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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

HOT NEW VIDEO: Bez ft Praiz – That Stupid Song

Fast rising Nigerian neo soul singer, Bez  featured on the number-one U.S. video countdown show on television, 106&Park on the 31st of January. The singer who is signed to Cobhams Asuquo Music Productions (CAMP) has increasingly captured the world’s attention since the launch of his debut album, “Super Sun”
Video was directed by the fabamazing(fabulous+amazing :D ) Clarence Peters

I love love love the video.. Great quality, great theme and amazing video.  Love the energy !!
Kudos to Bez for being the first Nigerian artiste to have his video premiered on the show and according to his tweet, first international act in BET history.


1st ever World Premiere of an International Act in BET history...Glory not ours, but God who uses us as pencils to write History

what do you think?
and talking about stupid songs, I remember "yo yo yo african bend down, bend down kpa(clapping sound), bend down kpa kpa"..LOL

much luv,
dangel eyez

Monday, January 30, 2012


The Director General of the National Sports Commission (NSC), Chief Patrick Ekeji is reportedly being summoned by the House of Representatives over the Commission’s expenditures, including N1.2 million for Facebook account.
In a high profile investigation panel set up by the House of Representatives over allegations of financial misappropriation and abuse of office, Chief Ekeji would explain how the N3.7 billion that was advanced to the Commission for the 10th All Africa Games held in Maputo in 2011 was expended.
According to the Nigerian Tribune,
“He (Chief Ekeji) is expected to defend how he transferred monies to 19 sports federation; N1,200,000.00 (One million, two hundred thousand naira) used in opening Facebook account for the National Sport Commission; N182, 124, 179,000.00 used in rehabilitating the National Stadium in Lagos, and another N117,875,820.95 used in rehabilitating the Obafemi Awolowo Stadium (Liberty Stadium) Ibadan. Ekeji will also provide warrant of approval by President Goodluck Jonathan for him to expend the sum of N350,000,000.00 from the yet to be approved 2012 Budget for the London 2012 Olympic Game.”

Okay so who wants to open facebook account
I promise to manage the account, change your pictures, upload and even campaign for more
likes on your page. :D
it will cost you just 1million.. LOL but is this guy serious?? if he wants to claim he hired a consultant to do the job
and this is what the consultant demanded for then he should just cover his face in shame instead.
has just 5,441 likes sha. smh!! 

much luv,
dangel eyez

Sunday, January 29, 2012


              It’s weekS into the year but HAPPY NEW YEAR regardless. Ha! I lapsed in my posts, so many things have happened between my last entry and this post from work to personal stuff to procrastination and everything in-between. It’s a new year and I will make an effort stay consistent with my entries.

             I haven’t written in a while so this post may come a tad rusty but the subject for this post is HYGIENE. It still amazes me how people manage to leave their homes with body odour, not to even mention the stench that is waiting for any chance to get released into an unsuspecting person’s face. There are so many ads on TV, billboards, shops window displays, even radio stations (for anyone likely to argue that some people don’t have access to TVs) of products that can be used to deal with odours. What exactly is the problem? Is it that body/dental products are too expensive for people to purchase, or the importance of hygiene hasn’t been propagated enough by the media, national health institutions or schools? I am sure we all know how uncomfortable it is to be around or talk to someone who has mouth or body odour.

          Besides sitting by bus conductors, fish mongers (who can be pardoned due to the nature of their job) or bumping into someone at a social gathering, my worst experience so far was just last Thursday in the staff bus. I sat in front by the driver on the trip back to town from work and in the nicest way I can put it, I felt nauseous through the whole ride. It wasn’t just the smell of sweaty under-arms but anytime he talked to someone in the bus or yawned or cleared his throat, I just wanted to faint (and imagine how the AC does a wonderful job of circulating whatever air is in the vehicle). I really cant explain what my emotions were, but if anybody can try coming up with a term that combines disgusted, sad, angry, helpless, … (that’s for another emotion I cant seem to name) it’ll be good enough.

           In Uni I had a friend who was extremely cautious about body hygiene, it wasn’t like issy (made up name for anonymity) used a lot of body products or stuff like that, she mainly stuck with the basics and routines like; bathing and brushing her teeth at least twice daily. She also went the extra mile of having breath mints and her body splash/wipes with her almost always.

          It’s a bit shocking when you’ve lived with someone who has an OCD attitude towards personal hygiene, and when you change environments you are faced with the complete opposite. How do you cope? Is there anyway of letting people know that they stink or you might pass out if they spoke to you. It’s most annoying when people with this condition are those who can comfortably afford to take better care of themselves.

