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Monday, March 14, 2011

#OTONDOTALK: nysccamp experience DAY 2

the sound of buckets and people moving around plus my alarm clock wakes me up at 3am...omg!! 3A.M!!
*see me see wahala*I just slept oooOOO

DAY 2- 9/03/2011
   I planned not to take my bath at this time because when the horn blows , its drilling time on the parade ground and then ill be all sweaty after. so I decided to take my bath after the whole morning paroles but I couldnt sleep back so I  laid on my bed and later got dressed in my funny looking nysc white shorts (the white shorts i bought were ruined by my tailor), the white shirts i bought, white socks and white tennis shoes.
4.30am (not one minute more or less) ,we started hearing the silly horn producing some wierd military tunes.lol.anyways, I was "GOOD TO GO, GOOD TO GO, GOOD TO GO SIR" Thats a particular response to something sha, i dont know what exactly because you just never hear what they are saying :P

  On the parade ground, we had two people from the first platoon pray (1 christian and 1 muslim) followed by some kind of meditation or more like early early morning moral talk.
I was still feeling sleepy, the stars were still hanging out and having fun in the skies and I was on a parade ground getting early morning moral talk ...kai!! KMT
  BUT there was a fun part of the morning- the aerobics part. It wasnt fun for all cos some people did not just gbadun the idea of dancing early in the morning but i enjoyed it. We followed the steps of the military dude on stage, i think the deejay was dozing because the music just kept going off and then coming back on hehehe. After that came gyration songs. funniest songs were:
  one that the reply was "for your body" and the other that the guys loved "hold something"..lol.
After all the drilling wahala , I needed a shower. It was also time for breakfast but I didnt plan on eating anything...we had to be back to rehearse for the swearing in the next day and I was really hoping the sun will be merciful. #jonzingmuch
      The sun wasnt o, I almost roasted!!nahhhh I ROASTED, roasted plantain had nothing on me at that point.lol.
We practised for about 3 hours under the sun or more sef. This was the point were I met some really cool people, I mean what else could I have done..I needed to gist away the time especially when we still had to stand even as the band was practising. We had some military routine to rehearse
*ATTENTION* *AT EASE* and we did that repeatedly like uncountable times..I GOT IT THE FIRST TIME O!!lol
After hours under the sun, we were asked to go eat lunch and rest. I went straight to the most interesting place in the camp MAMMY MARKET ..a girl i met there calls it AUNTY MAMMY.hehe. I ate and drank and just relaxed but then the horn went off again...it was time to go BACK TO THE PARADE GROUND!!! and depression came upon me :P
And it was, that we spent another 3 hours rehearsing for our swearing in..i was exhausted but never too tired for another adventure at the mammy market... i just lovee to have fun!! but truth be told i have got to leave this camp and rest on my bed in my HOME. 

Thought I should put this really funny video from AY...trust me you will not expect what will happen at the end..enjoy hahaha
to be continued....
much love
otondo dangel eyez.

if you missed DAY 1 .click on the link below

Saturday, March 12, 2011

#OTONDOTALK: nysccamp experience DAY 1

As some of you know, I just got my BSc in information technology and decided to do the whole NYSC wahala before i go for masters. For those that do not know, NYSC is for every Nigerian who has completed his/her first degree in uni. Its all about service to the country Nigeria. It consists of 3weeks paramilitary training and the rest of the year working in a company.
    now that i'm through with the introduction :D i can now gist y'all of my experience so far at the camp.

