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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Hi, hope you have all read my post "september :the month of testimonies". if you haven't please do :)
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   With the emln 2010 final close by, I thought i might share with you what the main casting was like. Some blogs might have posts on it but ofcourse most of them(if not all) were not actually participants so this is the story of the Elite Model Look Nigeria 2010 casting from a participant. I decided to try out modelling in Nigeria and particularly decided to enter in two competitions and Elite model look nigeria 2010 was one of them(ofcourse it had to be...its the prestigious ELITE modeling agency) 
 Elite model agency is one of the top agencies in the world and beth model management is one of the top agencies in Nigeria , a representative of Elite modeling agency and Elite model look competition.
CEO/founder of beth model management, Mrs Elohor Isiorho Beth

LOCATION: rehab lounge/bar victoria island,lagos. 

 I made sure I arrived on time, from what I know as a model you have to be at your casting venue on time but clearly many aspiring models in Nigeria dont know that(advice: the nigerian time should not hold when it comes to business as TIME IS MONEY).. oh well I met some girls there and we all sat , filled forms(for those of us that had just tellers), talked,measured ourselves and just gisted about the whole competition while we waited for others to come.
   At about 12pm, lots of slim and beautiful ladies had filled up the place. Although I came across some people who shouldn’t have been there. Hey! I am not trying to be mean and all but the registration form was 5000naira and there were requirements that makes eligible to apply and some girls did not just fit it especially the height part, I saw short girls and some were not even close to being slim. oh! I know there is something called luck but you have to atleast satisfy the required requirements before you start thinking of how you can get lucky. So for me it was sad to see people waste 5000naira.(in my opinion)

    Well, after sometime the organizers came to talk to us about the whole thing and gave some instructions that I’d love to share

Remove all makeup- little or no makeup at all is required for castings
We should all be wearing slim fitted clothes-prefarably tanktop and jean/tights
Your hair should not be on your face-
We must be on our heels when we go to see the judges
They are looking for girls with striking looks, great body, good skin, 5'7 and above, ages 18-23,confident and they are not particular about whether the girl can catwalk or not.

So everyone had to start adjusting . I met various girls, some had come all the way from enugu and different parts of the country, some had experience in modeling but ofcourse winning emln2010 will just be great and some were just trying “the thing” out.
BY THE WAY , It was all about blackberry phone. I was about to ask if there was a particular network giving out the phone for free because about 90% of the girls I saw were “pinging”. I was part of the 10% that wasn’t, I just looked at my phone and smiled “oh nokia me still inlove with you, don’t worry”…lol. Denrele also came...lol... I'm sure I  really don't have to explain how he was looking..hehe.. denrele!! but he definitely reduced the tension that filled the room. 
            Well its about time, the judges had come now and it was time to begin.

We all had numbers pinned to our shirts, trust me when I say everyone was set to be part of the finalist,I MEAN IT but it was now left for the judges to decide.
And the judges from left to right were beautiful lola maja(God did take His time to create her..omg!), dimeji alara, ezinne chinkata and andrew ogbechi
I was number 13 and as I went in I was about to start walking when I heard Andrew shout "back!!"...oops! my bad, I had to go start my walking from the end of the room...lol..anyways I did and I walked forward(I have a great walk, just thought I should mention that..lol but the organizers were not taking "ability to walk" into consideration) so I just did that for "efizzy"..lol
well Andrew clearly made his point about the fact that coming in with our natural hair would have been much better and ezinne talked about most Nigerian girls not having toned stomach(I tried a little). They asked for name, age and statistics(bust,waist,hips and height) and that was it.

As usual when I got out, everyone was sharing their experiences with the judges, "andrew ogbechi is really strict","lola maja tried to be nice","I forgot what to say","the judges are really professionals","they were able to tell I was bleaching"..many people had their own story to tell . I was actually asked if I was wearing fake lashes and I was like "yes, i mean no, its mascara" (DO NOT LAUGH!!!!!)

So the time came to call out the numbers of those that made it through to the next day and everyone wanted to hear their number called out including me

Annette Begg 2009 winner
Tracy Onyekachukwu EMLN2008 winner

ok ok I am sorry to cut the story here(dont kill me yet) but I do not like long posts and this one right here is a long post nominee..lol...so if you want to know who the FINALIST are and I'm sure you want to know if i made it
so that my dear and many more about EMLN2010... click here

Much luv,
dangel eyez


  1. Must have been an awesome exprience

  2. swaiz ... it was kool, got to learn some things,still learning :)
    thanks for your comments,
    please follow the other link and see the girls that made it through and cast your votes too :)

    M.Luv ,
    dangel eyez

  3. Awesome! Hilarious!
    Love it!

  4. @yomi...thanxx,glad you love it!!
    dangel eyez


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