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Friday, December 24, 2010


                IF YOU ARE READING THIS POST ON 25/12/2010 AT 00:00 

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yay!!Its CHRISTMAS... and for thoss that do not know what all the happy-filled air is about, well today is the day we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.
read the story of the birth of Jesus HERE

I wish that everyone gets to spend this holiday with their loved ones.
Also remember to show love to everyone around you including the less privileged.


anyways, i leave you all with a lovely video of the birth of Jesus told through the most popular social network "facebook".

merry christmas,
dangel eyez.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

GET A CHANCE TO Photograph Maroon 5 during their 2011 world tour!!

who is maroon 5?
Maroon 5 is an American rock band from Los Angeles who have sold over 10 million albums in the United States and nearly 15 million worldwide.

click on this link to get more info about the competition.
The 5 winners will each receive the opportunity to photograph Maroon 5, meet the band and attend an after show party on their 2011 world tour at a location determined by Maroon 5 and Talenthouse. Travel and accommodation will be provided. The 5 winning photographs will be featured on the band's official website and social media pages.

          so if you believe you've got talent in photography check out the link 
there is no harm in trying plus its free
much luv,
dangel eyez

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I know I said I was not impressed with the nominees list but as for the show, this video preview of the event  is quite impressing.

    lmaoo at 2face...I am sure he was a little bit scared. That "eeeee" he shouted was out of fear.loool.
Anyways it seemed like a great show.. but i still feel someone should have pulled a kanye stunt when SASHA won. hehe :D
much luv,
dangel eyez

RICK ROSS GETS PAID $100,000 to surprise 10 yr old on his birthday in abuja

first of all, i sincerely apologize about how inconsistent i have been and the fact that a lot of juicy gists have fast become stale without me blogging about it. ITS SCHOOL WORK, projects and exams.
       Anyways, I just had to quickly blog about this one. So for those of you that were not aware, Rick Ross came in for the MTV AFRICA MUSIC AWARDS.
    US rapper Rick Ross got paid $100,000 (US) in a deal that was brokered on the night (11th Dec) of the 2010 MAMAs in Lagos, to perform at a 10 year old’s birthday party in Abuja. The news was tweeted by his official DJ – DJ Sam Sneak, who accompanied him to Lagos for his MAMAs performance. Rick & his entourage were flown to Abuja Sunday afternoon to surprise little Igho.
    let me first ask o , does the young boy even know who rick ross is?? (just asking o) 
ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS just like that..na wa o...I'm even trying not to shout. In this broke age of mine, im so not digesting this story well..
   and someone will tell me there is no money in Nigeria. I know its not my money o(atleast not directly) but thats too much money wasted. 
       I mean $100k to rick ross for a 10year old boy probably because he(rick ross) was in Nigeria at the time.
                                           thats just a lot of money gone down the drain IN MY OPINION

 much luv,
dangel eyez

Sunday, December 12, 2010


   I heard it was a great show as I wasn't there. Eve was the host and she looked really hawt and the performances were great(as i heard). So why exactly am i not impressed? well, thanks to some of the winners i noticed how weak the nominees list is.
                             MAMA2010 NOMINEES & WINNERS
Best Video
Fally Ipupa – Sexy dance (DRC)
P-Square f/t J. Martins- E No Easy (Nigeria)
The Parlotones – Life Design (South Africa)
Banky W – Strong Ting (Nigeria)

          AND THE AWARD GOES TO FALLY PUPA!! i have not seen the video so won't comment on that.FALLY PUPA CONGRATS. Anywaiz, both p-square and banky w dont have the best videos in naija and they are both soo old that i can't remember what it looked like.

Mo Cheddah (Nigeria)
Diamond (Tanzania)
Muthoni (Kenya)
JoJo (Gabon)
            AND THE AWARD GOES TO MO CHEDDAH!! good for you dear, we expect more good music and pleassee work on your videos.

Artist of The Year
2 Face (Nigeria)
P-Square (Nigeria)
Jozi (South Africa)
Fally Ipupa (DRC)
    YUP!! THIS AWARD REMAINED IN NAIJA (hpe no one is thinking about p-square). lol.CONGRATS 2 FACE.

