time but now I think I do. IN MY OPINION, this celebrities should know that even if they do thousands of videos they aint going to change my mind. I love almost all of them but I love the hope of a better Nigeria more. :D
   The news surrounding this is that GEJ has promised to put in 200million into the Nollywood sector(just like  nysc corp members were told minimum wage has increased and our allwai was still 9,755naira. :P). I actually liked one of the comments I saw on bella naija

"So jonathan gave them 200million and am wondering what for,what happened to using the 200million to build a film village for them,so that they can have their own in-built studios,good cameras n all and they can make good movies,that way they won’t av to go about borrowing houses n cars….this politicians knw our weaknesses so they always take advantage of it,on d long run it is only the influential people in the industry that will av access to the money"

   Everyone has a right to stand for who they think should lead this country but they should also remember that with that person comes his political party (#justsaying) and the fact that when you are a celebrity, you have people looking up to you and what you believe in so if you are going to endorse someone - GIVE US GOOD REASONS in your video other than "needing someone you can trust"(TRUST GOD ALONE abeg and your family :P ).

     I have respect for eldee and all the other celebrities that have urged people to vote from the beginning and I just read a note from eldee about the "OUR TIME" concert which was a brilliant idea that was going to help get everyone to vote and how it was hijacked by PDP..please read http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10150113896423148 . 

Funny how when bella naija placed the original idea click here on their site someone commented 
"davis kolawole February 4, 2011 at 4:15 PM
good concept but i hope politicians won’t hijack the process for their own selfishness…..let them not be endorsed by any political party or politician or any organisation with political interest." ..Davis is probably not a pastor but his prediction was on point because one month later , the UMBLERA people hijacked the idea click here *sad/angry face*.

A lot of things to scream about via my LOUD MOUTH but really this election is becoming something else. Anyways I've got my eyes(dangel eyez) on every and my Loud mouth shall speak as I see

please enjoy Omawunmi's video for her "na who i go ask " song..BRILLIANT VIDEO,SONG,LYRICS AND CONCEPT.

if you ask me this matter for ground, e heavy for mouth o #cantshout
urs truly,

Monday, April 4, 2011

Introducing D'GRIND entertainment - Ireland based Nigerian Band and their single

Like i mentioned in my last #otondotalk post there were so many talented Nigerian youths in camp. On the music side, some of them are upcoming and still trying to break into the music industry, some have demos that they played and performed while some even have videos of their songs. Well , I met one corp member who had an established music group D'GRIND from ireland that already had a video for their single.

"D'Grind is an Ireland based Nigerian band. Founded in 2006, the band consists of 3 young Nigerian artists, Mitchell Okeke also known as Big Mitch, Razak Sadu aka Raz D'chef, and Jordan Colgan who goes by the name Alexi Duce. 
D'Grind was founded by Big Mitch facebook profile, a Pharmaceutical Science graduate from GMIT, Ireland. He started out as a radio show presenter on Flirt FM, a Galway radio station.
Driven by a passion for music, Raz D'chef and Alexi Duce joined Big Mitch and D'Grind was formed. Raz D'chef, a Music Technology undergraduate, started out as a producer and eventually turned to rapping and Alexi Duce, currently a Sound Engineering student, started out his career doing freestyle battles in his neighborhood. "

Here's the video of their single 'Just Pull'. Its a really great dance track-great beat. enjoy :)

much luv,
dangel eyez

Saturday, April 2, 2011

#OTONDOTALK: nysccamp experience

So I just couldnt blog about the every day camp experience..21 days is long plus after sometime there was really nothing to do and i was always running home :D
   The first week in camp is definitely killing but after that if you are not doing anything for your platoon(the group/family :) you'll be assigned to) then you'll be so free, you'll be bored.