DAY 1: 8/03/2011
     I got to camp early so i can get a good room and be done with registration on time. I checked my luggage at the gate and moved on to get my room (there was a really long line sha but anyhow i got a room on time ;) ).
The rooms had 16 double bunk beds which meant 32 people in a room ..*ahn ahn!! warrisit nysc ??* and the lady in-charge still brought in one more double bunk bed....oh me gosh!!
as i moved to my room, my side eyes checked out the bathroom and toilets which wasnt dirty YET but was in a horrible lack-of-maintenance state..d only thing that could come out of my mouth was "chei!!".
 I got a bed and put my things on it so noone takes it and next stop was registration. Now this is where I was glad I came in ontime because an hour after I was done with registration, the line was unimaginably long. Anyways, it wasnt a hard/long process. Nigerians can sha use every opportunity to make money, people were stapling documents for 10naira per staple work done,biros and papers for sale and the photographers that were singing "aunty,take your passport picture in one minute" and even if you say "bros i don get 12 already", they will lie that you still need more. lol
     Representative of banks were also everywhere asking us to open an account with them..i opened with GTB sha cos they looked really good hehehehehe.
Next stop was registering in your platoon..a platoon is like the group you'll belong to as a corper and I was placed in platoon 6 and platoon 6 had the longest line *hissssss* , I had to wait till it was my turn and the dude that was coordinating was just annoying plus he looked like shrek.lol.
After all the stress of registeration, i finally got my otondo(corper)kit consisting of shoes,shirts,shorts and a very big sized khaki that i just had to amend .
  Honestly, I did not want to stay that night..I was just thinking of how ill cope cos nna mehnnnn this place wasnt looking good at all.
 At about 5pm, they started blowing one annoying horn like that and we all started hearing the sound of whistles everywhere, military dudes were screaming "all corpers to the parade ground" and the funniest one was "if you are still in the hostel, YOU ARE WRONG"...lmaoo as in please if thats all I am , I dont mind..I just want to sleep.lol....different statements o "double up", "if you are strolling or catwalking YOU ARE WRONG".. I had to jog myself to the parade ground ooo..this thing wont be easy at all

to be continued.....
much luv,
otondo dangel eyez :D

Monday, March 7, 2011


New video from M.I and its for UNDISPUTED CHAMPION from the album MI2 (THE MOVIE)..
I loveee M.I soo much but i think this video seems the same to me as his other videos.
nothing special happened sha but the videography is good and the MUSTANG is definitely hot! :D :D

much luv,
dangel eyez


OMG!!!! I  just came across a youtube video showing Majela at the X-FACTOR audition...

I really do not understand this babe and sadly, there is no yaba left where she is...

if you haven't heard of majela a.k.a queen of vagina , the video below is one of her youtube videos.

NOW watch her and her silly short performance for her "FANS" ...#DEAD .. and i hear she is Nigerian.. this is embarrassing

someone has to stop her and fast!!!
dangel eyez

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

#musicsensation9ja: Darey ft Chamillionaire - The way you are

BIG COLLABORATIONS happening in Nigeria now and I'm excited about it all :D :D.
We've had NAS and NNEKA
                 SNOOP DOG and MOHITS
              and there's the buzz about KANYE AND MOHITS

      NOW its ......


I TOTALLY LOVE THIS...its definitely better than the original and i must commend darey , chamillionaire is just right for the song.
                                                                         GO NAIJA!!!!
much luv,
dangel eyez

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


'Baby Gaga' promo image
LMAOO!! I have to admit, things about breast have been following me lately o..hahahahaha.

"Ice cream salon The Icecreamists in Covent Garden garnered headlines around the world last week after debuting their "Baby Gaga," a vanilla and lemon-scented dessert churned with human breast milk. The ice cream sold out within hours of its launch on February 25 and more 
batches were in the midst of being prepared.
Local health officials at Westminster City Council said the investigation began after receiving two safety complaints from the public. According to The Icecreamists' Twitter feed, the complainants were two men.Owners said the milk, donated by mothers who responded to online ads, was screened in line with blood donor requirements.
"All milk rig screened at clinic. If bad for ice cream, bad for babies -- Close London's Milk Banks!" they tweeted in defense.
Viruses like HIV and hepatitis can be transmitted through breast milk. The product is now being tested to see if it's fit for human consumption. The ice creamery touted the dessert as an organic and all-natural product and was being sold for £14 or (16 euros). The dessert was served in a martini glass with a bottle of breast milk cocktail on the side."

