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Friday, February 15, 2013

#HealthTips Long Plane Flights/Trips and Pulmonary Embolism.How To Prevent It

Today, I woke up to find out Goldie Harvey is dead. I was so shocked that I cried a little not because I knew her personally or I was a huge fan but because I just couldn't understand why so sudden.

On bellanaija, I came across some comments on how it might have been blood clot, some kind of embolism particularly pulmonary embolism that caused it since she just got back from a long flight.

A lot of us travel a lot and/or have relations or friends that do so I  became curious and just had to check it out. I haven't written a post in a while but I implore you to share this with your friends, relations and if you have a blog , spread the word. Some things kill faster than AIDS and cancer and nobody really talks about them as much.

Kindly note that I am not stating this is what caused Goldie's death. May her soul Rest in perfect peace.

"Pulmonary embolism is a blood clot in the lungs -- usually a piece of a clot that has broken off from one of the leg veins and migrated to the lungs.. This is a serious condition." - http://www.medicineuptotheminute.com/airplanes.html

Pulmonary embolism can occur in otherwise healthy people. Common signs and symptoms include sudden and unexplained shortness of breath, chest pain and a cough that may bring up blood-tinged sputum.

In 2001, the New England Journal of Medicine published a study looking at the relationship between the distance a person flies during air travel and the risk of pulmonary embolism.  The researchers found that for every million people traveling 10,000 kilometers (or 6,200 miles), there were 4.8 cases of pulmonary embolism. Researchers wrote: "A greater distance traveled is a significant contributing risk factor for pulmonary embolism associated with air travel."

I also read that Heavy D (American rapper) reportedly died from pulmonary embolism after a long flight. Its however important to note that  sitting for a long time is not the only cause of pulmonary embolism.

So here are a few important tips I found:

If you're on a flight, get up every hour or so to walk around the airplane. If you're driving, stop the car and get out to walk or do some deep knee bends, according to advice from the Mayo Clinic.

Rotate your ankles and feet while you're sitting, and move your toes up and down, theMayo Clinic reported. Don't sit with crossed legs for an extended period of time. 

Support stockings exert pressure onto your feet and lower legs, so that blood won't just settle and pool in your veins, the Mayo Clinic advised.

For some people who have a history of deep vein thrombosis or venous thromboembolism, injecting a dose of heparin could help to prevent blood clots, theMayo Clinic reported. 

Drinking water prevents dehydration (which is a risk factor for blood clot formation). Alcohol and caffeine, on the other hand, could have negative effects because they "contribute to fluid loss," according to the Mayo Clinic. 

I am not a doctor and these are some of my sources as well as a few friends:

Monday, June 4, 2012

Dana Airplane crash update:plane was too faulty to fly. who exactly do we blame?

 I remember once my lecturer had mentioned that his reason for moving with his family to settle in North Cyprus  was to "live long". I thought about it for a while after that day.. I hadn't really thought about all the accidents that had taken place in my country..
So I wondered.... Is my country a death trap ??

       Growing up in Nigeria, I had always felt that surviving each day was a MEGA miracle.I always thought all the accidents and robbery attacks were just unfortunate incidents that could not be prevented and one had to be SUPER prayerful to come back home each day alive.
          Unlike those days when I was much younger, I am wiser now. I know that all these accidents can be prevented if many Nigerians in their various sectors aren't so corrupt and wicked especially with issues concerning human lives. I have sadly realized that because of the very irritating negligence of many Nigerians (leaders and followers) , people have lost their lives to very silly avoidable accidents.

Yesterday, 153 people lost their lives to a plane crash and at least 15 people died from a bomb blast in Bauchi . Someone I know lost six friends in that plane crash and she had narrowly escaped. Just like her, many people lost uncles , aunties, friends, parents.....loved ones. :(

