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Thursday, May 12, 2011


Nigerian man of many wives

    People People!! The man you see above..the one in the middle ..yes , yes, yes...the one with the long cap is the father of 185 children and the husband to in total 107 wives (He now has 86 wives, the youngest 19 and the oldest 64. Nine have died and 12 he divorced (for disobedience).) OH MY GOODNESS!!
     his name is BELLO MAASABA
  He fell in love with his first wife because she was sincere and eager to please. His second wife, a cousin, was irresistible because she did everything he wished and nothing he didn't."That alone made me love her."

His third wife won him because she submitted to his every request.

"I saw her, I liked her. I went to her parents and asked for her hand in marriage."

Wife No. 4 was very obedient. So was wife No. 5. Wife No. 6, the same. As were wives 7 and 8 and 9 and … IT GOES ON AND ON TO 107

   I'm like who marries a man that has 10 wives already not to talk of one with 106 wives.... pekele pekele *now clapping my hands together*... wonders shall not end.

He uses a microphone to speak to his household(and ofcourse passers by)..each floor of his house has speakers. lol

read the full story here HERE on LA TIMES

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dangel eyez


  1. This is incredibly fascinating! didn't even think it could be possible!

  2. Geeez!!! How does he handle it!!!


  3. Thanks for the post. It's like five years of not being in Nigeria has finally made me out-dated for this to be news to me. The change is amazing. Great blog!

    call Nigeria


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