Song Of The Year
D’Banj – Fall In Love (Nigeria)
Liquideep – Fairytale (South Africa)
JR – Show Dem (South Africa)
Banky W – Lagos Party (Nigeria)

    AND THE WINNER GOES TO  LIQUIDEEP . i just listened to the song ..its not bad but i'm not sure!! who knows how this "nominees list" is compiled .. i mean what is fall in love and lagos party doing here...not like i hate the songs o but better tunes have come out of naija since both songs were released!!

Best Group
P-Square (Nigeria)
Radio & Weasle (Uganda)
Teargas (South Africa)
P-Unit (Kenya)
    AND THE AWARD GOES TO P-SQUARE...O well no comment on dis one, i'm even confused as to how most of them on the list came about their names..radio & weasle, who chose to bear weasle??

Best Female
Sasha (Nigeria)
Lizha James (Mozambique)
Nneka (Nigeria)
Barbara Kanam (DRC)

   AND THE AWARD GOES TO SASHA...SASHA??? i'm like mega confused..i love sasha but with Nneka on that list..ahn ahn!!! *shocked* haven't even heard a song from her in ages. someone should have pulled a KANYE STUNT at this point o..lol...

Best Male
2 Face (Nigeria)
Fally Ipupa (DRC)
Black Coffee (South Africa)
Wande Coal (Nigeria)
    AND 2FACE TAKES IT AGAIN!!..wande coal no hating but im not sure you should be on the list..i love most of your songs but there are better male artist in naija.

Best Anglophone
Sarkodie (Ghana)
Wande Coal (Nigeria)
Daddy Owen (Kenya)
Big Nuz (South Africa)

Best Francophone
Fally Ipupa (DRC)
Awadi (Senegal)
DJ Arafat (Ivory Coast)
Ba Ponga (Gabon)

Best Lusophone
Lizha James (Mozambique)
Paul G (Angola)
Cabo Snoop (Angola)
Dama Do Bling (Mozambique)

Best International
Rihanna (USA)
Drake (USA)
Eminem (USA)
Rick Ross (USA)

MAMA Legend – Miriam Makeba (South Africa) ... I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!

           now for my extra opinions,
 there should be more categories like best rap artist and best RnB categories.
Talking about Nigeria, I'd really like to see eldee, bez, MI, ASA(na wa she no even dey there sef) and other good musicians win some awards. I know some of them are already internationally recognized but its only wise that we recognise OUR own TOO.
      Congrats to all the artist that won but judging from the list of nominees list, its either 
A. Africans don't know yet what good music is 
B. we are always over hyping some artist that don't deserve it 
C. the people behind MAMA have to start checking the credibility of the award show!!

The show is going to air on Saturday, December 18th, on MTV Base and there'll be a repeat performance on the  19th. Be sure to check it out.
once again congratulations to all the winners
much luv,
dangel eyez.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Introducing SURANU...rapper!!

hey!!hey!!hey!! He is already on some popular naija music websites but He is here today on a popular blog(abi now?) :D :D 
 His name is SURANU
Suranu Atiku Maigadi who goes by the stage name Suranu which means” finished” in his
 language Buji , is a rapper and song writer. Born somewhere in the city of Jos to the family of Rev and Mrs Barje Maigadi, Suranu who was raised partly in the United states of America and mostly in Nigeria has a love for music and flare for hip hop which powers his 
talent. The young dude whose life has been split between Kentucky state USA and Plateau state Nigeria , says Jos remains his favourite place in the world.He is currently studying law at the University of Jos and he believes he can handle all his responsibilities perfectly and manage his career well too.

20-year old Suranu just recently got signed on to Timeless music record label and calls his style Hip hop/ RnB rap and his mixed tape of 19 tracks was released on the 25th day of 
November 2010.  More to this is that his mixed tape features five equally talented Nigerian artistes; Kiche of Pincode, Christine, Endia, Kahli Abdu, Verbz and Echo.
Here is one of his tracks titled "The good life"

please let me have your comments and please o follow the format below:
criticize or praise
Once again thanks a lot to everyone that is following this blog or has subscribed and also to those that have viewed any post.
love you all....dangel eyez

Introducing CRINJAVA ... rapper, deejay and more.

yello!!! okay its really been such a long time..school work is almost killing me, project here and there. I see so many things that I just have to blog about but mehn!!! i just can't... Its my final semester(yipeee!!) and it just seems like school wants to "show me pepper" before i'm done with this phase of education. I'm sure if any of my project group members sees this post now, they'll start thinking i'm not serious...looool.