AHHH!!!if you are going for nysc orientation just pray that your camp commandant is not as mean as ours..That guy made some of us sit down on the camp ground because we were not on our beds at 10pm.We sat there from 10.30pm till midnight o. That was when I saw some non corp members that were caught around the hostel do frog jump and could not get up after..hmmm wasnt funny o. The dude did not smile with us at allll. The man tire us o!

loool..only batch A otondos that will laugh at this...lmao.
We had like aerobics in the morning and there was this cd that they used that started like this with a funny yoruba accent "dj gami gami gami"...lol its either gami or kami

 There is always one company doing a talent show in camp so you can always take part in one, MTN did not impress me  because they gave the least gifts to contestants (sme ugly looking bag like that) and LEGEND annoyed me because they ruined the bonfire night doing raffle draws or something like that but I'm sure it was pretty fun for those that won something(so ill just keep quiet now with my bad belle.lol)
 I remember when it was lights out(yeah we had lightsout) two guys  held their flat screen up in the air and sang "its good to drink beer"..lol..you can't blame them.
 The biggest talent hunt was from fidelity bank which i took part in and did not win but honestly quote me anywhere o "out of 23 contestants, about 18 of us were more talented than those contestants in some of this nigerian music competitions"..i was even shocked and the winner had everyone standing and screaming..it was a fun night thanks to fidelity bank(see me doing free promo but they did well).
HMMMM how can i forget the dancer cynthia who took a gift from every company that came, she was simply amazing and she definitely won a lot of stuff. 

There were also inter-platoon competitions consisting of football,volleyball, cultural dance, cooking, board games and so on. I'm not good in any those so i did not even go there lol but i participated in the miss nysc competition which went pretty well. 

"if soldier marry corper, dem go born mumu " ..lol one of the gyration songs. first week was the week of just meeting people and randomly asking for numbers for one cooked up reason or the other
and by the time I went home and came back..people were holding hands and forming relationships.. some will work out after camp and most wont i guess...some of these hookups involved married women and men 
(uh-oh !!).

mammy market -> gulder & fayrouz joints were responsible for finishing some people's allawi(allowance). I actually heard one day that alcoholic drinks had finished in mammy market..i dont know how true it was but it was possible.
mammy market will be missed dearly and they sure made money from us, they sold everything including paper.Infact they were charging phones for 50naira.lol.mammy was fun.
BONFIRE wasn't fun at all and we all looked forward to it but the raffle draw legend people ruined it..kmt!! by the time everyone wanted to have fun...The beagler blew his annoying beagle for lights out. my fellow blogger and otondo described the beagle as  " a very annoying horn-like sound which is blown by a soldier"
and I agree!! 

The favorite one was - HOLD SOMETHING!!

I call am call am she no gree
I call am call am she no answer
When I tell am, I’m  a soldier
She say make I buy am something
(Wetin I buy am?)
I buy am apoche
I buy am miniskirt o
I buy am rubber sandals….
Say Iya Bose —-Iya Bose Iya Bose
Say Omolara—Omolara Omolara

Soldier sings:
Ehhhh zero your mind
eeeeeeh zero your mind
Alawee no dey, zero your mind
alawee no dey, zero your mind
Corpers respond:
Eeeeeh yawa go dey
EeEEEEh yawa go dey
If alawee no dey yawa go dey
If alawee no dey yawa go dey

This is the way I wanted to be ooo
This is the way I wanted to be
Eeeeh I want to be a corper
Eeeeh I want to be a corper
Eh Eh Eh I want to be a corper
This is the way I wanted to be


Camp wasnt that bad afterall, it gets better after the first few days and you get to meet really great people. The only part that puts me off is the dormitory-the rooms, bathrooms and toilets. Dear government, that part needs a lot of work o!!.  oh and ofcourse those annoying soldiers that scream like they are constantly high...HOL(hissing out loud). They constantly get on your nerves but anyways I forgive them now jor..hehe

I loved everyone I met especially the girls in my room
wishing everyone the best :)
much luv,
dangel eyez

#musicsensation9ja: jodie-kuchi kuchi

  I have missed blogging...just finished the nysc camp orientation wahala and it feels good not to hear the sound of that horrible beagle at 4.30am :D :D :D ..would do more post on #otondotalk and other posts soon but FIRST
    I have here Jodie's first single and music video titled "kuchi kuchi"... Jodie was that brilliant singer that should have just won West African Idols..I loved her and I love her more now.

"kuchi kuchi" is a love song but not for couples and lovers but a love song from a mother to her child...how beautiful right?? she went in a different direction and has given mothers a new song to sing to their babies.. and i love it... The video is brilliant and the concept is onpoint!! im even loving the ancient "mbeke" hairstyle. ENJOY!!

AND HERE IS JODIE AGAIN from way backkk when she was a contestant singing a natasha beddingfield song and making it her own in a good way.

have a lovely weekend ;)
dangel eyez
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