      I read  that the Indian owners of the airline threw caution to the wind and insisted that the plane must fly in a bid to maximize profit....
According to a Dana Air official, “the plane has being giving faults for a very long time. There was a case when it was on ground in Uyo for over six hours, because of delayed flight, it had a bolt. And then in Abuja it happened a few days ago, then some people went with the aircraft but they could not come back, because it had a fault there and it couldnt leave Abuja.”
“The same engineers that fixed it and then they sent crew to bring it with passengers to Lagos.”
Confirming that the plane that crashed on Sunday, was not supposed to leave Lagos at all, the Dana official stated that “yesterday, it (Dana Air flight 0992) was not supposed to leave Lagos at all, but it left and then got to Calabar, gave fault and it was fixed and then they took it to Abuja, when they should have returned to Lagos but because they didn’t want to part with the little money they will make,  they took it to Abuja, loaded full passengers, and then it couldn’t get to Lagos. ”
more on http://www.channelstv.com/home/2012/06/04/we-were-forced-to-fly-the-faulty-plane-dana-officials/
Dear official , thanks for letting us know but what happened to you before that plane took off, were you too scared to say something?? would have allowed your loved ones to use that plane??
why did you not warn others anonymously through this same media house or another means about how dangerous the plane was  and how the Indian owners were not bothered long before now??
Why did the engineers not find a way to make sure the plane did not take off ??and if the pilot knew about it, why did he risk his life when he could have saved 153 passengers and himself????

There'll be heavy rain and poles will fall on people killing them on the spot and I ask myself who is responsible for checking those poles or signboards?
Roads will be so bad and trucks / trailers will still find a way to park on those roads.. where is the sense in that ???
Planes that should not even be used to fly a mosquito, will fly 153 people and I ask , who the hell is responsible??
Why people still live very close to the airport knowing the risk involved in 2012 is just beyond me ...

      The problems with our dear country did not start today and the solution is not with President Jonathan alone . Every Nigerian is accountable for the sad death trap the country has become.
Do not take bribe and be quiet or give bribe to silence someone.
If you hear or see something wrong, report it or make use of twitter, facebook or BBM or anonymously report to a media house or a popular blog.
      Don't just keep quiet and do NOTHING.If you do,you are just as guilty as the leaders you curse.

Someone left the comment below on a post on another blog:
"Also people should be careful using airlines in nigeria such as AirNigeria.I used to owerri sometime last October,it was horrible,the sound from the engine,the filtness of the interior,the broken seats,..I wish it only politicians that can perish in that aircraft because the owners of the airlines are their friends and cronies and therefore,no one cares to regulate the industry. Only Arik is really really safe"

  please feel free to use the comment section to warn people about other planes that are in worse conditions or about any other thing please.

        May the souls of all those that died in the plane crash and Bauchi bomb blast  rest in peace and may God give their families the fortitude to bear the loss.

much luv,
dangel eyez

Friday, February 24, 2012



I wonder what the guy she finally went with at the end has to offer tho!!
I love that the girl played her role really well.
 Akon's part was cool and the jackie chan part----->>>HILARITY!! 
 I guess their reaction to what she did at the end just meant that the song is actually saying
"chop my money cos I don't care as long as na only me you love"
MAY D tho..haha.. you even carried all her shopping bags. *no comment!!*
great job!! love the concept and the quality 

In this video, Akon tells us P-SQUARE, 2FACE and WIZKID are now under KONVICT MUZIK

much luv,
dangel eyez

Thursday, February 16, 2012


According to the certificate I received today, I have satisfactorily completed one year of National Service .
Yes!!I passed out of the NYSC scheme today and shall no longer be referred to as a "corper" or an "otondo".yay!!
I am grateful to God for giving me the strength to go through this service year successfully.It was not easy o.
To all my fellow batch A corp members, CONGRATS!! May God be with us as we move on to other things in our lives and may the souls of all the corp members that lost their lives during their year of service REST IN PEACE

To the current and future otondos..here are some of my posts you might find useful
#OTONDOTALK: NYSC camp experience day 1
#OTONDOTALK: NYSC camp experience day 2 
#OTONDOTALK: NYSC camp experience (summary of the whole experience)

post-camp talk...finding a place to serve.
Goodluck!! :*

much luv,
dangel eyez

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


    Well, I do. 
Is it my business? NO
should I keep typing? OFCOURSE YES
  In my opinion, Tuface has just satisfied society by finally deciding to get "married" because left to me I'll say he is already married to 3 wives and is the father of five children with one on the way making SIX!!.
 Now the sixth child does not even belong to Annie who earlier today said "yes" to his marriage proposal at club 10. So am I exactly happy for her? I am not sure. 
The comment below on BellaNaija practically sums up how I feel:

"...I dont know if I am happy or sad for her. If it’s all about finally getting the man you have waited and hustled for and that you have come out victorious, then I am ecstatic for her. She has overcome. But if it is about love, commitment, faithfulness, fidelity, then I worry, I really worry. Nothing God cannot do sha. I wish them both well." by temi of http://temiville.wordpress.com/
   but.... like I always say no one knows about a relationship better than the two people in it so only her knows why she should be excited . 
  I also hope  just for the sake of everyone's safety that the other women especially the one who is pregnant for him are sort of at peace with this recent development . 
   For many reasons based on my recent research on some things I shall let you all know about later, I CONDEMN NONE OF THEM :- the other women, the one who is pregnant, the one who said yes or the man who has "finally" decided to settle down.
Afterall, let he/she who hasn't done something wrong in his/her life,
cast the first stone
I wish both annie and tuface well
as well as the other parties involved.

much luv,
dangel eyez 

Rest In Peace Whitney Houston

       Growing up as a child, I found that there were some songs I just sort of came into the world to meet and love maybe because everyone loved them or that they just sounded really good to me. Years passed and these songs still remained loved and then at some point I began to find out that many of these songs had the beautiful Whitney Houston written all over them.

     "From the start of her career more than two decades ago, Ms. Houston had the talent, looks and pedigree of a pop superstar. She was the daughter of Cissy Houston, a gospel and pop singer who had backed up Aretha Franklin, and the cousin of Dionne Warwick. (Ms. Franklin is Ms. Houston’s godmother.) Ms. Houston’s range spanned three octaves, and her voice was plush, vibrant and often spectacular. She could pour on the exuberant flourishes of gospel or peal a simple pop chorus; she could sing sweetly or unleash a sultry rasp."

  To be honest , she got involved with drugs/ her dark age started when I was still young so I can't say I am a "die-hard" fan of Whitney but ofcourse she is a legend and her songs are classics that were and still are a part of us.

   Sadly just like the great Michael Jackson (may his soul rest in peace), Whitney Houston fought her dark side and most likely, died still fighting. We all have the parts of us we have to fight but I guess for her being a celebrity and the harsh words from the media did not help at all.
Whitney was found in her room at 3:55 p.m. on the 11th day of February, 2012 and paramedics spent close to 20 minutes trying to revive her, the authorities said.Whitney died at the age of 48. 
Although the Assistant Chief Ed Winter of the Los Angeles County Coroner's office declined to release the coroner's initial finding of cause of death, saying lab results were expected in six to eight weeks,news has it that bottles of Lorazepam, Valium, Xanax and a sleeping medication were found in the hotel room, it has been claimed. The drugs were believed to have acted as sedatives, causing her to fall asleep in the bathtub once they had been mixed with alcohol from the previous evenings.

    I pray that her soul rests in perfect peace and that God comforts her family especially her daughter who was admitted after allegedly passing out, after drinking alcohol and then taking a sedative pill given to her by one of her mother's entourage to calm her down, upon learning of the devastating news.

Rest in Peace Whitney.

You gave a lot to the world through your music.

much luv,
dangel eyez

Monday, February 13, 2012


   Maybe not all the damages..oh well
        I woke up this morning to the sound of a very heavy rain and serious wind to go with it. Anyways, it finally reduced and I headed for work in a very happy, chilled mood listening to the radio. Everything seemed okay until I started seeing trees , poles and all sorts that had fallen and then someone called on the radio saying a pole had fallen on someone at obalende and another had fallen on a car. I think at some point the news got to me and when I got to the first lekki roundabout and saw the signposts that had fallen flat, I was pissed.
I know the rain was heavy but the signposts were practically uprooted from the ground and was just laying flat on the surface. I was like "seriously, who the hell was incharge of  fixing these signposts??" I mean signposts are supposed to remain for years and in my opinion should be properly fixed in the ground..HUGE EMPHASIS on the word "properly". Its not even new to Lagosians how terrible the wind can be especially with the situations we had last year. 
So I cannot understand the kind of job that was done that wind will blow a signpost to the extent that its "stems" are uprooted from the ground.
do you understand what i mean??

This also goes for the poles that fell in a similar way. Just take a look at the antennae at PHCN(Nigeria's power holding company) Ikoyi.

I understand the rain was heavy but there'll always be rain and wind.. it is the duty of those awarded these jobs to do their work properly. Must some people in this country do things "half half" all the time??
 *rolling my eyes*

what do you feel?
much luv,
dangel eyez
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