Anyways that aside, i have someone i would love you to meet. He is an upcoming rapper amongst other things. :) :)
As a rapper, he is known as crinjava and as a deejay, he is known as dj techtouch.(don't get it twisted ..lol) 
Olaniyi Teidi populayly known as java is currently studying engineering at the eastern mediterranean university, north cyprus. 
yes!! he loves science and has a passion for music.
In addition, crinjava also makes beats and produces songs for himself and others.(The bros is an allrounder.. :D 

Here is his latest track undefeatable with the beautiful mongolian lady, hally.

undefeatable featuring hally-->> listen and feel free to throw in your comments.

      facebook profile: http://www.facebook.com/Deejay.TechTouch.Crinjay
    and to listen to his mixes http://soundcloud.com/deejay-techtouch/ 

would appreciate your comments and please o follow the format below:
criticize or praise

Thanks a lot to everyone that is following this blog or has subscribed.Also to those that have viewed any post at all on this blog.
much luv....dangel eyez

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


ITS WORLD AIDS DAY TODAY and many hollywood celebrities are currently dead digitally to raise money for Alicia keys' charity -keep a child alive.
                                              the video below explains it all.....

Poster ad for Keep A Child Alive stating "Kim Kardashian Is Dead" with her in a coffin

Kim Kardashian’s ad features her in a coffin wearing a provocative evening dress, creating the impression her glamorous life came to a sudden halt. The text underneath reads:
Kim sacrificed her digital life to give real life to millions of others affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India. That means no more Facebook or Twitter until we buy her life back. Visit BuyLife.orgor text “KIM” to “90999″ to buy her life now.

[Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Usher and other celebrities have joined a new campaign called Digital Life Sacrifice on behalf of Keys’ charity, Keep a Child Alive. The entertainers plan to sign off of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter on Wednesday, which is World AIDS Day. The participants will sign back on when the charity raises $1 million.
“It’s really important and super-cool to use mediums that we naturally are on,” Keys said in a phone interview from New York last week.
For the campaign – which also includes Jennifer Hudson, Ryan Seacrest, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Elijah Wood, Serena Williams, Janelle Monae and Keys’ husband, Swizz Beatz – celebrities have filmed “last tweet and testament” videos and will appear in ads showing them lying in coffins to represent what the campaign calls their digital deaths.
“It’s so important to shock you to the point of waking up,” Keys said. “It’s not that people don’t care or it’s not that people don’t want to do something, it’s that they never thought of it quite like that.”
The campaign, she said, puts the disease in perspective.
“This is such a direct and instantly emotional way and a little sarcastic, you know, of a way to get people to pay attention,” said Keys, who has more than 2.6 million followers on Twitter.
The foundation, which began in 2003, will accept donations through text messages and bar-code technology, which is featured in the charity’s Buy Life campaign. Raised efforts support families affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India.
“We’re trying to sort of make the remark: Why do we care so much about the death of one celebrity as opposed to millions and millions of people dying in the place that we’re all from?” said Leigh Blake, the president and co-founder of Keep a Child Alive.
“It’s about love and respect and human dignity,” she added. ]
                                                                                                 source:- bossip.com

there will be no twitter or facebook updates from any of this celebrities until this idea raises $1million.
i think its not a bad idea, i mean they can raise the money by themselves but they are trying to get everyone involved.
what do you think?

