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Monday, August 30, 2010


hey!!hey!!hey, I'm sure you are allll doingg great :) its been a long while..anyways I have juicy stories for you all

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Munya is saved again although this time sheila probably left due to her encounter with meryl on friday(kissing noises under the blanket)hmmmm....not good , not good!! lesbianism do not go down well with Africans i guess ALTHOUGH when IK(BBA presenter) asked about what was happening under the blanket, she said someone was chewing gum. (lol no comments on that one)
 So its the barn for Sheila now and our brother Uti was really hurt (I could see it in his eyezzz) I think he was crying...
     BACK TO MUNYA.....please what kind of fan base does the young man have, 5 TIMES IN A ROW and he is still in the house...wow!! or does everyone really like him?? is it just me thinking he should have moved over to the barn a long time ago.
I know..I know some great photography skills..hehe. This is munya's look after sheila left. must be thinking : "my game plan is on point, fan base check!!"...lol...


                                moving on.......I said it then that it was when they doubled the winning prize that a Nigerian won the big brother show ...lol. "naija no dey carry last" and to add to that KEVIN, our darrrrling KEVIN winner of last year's big brother is now engaged to Elizabeth who was also in the house, he proposed to her after their duet  at a studio, she said that day will never be forgotten, as well as the fact that Kevin has the sexiest eyes she has ever seen. hmmmmm(200,000 dollars is working...hehe) He definitely found GOOD THINGSSS in the big brother house, no douBT. ;)  congrats KEVIN

     wierd alert!!!!! 
      mwisho's blonde thing/hair on his head which looks to me like vomit...not working for my eyez!! plus yacob's hair that he shaved with a shaving stick.....omg!! the barn can not be all that bad...lol
                                                              wierd alert!!!

             thats all the juicy gist from the house where all the fun exist...BIG BROTHERRRR!!!

still more gist to come,
dangel eyez



On the 21st of August daystar christian center organized a fashion show/competition for 
upcoming fashion designers.           


It was a great event , yes !! yes !! yes, dangel eyez was present and I did see a lot of great designs.The judges were great as they gave good advices although I thought one was tooo niceee...hehe...

Anywaizzz as I said earlier a lot of fab designs by great upcoming designers but there can only be
ONE WINNER. So allow me to introduce these four good looking guys(ONYX & PEARL CLOTHING) 
from what they wore to what they brought to the runway...absolutely fab!!!

the guy in yellow shorts is a model wearing one of their designs. I love them all (dangel eyez loves talent!!!)  but let me stop typing now and allow your eyez to do the judging .


I know what you are thinking (you can close your mouth now..lol) I told you.... fabAMAZING designs.

when I saw her coming out with this blazer all I wanted to do was steal, steal, steal the blazer...looool...dont worry I am a good thief , I have warned the designers already. 

Its all about determination and hardwork...ONYX & PEARL has proved it and as you can see they dont plan on stopping. :D

   At this point, I'd like to say/blog (lol) that dangel eyez has spotted talent and I really wish them all the best.
 I'd also like to add that if you've got any talent and you believe in yourself, tell me about it, 
if dangel eyez loves it, dangel eyez would tell everyone about it. 

                       keep believing in yourself,
                                  dangel eyez


Thursday, August 26, 2010

PHCN ON STRIKE...situation is critical

 please remember when you are getting a nickname , pls end it with eyez. thanks :)
    THE SITUATION IS CRITICAL...how exactly is dangel eyez supposed to see clearly when there is no light. YES!! PHCN(a.k.a NEPA) goes on INDEFINITE NATIONWIDE STRIKE.

I heard (now I'm hearing since there is no light to use my eyezzz) from reliable sources though, that that out of the N58 billion outstanding arrears, only N5 billion was paid in July to the company’s 38,000 workers nationwide. The source also explained that only 13 percent out of the 150 PERCENT salary increase was paid to workers last May. 
  so you can imagine and the country is going to be 50 by October 1st, what are we really going to celebrate. I wonder why it is hard for the government to pay, after all this morning I heard again that over 80 billion will be used to get fertilizers(or something like that) and I'm sure we all know over 80 billion has already been approved for the upcoming elections. Too many billions coming out of their pocket, please they should remove some more so phcn can call off the strike.
    PLEASE WE NEED THEM TO WORK ... the very little they were doing is better than nothing, afterall half bread(or less in this case) is better than none. 

much love,
dangel eyez/earz .....LOL

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


               hmm its actually exciting starting up a blog, someone was telling me the height of joblessness n boredom is when you start up a blog..hehe...o well i'm definitely not jobless(as i go to work everyday) and I'm not that bored ;). starting a blog is something I have always thought of doing, I think its fun and soooo i ended up here "dangel eyez"  ...hmmm by the way just so you know those are my eyez up there (sexy?? i knowww oo ..lol). 
 dangel eyez is all about me seeing different situations or scenarios i've come across from my own point of view(dangel eyez). and hey!! since you will be leaving comments (u berra do :P), you(other eyez a.k.a followers) get to share your own point of view...so basically its--> DANGEL EYEZ SEE, DANGEL EYEZ JUDGE, DANGEL PUTS DOWN ON BLOG----> YOUR EYEZ READ, YOUR EYEZ JUDGE, YOU SHARE via comments .. seems to me to be really simple to underrrrstand :D (i lurrv d r stressing thing) pls it would be really nice of you to give urself a nickname that ends with eyez...e.g real eyez, sleek eyez, blah blah eyez.... 

      it looks like fun now, dont worry... soon n very soon my eyez shall find those serious issues that need to be BLOGGED about. 
                              For now, I welcome you to feed your eyez on the gatherings of dangel eyez

dangel eyez
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