I just can't stop laughing, I find it very wierd that people take this ice cream. LMAO at the two men that complained, nobody sent them there, so they should free(leave) the restaurant.
what is the meaning of "The product is now being tested to see if it's fit for human consumption."?? loool. unless babies are not humans, please its fit for human consumption.
A whole bottle of breast milk cocktail is even served with the icecream...unbelievable!!

    I just can not comprehend this idea...na wa there is nothing we will not see in this world. I wonder if anyone's husband goes to that restaurant..hehe
abeg much luv o,
dangel eyez

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So it is defintely not a random talk or a lie that many Nigerian women don't know their right bra cup/band size.
 Ehen!! before my male readers  start  leaving this page , this post is also for you o..i am quite positive, you do not want your girlfriends or wife(wives :D) spending your money on the wrong bra plus you know how HOT she'll look if she just wore the right bra.

 Anyways, few days ago this lady on style network was talking about knowing one's band size/bra cup and buying the right bra. When I got home that day, it was my mum's turn to tell me about it..lol. She had gone to a store in Ikota shopping complex(when i find out the name, ill put it up here) to buy bras and fortunately for her, the lady did all the measurement for her. Hence, my mum came home excited and poured all her newly gained knowledge on me.

1. its advisable to wear your bra with your upper body bent forward, this way,every part of your breast is packed properly into the bra.
2.your bra should not divide your breast into two :P
3.the bridge of the bra should be inbetween the two breasts
4.the bottom iron part of the bra should be directly under your breast.
5.also your bra should be tight at first on the first hook not the second so that if it slacks later on you can always move to the second.

(if i remember more, ill put it up...my mum just kept on talking i just couldnt get everything..lol)

WARNING: those babes that purposely get smaller sizes so their breasts can look bigger..lol.. no need oo, just know your bra size and your breast will look fabulous *wink*

I have decided to try this out too so im hoping if you've got a tape rule when you're reading this ,you can do yours too as well.
you can watch the video or just follow the steps below the video.

STEP 1: Measure for band size:

How to Measure Bra Band Size
measure around your bra directly under your bust after expelling all air from your lungs - you want this measurement to be as small as possible. 
Round all fractional measurements to the nearest whole number.
 Bras come in even band sizes. If the rounded measurement you come up with is an even number, add 4 inches. If the rounded measurement you come up with is an odd number, add 5 inches.

The result is your band size.
MY REULST HERE IS 28inches and since that is an even number i will add 4inches
  28+4=32" my band size

STEP 2: Measure for cup size:

How to Measure Bra Cup Size


 Standing straight, with your arms at your side, measure around your body at the fullest part of your bust (while wearing a bra with your bust apex being midway between your elbow and your shoulder).


 Wrap the tape measure around you so that it is just touching, but not binding. If one of your breasts is significantly larger, put some type of padding in the cup of the smaller breast to make it even with the larger breast before taking your measurement.


 Round up or down to the nearest inch as you did to find your band size.

STEP 3: Calculate your bra size:


Subtract your band measurement (step 1) from your cup measurement (step 2). Generally, for each inch in difference, the cup goes up by one size.

Step 1: 28" under measurement +4" = 32" band
Step 2: 35" over measurement
Step 3: 35" - 32" = 3" or Cup "C"
DifferenceStandard Cup Size
0"-1/2" (1.3 cm)AA
1/2"- 1" (2.6 cm)A
2" (5.1 cm)B
3" (7.6 cm)C
4" (10.2 cm)D
5" (12.7 cm) DD or E
6" (15.2 cm)DDD or F
7" (17.8 cm)G
8" (20.3 cm)H
9" (22.9 cm)I
10" (25.4 cm)J
CLICK ON THE LINK TO FIND OUT THE 17 ESSENTIAL BRA TYPES THAT EVERY WOMAN MUST HAVE http://www.herroom.com/essential-bra-wardrobe,917,30.html

now go forth and get yourself the right bra
dangel eyez

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