With this topic, a few questions that come to mind are:
Would you let your friend know he/she has an odour issue? if yes, how would you tell the person? If no, why the decision?
Would you let a random person (a co-worker, an acquaintance etc) know when they have an odour? If yes, how would you tell the person? If no, why the decision?

Have fun pondering on your opinions and don't forget to share
Signed: AOI (Dangel eyez's contributor from Ghana)

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Chairman of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), River State University of Science and Technology (RSUST), Port Harcourt, Dr Felix Igwe, has said the national body of the union was not in a hurry to suspend its seven- week-old strike.
It would be recalled that the Minister of Education, Prof. Ruqayyatu Rufai, had announced last week at the end of a meeting with ASUU, that the strike would be called off this Monday. 
Few days ago, the don of the University of Ibadan chapter of ASUU also denied the announcement by the education minister that the strike would be called off soonest. 
VIA http://ascology.com/news/local-news/21509-ASUU-not-hurry-suspend-strike---ASUU-boss.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

On the 20th of January, Boko Haram hit Kano with multiple explosions leaving about 215 dead.Hundreds of improvised explosive devices in soft drink cans were found across the city of Kano by the Police.
Also, gunshots were heard overnight in Hotoro area of Kano days after. More residents fleed. Fear over Boko Haram members in fake police uniforms but Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau, has said that soldiers & police officers, not his group, were responsible.

A suspected Boko Haram member identified as Uzairu Abba Abdullahi has been killed at his Hotoro Tsamiyar Boka residence in Kano.

The President had proposed negotiations with the islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram but in a 40 minutes internet audio message allegedly posted by the group on Youtube,
Boko Haram leader rejects President Jonathan's offer to negotiate; threatens more bombing and kidnapping...
In the audio message, the group leader for the first time stated the goal of Boko Haram: Complete adoption of Sharia law across Nigeria. Mr Shekau said he is ready to order more violence to accomplish this goal. Mr Shekau said. "If Jonathan does not repent as a Muslim, even if I die myself, Jonathan's going to see. He's looking at me like I'm nobody, but he'll see."
"We will consider negotiation only when we have brought the government to their knees" - Boko Haram spokesman, Abu Qaqa
  The suspect of the christmas day bombing is still yet to be found/arrested since his escape.


Following the recent happenings in Kano, Inspector-General of Police, Hafiz Ringim, and 6 DIGs were forced to resign from the Police Force; AIG MD Abubakar to act as IGP.
The new IGP- MD Abubakar has been told to live above board by tackling d current spate of insecurity in Nigeria. 

The Hausa community has hailed the appointment of Mohammed Abubarkar as acting Inspector General of Police by President Goodluck Jonathan but the Plateau State Government has condemned the appointment of Alhaji Mohammed Dikko Abubakar as Ag. IGP, describing it as unfortunate.

Well when MD Abubakar was made actiing IG of police, news spread round about a certain report that was written by Nikki Tobi after the Jos crisis recommending that MD Abubakar retire from the Police force and be dismissed if he doesn't due to his ignoble role during the Jos crisis (page 225) .Pages where his act was condemned in the report include: page 83,95,225 

eggheader Egghead Odewale 
RECALL: A Justice Niki Tobi's panel on the Jos crises in September 2011 recommended the retirement MD Abubakar from the Police force.

rosanwo babatunde rosanwo 
Page 134 of the Niki Tobi Panel Report on Jos Crisis in 2001, MDAbubakar CP Plateau bit.ly/xuYt5o indicted for being partisan

ogundamisi ©Canary! 
I know MD ABUBAKAR new IG of police.He was involved in covering up BRUTAL BOMBING of Dr Omoshola we petitioned OPUTA PANEL.Never got JUSTICE

This news I did find very disturbing.


News on the ongoing probe of Nigeria's petroleum sector and you can find more on this here http://dangeleyez.blogspot.com/2012/01/subsidy-fraud-in-flash.html subsidy fraud in a flash written by Seun Kuti
DAM- Diezani Allison-Madueke
NOI- Ngozi Okinjo-Iweala

Channels_TV Channels Television 
#FUELSUBSIDY: Neither the Minister of Finance nor any of the ministry directors knows who represents the ministry in PPPRA meetings.

ged ediongsenyene g.umoh 
DAM: Okonjo-Iweala authorized payment of ₦1.3trn bit.ly/wNv0Iw◀▬▬▶ NOI: I did not authorize the ₦1.3trn payment bit.ly/AsPfQP

omojuwa J Japheth-Omojuwa 
Essentially, CBN is looking for all the means to remove themselves from the maze of corruption in the #fuelsubsidy #fuelsubsidyprobe

Orosu DaNNy 
RT @omojuwa: CBN: all CBN answers always end with we will come back with answers based on research #fuelsubsidyprobe

#FUELSUBSIDYPROBE: Minister of Petroleum, Diezani Allison Madueke says the major problem in the oil Industry is smuggling.

