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Friday, April 8, 2011


            This is for those yet to begin their "service" to the country #NYSC. All the future OTONDOS (I HAIL). The fun part is definitely the orientation camp and the annoying part is the primary assignment.

   About 2weeks before the orientation is over, there will be announcements for people that have request letters from companies to submit them so they can get posted to the company. This takes me to the various options *VERY IMPORTANT*

This is the best and safest way to go about your primary assignment(where you will work/serve). My advice will be to work it out with the company you desire to work with either by submitting CVs , writing exams,going for interviews(yes you'll do all that depending on the company) or knowing somebody. Just get the company to give you a letter to NYSC officials requesting for you. If you do this, you are SAFE.
      work it out with the officials(if you know somebody or know how to work your way with them, it still happens so im not going to hide it) to get you posted to a company you wish to work in..This method is a 50/50 chance because even if you get posted to the company, they might still reject you.
     Now for those that worketh by faith and hope that they get posted to a good place(which should be the ideal way) , goodluck o but I should warn you that this should actually be your last option #SadButTrue.

   I am a victim of "posting gone wrong" and I believe I'm better than a lot of my fellow corp members I have seen walking the streets of Lagos since we got out of camp. I got posted to a particular company that I was sure I was going to start working in immediately I got out of camp. 
  Unfortunately, when I went there the next day I was told that I might not be placed in the IT dept and they will get back to me.. #NOTIME I started my search for an IT firm or a company with a good IT dept. Some people told me "dami, its just service, you can work anywhere" OH NO I cant, unless I have no where else to go I'm going to start searching for a place moreover I still had not heard from the company I was posted to.
I did not just see how I will spend 1 whole year doing something I did not study or have the passion for and no be say I no know book o..ahn ahn!! 
   I started searching oo but it wasnt easy because the truth is that many of these companies will take their time to get back to you or they'll have to consider all the people they know first before getting back to you.  

    Well I guess I can peacefully blog about this because my own wahala is clearing up and looking good *THANK GOD*. As at today, I saw many rejected corpers looking for other alternatives. One even said that after waiting all these days, he still got rejected. I know a lot of corpers are going to stay months without a job and its just sad. The funny one is if you get posted to a school and you don't want it(not that its bad tho) just know they will not want to give you a rejection letter..lol and without a rejection letter you can not move to another company.

I'll like to share some basic rules you need to know.
1. As soon as you get out of camp, go to the place you have been posted to or go the next day dressed in your corper uniform. Loads of people have been posted there too so do not delay.

2. Do not think the company will just give you an acceptance letter o. One rule of the NYSC programme is that interviews and exams should not be conducted but this rule is just there for decoration. Especially if you did not get posted via option 1, you'll write exams and go for interviews till you are tired and they might not still accept you. I do not blame these companies tho because with the state of our educational system(which BUHARI seems to think is okay KMT!!), these companies need to do a lot of screening.

3. If you have been rejected from a company and you are going to other places looking for a new placement, please try not to wear your corper uniform so that you get a better reception and they probably wont tell you "no place for corpers" at the gate. 

4. Make sure your rejection doesn't state that it was you that requested for a rejection letter or something negative. If you do not like where you were posted to, cook up a good excuse for rejecting the place.

5. Have a CV ready because most companies you go to will ask for it. Even after you've been posted to a place, do not sit around waiting for them to call you..submit your CV to other places just in case.

If you are a corper still looking for a place check this link(ill post more here as i find them)

I will suggest that this programme should be scraped but I know some corpers benefit
from it so here's me hoping that the new government will work on it and put more effort into the educational sector.
much luv,
dangel eyez

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