by the way kim kardashian still gave a sexy pose in a coffin....na wa..lol

Please visit 
for more details

much luv,
dangel eyez

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The Central Working Committee for Nigeria’s MOST RESPECTED youth event, The Future Awards, has decided to unveil the long list for the biggest award, Young Person of the Year, one week before schedule!
1.      Genevieve Nnaji, 31                            – Actor
2.      Nnaemeka C. Ikegwuonu, 28              – Advocate
 3.      Uche Eze , 26                   – Entrepreneur
4.      Psquare, 29                                         – Artiste
5.      Ojoma Ochai, 29                                 – Intrapreneur
6.      Michael Ajere (Don Jazzy), 29                        – Entrepreneur
7.      Nneka, 29                                            – Artiste
8.      Debo Olaosebikan, 25                         – Scientist
9.      Blessing Okagbare, 22                                    – Artiste
10.  Makinde Adeagbo, 25                         – Innovator
Makinde Adeagbo – Innovator
Facebook has changed the world, and 25 year old Adeagbo is one of its frontrunners. A Software Enginner with the company for four years, amongst other things the whiz-kid is famous for being part of a 2-man team responsible for reducing over 1 MB of Javascript to 2 KB, making the site load twice as fast worldwide.
Genevieve Nnaji - ActorGenevieve Nnaji is an international star, representing the very best that Nollywood has to offer, and one of the best faces that the country can present to the world. The 31 year old multiple-award winning actress, who has been so credited on CNN and Oprah, is a global role model.
Nnaemeka C. Ikegwuonu – Advocate Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu, 28, has received global acclaim for his work with communities in South-eastern Nigeria where he has promoted sustainable agricultural development and environmental conservation beneficial to rural poor farmers, with recognition that includes becoming a Laureate of the Rolex Awards for Enterprise – Young Laureates Program 2010.

Debo Olaosebikan – Scientist 25 year old Olaosebikan (also a rapper under the stage name Levelz!) is currently completing a PhD in Physics at Cornell University where he is working on the world’s first silicon laser with Dr. Michal Lipson, one of the world’s leading Nanophotonics pioneers, groundbreaking research that will introduce the world to an era of much more faster computer processes.

Psquare – Artiste Across Africa, the 29 year old twin brothers Peter and Paul Okoye have become huge superstars showing what Nigeria is capable of, winning everything from the $1 million Kora All Africa Music Award prize to a multi-million naira telecom endorsement deal.

Nneka – Artiste No one saw her coming! 29 year old Nneka Egbuna arrived in Nigeria from the world and soon went back to conquer it, becoming one of Nigeria’s most prominent global voices, winning the BET Awards and performing across the world.

Don Jazzy – Entrepreneur
Born Michael Ajere, the almost mythical Don Jazzy is a now-legendary Nigerian music entrepreneur. With Mo-Hits, the 29 year old has done nothing less than revolutionized Nigerian music and the capacity of the Nigerian music industry, creating a string of stars including D’banj, Wande Coal, Dr. Sid, and D’prince. 

Ojoma Ochai – Intrapreneur
Ojoma Ochai has distinguished herself with a storied career at the British Council, rising through the ranks to become, at 29, the Assistant Country Director for the international culture organisation, becoming a powerful symbol – in a country with a now-pervasive celebrity culture – that one can stay within and still shine bright and make a mark.

Blessing Okagbare – Athlete 22 year old Okagbare has been referred to as one of 2010’s most important athletes in the continent. A long and triple jumper and short sprinter, the Olympics medallist scored a 100 m/long jump double at the NCAA Women’s Outdoor Track and Field Championship for University of Texas at El Paso, and won the Nigerian 100 m title in 2010.

 Uche Eze – Entrepreneur
Known by her famous brand, Eze is a pioneer in every sense of the word. BellaNaija.com is now the gold standard for online media and others can now do it because the 26 year old dared to quit her job in Corporate Nigeria to champion New Media innovation – becoming a TEDAfrica Fellow in the process, and featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show and on CNN International.
Ladipo,a member of the committee said “They are all winners, and so they will all be given plaques like last year.... They have all been contacted and we are incredibly proud of them. You will be inspired."
I am inspired by most of them here, its a truly impressive list.
source:- cp-africa.com
much luv,
dangel eyez

