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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September: The month of testimonies!!!!

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At the beginning of every month pastors or leaders in various churches make declarations about the month like AUGUST in a church can be declared as the month of healing. I am sure Nigerians understand what I mean.
Anyways, september began and I had no declaration for the month, well, most times I dont  but this was about to change. Allow me to take you back in time for few minutes.
     Some time this year my aunt had a baby boy just before she went into coma for three days. yup!! I just got a call from my mum crying and saying I should pray(i was in school) that my aunt had just put to bed but she is in coma now, they really don't know what the outcome will be(the doctor had asked them to wait and keep praying)
 I was worried but I wasn't home so I did not even have an idea of how everything was at home. Well, I did pray and eventually she got better.

 On sunday, was her thanksgiving, thanking God for her life and that of her baby. As she danced and sang praises to God , tears rolled down her cheeks. It was then it dawned on me that my dearest aunt would have been gone by now and tears just came pouring down my cheeks too. She could not even give account of what happened to her because she wasn't conscious at the time . It was indeed a testimony.
  Every monday morning, we normally have fellowship at the place I work and everyone just had one testimony to share including myself and at that point it just clicked that this is A month of testimonies and I should let people know.
So If God has done something great for you this year and you have not shared it with someone or people around you , please do. 
      Never forget to be grateful to God for who you are today or where you are today... if things are not going according to your plan, then you are lucky cos it is going according to God's will so stop doubting if there is a God or not, or if He really listens to you or not HE KNOWS BEST. 

Its the month of testimonies SEPTEMBER,
if you have a testimony you are yet to share, share it today
and if you have shared testimonies , then more are on their way :)

much love,
dangel eyez


  1. Hey Dammy, i always love your blogs..It's very interesting and captivating 4rm d start, it motivates me and cos of it, im gonna start a blog as well. The Spirit of God is one and it never gets old. In my church last year, September was our month of testimony. God just keeps on surprising us everyday. Each day lived is a testimony unto God! Nothing will steal your testimonies in the Name of Jesus. Keep shining your shine girl and in all that you do, make sure you're fulfilling kingdom principles! Love ya loads!

  2. Dearest ebun, thank you so much for your comment.
    You are right dear, God just keeps the surprises rolling and each day lived is definitely a testimony unto God. start your own blog dearie and please put all those your wonderful notes from fb on it. I'd be sure to follow and subscribe :D
    dangel eyez.

  3. God is good......just trust in him and he would always direct your path.
    We thank God for your aunt's life.

  4. sugarkanke...God is indeed a good God and I thank Him so much for my aunt's life
    thanks for your comment dear
    dangel eyez


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