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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


 So at first, I was able to view the video yesterday on youtube and the next minute it was private and I could not watch it anymore or do a post on it. Anyways, thanks to notjustok, I can share the video with you guys.

 I know we all love Tiwa savage , I love her too and I love the song but I have mixed feelings about this video. Don't worry , it has nothing to do with the way she was dressed. She looks hot IMO.
 Please whoever has the contact details of the guy in the video should give it to me as its a marra (matter) of emergency..LOL. The guy is hot!!hot!! :D

  Anyways, i feel there is a disconnection between the conversation at the beginning and the entire video .. or maybe i didn't get it *confused face*.
   I also don't completely love the part where she is alone with the guy in the scene that's not the bedroom scene. Some kind of disconnection was going on there or maybe a different place would have been better.
  I totally love the part where she was walking with her two dancers ...xtreme HOTNESS!! However, I wish they did not have to come to the fence to finish it up..
   Also, what exactly was she looking at when she was walking alone. Dont know what that part was about.
 Well, I feel the concept of the video isn't great and I don't love it totally.
what do you think?
much luv,
dangel eyez

1 comment:

  1. lol..guess the guy didnt go to work after all. video could be better..but not bad. the guy too touch her sha..chai!..lol


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