Monday, November 29, 2010


And we are rushing to make it in time for the match at a friend's place, his house is already full..no one wants to miss EL CLASSICO. I settle down with my laptop hoping my team wins(won't tell you the team now tho).
 7 minutes into the game already..one team looks ready and the other doesn't have an idea this is a match yet..lol. The first 2 goals of the match announces the team that came el classico ready.
First goal came in at the 10th minute by xavi and the second one follows almost immediately at the 18th minute by pedro.. YES!! players of the one and only BARCELONA. At this point, they are in total control of this match. I mean their passes are sooo smooth, connection is never lost as the ball moves from one barca player to another and when the time is right-->the ball goes into the right net. For some reason mourinho's boyz are losing the ball( i mean that's some jonzing movements), their passes are moving swiftly from their legs to the legs of barca players and then madrid supporters hold their breath hoping it doesnt end in the net!!!!
oh well, madrid players are obviously trying to score, i mean they have to try but at the moment its going over the net...OOPS!!  RONALDOOO....my bf is really trying but he's just gotta try harder.
31 minutes into the game and we see pique and ronaldo fighting(boyz aint smiling).The reason: Barca's coach held the ball when it went out and he held it for too long so ronaldo gave the guy a push like "drop the ball jor". Pique finds out ronaldo touched his coach, a fight sets in and the refree settles it by giving ronaldo a yellow card!!!
An argument sets in the house i'm in too "the coach should not hold the ball"..."ronaldo was wrong jor"..lool... boys and ball!! anyways ronaldo gets a yellow card, and then another yellow card for a barca player and yet another one for pepe from madrid...n i'm like "refree your yellow card neva finish".
the second yellow card led to a free kick but ronaldo missed it , slightly missed it (so painful).

               ball possession: barca 62 38 madrid..........................goals: barca 2-0 madrid
end of first half

beginning of 2nd half mesut leaves for lass to enter. will this move save madrid???
hell no!! two minutes into the second half, we see another goal but its not counted , still i don't think madrid should not be allowing a third goal oo.
Yellow card for alonso, this yellow card just keeps coming...EL CLASSICO ....players are just bringing players down....lol
highlights for barca go plenty..Another wonderful goal in motion but ooo did not make it, the madrid player set his leg out first and the ball went out...barca still has this match on lock down and madrid is still jonzing!!!

another goal oooo...go barca!!!!! 55minutes and
                         OH MY!!! another one in 58minutes(this people should allow me to bloag about one goal finish now)...BARCA HAVE MERCY...I mean the trick here is just to paralyze messi, the guy has tactics mehnnn and barca players are just amazing...no shots just incredible passes.
so madrid makes a change--> marcelo out abeloa in...madrid needs a miracle right about now not abeloa. anybody with the name miracle in madrid's team?
another yellow card for caryhalo of real madrid and then ramos follows with another yellow card around 78minutes...apparently, madrid is good at getting yellow cards ..yay!! madrid....lol
kedira gains a yellow card..this must be as a result of fustration o "madrid why all the cards???"

MOURINHO AINT SMILING!!!! he looks cute like that tho..hehe
yellow card for puyol, this time a barca player (hehe..thank God)....
pedro out jeffren in, first change from barca 
88minutes, the game is almost over, jose aint smiling(sitting down with his chin resting on his hands)
90 minutes and jeff puts in another goal ....OH MY GOD!!!!

messi is with the ball and two madrid players attack him, messi is down, the refree is running with a red card and a fight sets in oooo .....madrid players are vexing....loool eyaa i can understand their fustration.
ramos gets a second yellow card and the match comes to an end.

 the match is over!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5-0 ...GO BARCA!!!!!!! jose is jonzing!!!!

  • Xavi 10
  • Pedro 18’
  • Villa 55’, 58’
  • Jeffrén 90
Barcelona thrash Real Madrid in El Clasico

EL CLASSICO... the most anticipated match and fans watch jose and his team go down, seriously beaten by BARCELONA.....
             madrid brought nothing to this match sadly and barca just had the madrid players running around.
el classico...definitely not a match between two giants in my opinion :D
much luv,
dangel eyez

Saturday, November 27, 2010


AYOTUNDE FABAMO popularly known as twitch started something in 2009. He found a way to fight for his cause.
MISS OMOLEWA was born because he believed that 
its essential for the Nigerian child to know that it is important to grow in life and help make a difference in the world and NO ONE IS TOO YOUNG TO TOUCH LIVES and MR IDEAL NIGERIA was established to encourage the young Nigerian men that coming up with their own business idea is a way to alleviate poverty in our society

click the link below to read all the juicy details about tmiss omolewa and mr ideal Nigeria : http://dangelola.blogspot.com/2010/10/miss-omolewa-2010mr-ideal-nigeria-2010.html

Dangel Eyez brings to you an interview with the lucky winners and pictures from the successful event .

