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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Latest juicy NEWS as at 07/09/2010

Cholera spreads to FCT, kills two
       Some days ago I had published a post "Another cholera outbreak in Nigeria"on the outbreak of cholera in some states in Nigeria and as of today, the fast-spreading cholera disease has claimed two lives in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, out of the reported 137 cases reported in health centres across the six area councils. For more information on the cholera outbreak, view my post on it.

Wife Pleads For Deposed Deji’s Reinstatement

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About 3 months ago, the Deji of Akure,Oluwadare Adesina Adepoju was  banished to Owo for six months on June 10 2010 over public outcry that followed the allegation of wife battering leveled against him. The picture on the left is what his wife looked like when he was done beating her. (sad right?? how exactly is he supposed to lead his people when he is not a good example ). Well, that was over 3 months ago because right now his dear wife is pleading that her husband be reinstated that both families have settled their differences. I do not understand what is making her to plead on his behalf, is she under pressure, simply ignorant or just inlove?? no further comments..this is just a sad case!!

Chaos as nine lawmakers ‘impeach’ Ogun Speaker


The nine lawmakers loyal to the governor of Ogun state claim to have removed Tunji Samson Egbetokun from office. Egbetokun rejected the claim, describing it as "a huge joke".
The nine lawmaker chose Emmanuel Soyemi Coker (Odeda) as Speaker, Hon. Ayo - Odugbesan Edwards as Deputy Speaker, Bankole Durotolu Oyebode as Majority Leader, Musa Maruf as Chief Whip and Abiodun Oluseyi Moses, Deputy Majority Leader.
MORE INFO click me

New voters register expected by December 9

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yes!!yes!!yes Nigeria is getting ready for a FREE AND FAIR 2011 election (so we are told :) )The compilation of the new voters’ register that will be capturing 70 million Nigerians(i am guessing this is why they needed about 87billion ;) ), will be completed by December 9, 2010, the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Attahiru Jega, said yesterday.

     Siasia, former U-23 coach says he is still interested in coaching the super eagles but will only apply if the conditions are okay with him.
    Also, some Israeli researchers are an inch closer to HIV/AIDS cure and six weeks ago, researchers in South Africa reported the development of a vaginal gel that prevents replication of the virus and reduces the risk of HIV infection by 54 per cent....hmmmm(keeping fingers crossed for those in need of the cure). for more info click me!

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oh! by the way, I came across Eucharia(Nigerian actress) in this scary outfit(my opinion) in my search for latest news today..hmmmm and I really do not know what to say. who designed this dress??..reminds me of so so many scary things, I hope dangel eyez will be able to rest at night...NO NIGHTMARES!!! 

thats all folks,
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  3. thanks a lot everyone for your comments
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