DAM: the report (KPMG audit) has not been officially handed to me so it would not be possible for me to comment on it #fuelsubsidyprobe

Channels_TV Channels Television 
#FUELSUBSIDYPROBE: Minister of Petroleum, Diezani Allison Madueke says that at no time were Nigeria oil blocks sold under her watch.

Channels_TV Channels Television 
#FUELSUBSIDYPROBE: The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) says the government paid N1.76trillion as subsidy for 2011.

omojuwa J Japheth-Omojuwa 
#capitalOil and their Executives should just be arrested here. They have a lot to explain and all of us here know it #fuelsubsidyprobe

omojuwa J Japheth-Omojuwa 
#WaleTinubu tried hard to expose the cabal too while staying conscious of the possible effects of such #FuelSubsidyProbe

Nigerians pay more for "deregulated" diesel than West African neighbours because of corruption- NLC #fuelsubsidyprobe

FLASH:Staff at the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Headquarters, Abuja run for dear lives at the sound of explosion of a nearby transformer. 

Former Military President, Ibrahim Babangida said goodbye to politics saying he will never seek any elective office again.

The Chairman of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, Sam Amadi,  announced that Nigerians should prepare to start paying higher electricity tariff from the second quarter of this year as plans have been concluded to raise the current rate between April and June.

Dr Braithwaite has called on President Jonathan to free himself from the captivity of the PDP in order to be able to govern the country well

The National Association of Military Pensioners has vowed to ‘occupy’ Abuja streets if their arrears are not paid by the end of January 2012

via #fuelsubsidyprobe, @Channels_tv, @NigeriaNewsDesk, channelstv.com
much luv,
dangel eyez

Friday, January 27, 2012


 Big Brother Africa 2012 is back this year with a new concept. This year applicants are expected to Double-up or pair up to participate. One can pair up with his or her boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, dad, brother, sister, boss, husband e.t.c.. This year’s show promises a lot more twists, controversy and fun.
                The winning team will win a cash prize of $300,000. Speaking on this year’s show, “We are thrilled to be offering a huge, new, USD 300 000 prize and to include two new countries who were chosen to participate based on their ongoing interest in the series and their growing DStv audiences. And while Ethiopia won’t have a housemate this year, we’ll look to include them and other non-housemate countries in other ways if the opportunity arises, as we do every season. We are and have always been proudly committed to making this a truly African show. And as for Mozambique, they will be included with a housemate – but that’s all we are saying at the moment!” said MNET’s Managing Director, Biola Alabi.
          This year Liberia and Sierra Leone will be joining the list of participating countries which includes Angola, Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Zimbabwe amongst others
        To apply, visit www.mnetafrica.com/bigbrother and complete the entry form online. Applicants can also download the entry form from the website, complete it and send it via e-mail to tobba@endemol.co.za. The deadline for applications is February 27, 2012
Spread the word.
#thatawkwardmoment when a housemate brings his/her mum or dad.. 
Anyways, who wants to be my partner?? LOL..this 300,00dollars must not pass us o!!

much luv,
dangel eyez


U GET MOUTH is a unique show that shows verbally technical skills put together with emotions, and BLA BLA!!!!! (Enough with the grammar ) My Nigerian people, it is simply a FREESTYLE BATTLE EVENT. Walk in free, relax , party and if you are up to it , grab the mic and battle on!!

Details of the next freestyle battle:
Date: 28th January 2012
Venue: match day, wuse 2, beside jevniks restaurant
time: 4-7pm NO AFRICAN TIME
Gate Fee: FREE

So bring your heat, bring your vibe and if U GET MOUTH , grab the mic and express yourself... 
                   if you came to relax, party on!!!

organised by BUZZ ENT and @MusicBunkerFct 

some pictures from previous event

much luv,
dangel eyez

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

MUST SEE PICTURES!! In Loving Memory of her Mother, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde’s Foundation OYEP gives 20 Widows AMAZING MAKEOVERS

"GOD BLESS OMOTOLA JALADE-EKEINDE", first thing I said when I went through these pictures. With all that is going in the world, it is good to see someone give back to her society by helping those who have lost someone dear to them and still working hard to put their home together. God bless Omotola. :)