Mr Bello Olawale Sadiq(MR IDEAL NIGERIA 2010) 

  kwara state, 23, student of OOU olabisi onabanjo university ogun state and a model.
 He says, "I saw an advert of the competition via facebook and I felt it was a great opportunity for me. The event took place at akure. It was a great program and I did not believe I would win. I put a lot of effort as the other contestants were challenging and I was so happy when  I was announced as the winner because this was my first time and I believe its a good sign for greater thngs. About the organization, the team put a lot of effort and they are going places because they are commited. The chairman ayotunde twitch who has the whole Idea put his mind in everything he does. The event was excellent. I am so glad I won and will like to Appreciate all contestants for their effort and comitment and to the organizers, more grease to their elbows. The sky is just the beginning."
Mr Ideal Nigeria 2010 will work alongside fashion Icon Adebayo OKe-Lawal to create awareness about the Business Key initiative. He will represent Ondo at the Mr Independence pageant in December, Duke of World (dukeofworld.com) in may, cover model madtainment Magazine, feature in Onyeka Nwelue's New movie abyssinian boy and loads more.

and Ms Toluwalase Omitowoju(Miss Omolewa Nigeria 2010)
PROFILE :http://www.facebook.com/MISS.OMOLEWA.2009
is from ile ife osun state and just finished from International school, University of Ibadan. 

its funny really , i met Ayotunde in front of the University of Ibadan one afternon on my way back from school while he was granting BCOS an interview for their afternoon street special. He told me about the competition-Miss Omolewa, one thing led to another and here i am now as Miss Omolewa NIgeria 2010. 

everything still seems like a dream. That morning i won't have dreamt I would go back to bed as Miss Omolewa Nigeria. I am really looking forward to it. Ayotunde asked me during the competition to describe my perfect day and i told him that my perfect day will be a day that i will be able to touch lives and i am looking forward to doing just that. 

i will be the goodwill ambassador of love of a child, the charity arm of Twitch Events, organisers of Miss Omolewa. i will be visiting motherless babies homes, old people's homes nd orphanages as well. i will also assist Moyin, miss Omolewa Ondo, to raise funds for the education of children in Ondo state may 27 2011. 
I really hope to compete at the teen miss united nations next year , that way i will be able to touch lives around the world. I am getting into university next year so thats something I am also looking forward to.

Ayotunde Twitch and the Miss Omolewa team are just very creative. it was a lovely show and i am so sure everyone had a great time in Akure.

Ms Moyin Omolewa 
 is 17years old and lives in Akure and currently the Library prefect at Omolorogbo school. 

"I am so glad i won the Miss Omolewa Ondo, i never believed i would have won it but thank God i did.

i will be working with lifting our community , helping to raise money for the education of children in Ondo and also i will volunteer for kids2teen occassionally.

The organisers are very nice people and i am looking forward to working with them."

.............PICTURES FROM THE EVENT.......

Miss omolewa ondo

Mr Physique (Rivers state)

mr Anambra

judges Princess Toun and Miss Tola
miss Biossa 2007

seciond runner up Mr ondo
mr ideal contestant
chairman Miss Omolewa and Mr ideal Organisation. Ayotunde twitch
Top five for mr ideal nigeria 2010: RIVERS, LAGOS, OYO, OGUN & ONDO

Another successful year for the Miss omolewa/Mr Ideal team
A great way to reach out to the less privileged children in Nigeria
and a wonderful message to us all "NO ONE IS TOO YOUNG TO TOUCH LIVES".
God bless Ayotunde and his team :D

much luv,
dangel eyez

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