Omotola’s mother passed away 10 years ago and in celebration of the life and times of her dear mother, she and her Omotola Youth Empowerment Programme team showed love and gave a major transformation to 20 widows in an effort to encourage widows who have strived to keep the home front in order despite the demise of their spouses.
“The 20 Widows Makeover” programme was also organised to pamper and boost the confidence and self esteem of these widows. They were all given a first class treatment, beauty regimen which comprised of a total makeover starting with facials and massage by the reputable Fresh Look Spa and celebrity choice –H and H Spa. They had their hair done by in famous celebrity hair stylist – Ugo Igbokwe of Make Me Beauty and Makeup was done by House of Tara.
After the make-over, they were all taking on a shopping spree to upscale fashion boutique – Every Woman and finally had a photo session with in demand and pioneer photographer – Kelechi Amadi-Obi.
The final part of the programme which took place at Pine Park, Lekki saw lots of mouth watering delicacies such as delicious cupcakes by Mossy Ella Bakers, drinks from Chivita and many more. Apart from the numerous treats that these widows got, they all went home with various gift items like sets of designer pots, cooking utensils and a bag of rice each, make-up kit from House of Tara and words of encouragement fromPastor Tessy of Jesus My Shepherd Church. Kelechi Studios will also be sending a framed portrait to each of the 20 widows.

Speaking about the programme, Omotola said “This is something I wish I or someone had done for my mother.  If you give these women money, they would spend it on their kids. This time it’s about them.When my mother was alive, I didn’t know I was going to loose her so soon, she was a very beautiful woman but because of all her struggles, she neglected her personal needs, she didn’t get to enjoy all these things like going to the spa, going shopping. So, this is one thing I would have loved to do for my mum who was a widow for 10 years. It was lovely and fulfilling to see the entire transformation and I am really grateful to all that helped to make this happen”

Bunmi Oloko – Before & After

Comfort Ibiam -Before & After

Cecilia Inegbedion – Before & After

Elanbalu Goodluck-Agnes – Before & After

Florence Cletus – Before & After

Mary .B. Ejekhnine – Before & After

Ijeoma Daniel – Before & After

Izehi Ubene – Before & After

Magdalene Aleoghena – Before & After

Mercy .E. Orisakwe – Before & After

Odubayo Itohan Mercy – Before & After

Rita .C. Ibegwam – Before & After

Stella Aigbohun - Before & After
Roseline Idem – Before & After

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde & Pastor Tessy praying

The widows praying

The widows with some of their gift items
Contact: To get in touch with Omotola’s Foundation - Omotola Youth Empowerment Programme (OYEP), send an E-mail to yepng1@yahoo.com
source:- bellanaija.com
OMG!! see how amazingly beautiful they are
they really got a first class treatment..and they sure deserve it.
 Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, God bless you and your family

much luv,
dangel eyez


Saw this tweet by Fela's son , Seun Kuti (@RealSeunKuti) and thought to share as most of it is a summary of what has been going on so far as regards the probe in the petroleum sector by EFCC.

"Petroleum Minister does not know the volume of PMS consumed daily by Nigerians. NNPC claims we consume 35million litres daily. PPPRA claimed we import 59million litres daily. Finance Minister confirmed N76 is being paid on 59million litres daily as SUBSIDY. N667Billlion subsidy funds can not be accounted for! 24million litres of PMS not needed but imported could not be accounted for and yet form part of our GDP growth which is put at 7.4% in 2011. Nigeria Customs also claimed NNPC imports Pet. Products without valid documentations which makes it easier for the products to take a walk frm the country without being tracked therefore making data gathering on imported Pet.Products difficult. FALLOUT: MD/CEO Capital Oil requested to refund 5Billion or face arrest. What a weak beginning! On top of these, a kangaroo audit of Nigeria's multi-trillion dollar Oil and Gas industry has now been awarded to one unknown Sada Idris and Company in the sum of N226 million and the audit of Solid Mineral to anoda Haruna Yahaya and Company in the sum of N137 million. These are organized arrangements to rubber-stamp & manage Africa's biggest fraud! Who are these names? What's their history& capacity? Can Nigeria not afford world-class auditors who have a name to protect and who can afford to tell us the truth? Shame of a nation! WHICH WAY NIGERIA? The battle for the soul of this country has just begun! We CANNOT be silent at a time like this!!! Nigerians demand the humble resignation of Finance Minister, Petroleum Minister, GMD of NNPC, Executive Secretary of PPPRA, Comptroller Gen.of Customs, Information Minister. Also the cancellation of these sham audit contracts and to re-award same to more sensible world-class auditors! Its time to say an outright NO to fraud and corruption in the very fabric of Nigeria's Government!!! "

    my own is that since they told us there are fraudsters in the petroleum sector and that is part of the reason we need to remove subsidy on PMS, they must produce at least one unlucky cabal.
much luv,
dangel eyez
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