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Monday, May 9, 2011


                           There's nothing that makes me happy than great products/services going at really awesome discounted prices. :D :D yes!! How else can I save money??
allow me to introduce you to my favourite Nigerian website at the moment

and as the name implies --> deal dey for that website o 
 I've always wanted to blog about it since it was launched but you know, one has to test these kind of things first. 
So I signed up and got my AY regular ticket for 3,500 naira instead of 5,000 naira and even the VIP ticket was going for 10,000 naira instead of 20,000 naira plus I got other friends to get theirs too because the discount was only available on dealdey for a limited time. IT ACTUALLY WORKS... no mago mago, no wuru wuru :D :D :D.

   Now, I'd be mean if I dont share this with you so let me explain how this site works.
When you get to dealdey.com, you will immediately see one of the deals available (you can check for other deals by selecting either island, mainland or nationwide). currently, its basically just island and mainland lagos deals i find there. What you need to do is sign up and you'll find that your account credit is 0. You will need to  follow their payment instructions to get your account credit up which will enable you to purchase the products/services.

              If you check the site now or within the next two days, you'll find this yummy deal
                  Today’s Deal:51% off Chinese Rice and Chicken/Beef/Fish Sauce with Chapman or Soft drink
Time left to buy:

6 Bought

Deal is Live!
This means that usually this yummy dish from ASIAN VILLA RESTAURANT is valued at 4,500naira but if you sign up on dealdey.com , you'll be able to purchase this dish for just 2,200naira.. makes a lot of sense right??  OH damn right it does :P
    Each deal has a time limit. As you can see that at the time I pasted that from the site, the time left to buy was 2days,9 hours and so on. So yup, you've got to hurry if you need to purchase the deal :) .
                    Now the part that people dont really get and which is important IS THIS:

6 Bought

Deal is Live!

  Every deal is not yet a DEAL until the minimum amount of people needed buys the deal. You see the deal above needed 6 people to buy before the deal goes live(becomes an active deal). Once 6 people have bought, the deal is live which means everyone that have bought that deal will enjoy the product/service.
If only 4 people bought this deal and the time limit reached, then it means the deal never went LIVE and the credits of the 4 people that bought will be replaced hence the deal never clicked. #sadmuch !!!
Ofcourse the deal is not just limited to 6 people, it just needs 6 people for it to be a live deal(for the deal to CLICK ;) ) so as many as a thousand people can buy the deal.
                           OKAY I'M HOPING I EXPLAINED THIS WELL ENOUGH :)
 Here's another example:

Today’s Deal:60% off Home Service 1hr 
                         Full Body Massage
Time left to buy:

0 Bought

5 more needed to get the deal

Like the deal above is a great deal from VISIBLE DIFFERENCE , you'll end up saving 9,000naira for a home service full body massage. As you can see no one has bought the deal yet so its not LIVE yet. It needs a minimum of 5 people to make IT go live(for it to be a done deal). So if you want to buy this deal and the number of people that ended up purchasing the deal is not upto 5 , your credit will be replaced and you wont be able to enjoy the service at that price anymore. #sadmuch
    In essence if you strongly desire a body massage at your home for this price , you'll have to tell your friends about it or find a way of making this deal go live. :) Its like saying  "deal dey o and I no want am to just go like that" :D.

                   As a company, you can make a deal with the dealdey.com people..find out how by clicking "business for dealdey" under "know" at the bottom part of the website.

     After I got my A.Y ticket for that price and got a friend of mine to buy too (cos I really wanted the deal to go live although at the end of the day loads of people bought the deal), my other friends got a bit angry I did not let them know as well... Oh well, I hope all my friends read this post :D.
              Loads of innovative things going on in Nigeria and I'm impressed with this one and
I , dangel eyez (your swirrat :D) have tried and tested it and it works.

oh and their customer service is great (trust me its a big deal in naija). I hope they keep it up.

 I almost forgot . The Chinese dish deal is really yummy and there is a place there that says "BUY IT FOR A FRIEND"
ermm ermmm it wont be a bad idea to buy for a friend(me)...lool.

sign up DEALDEY.COM and get info about  deals emailed to you
much luv,
dangel eyez


  1. ur love for free things dey extra-extra-ordinary....nor be small thing o..we know u ....lwkmd....dangeldiva= freethings.com
    ose anonymous..

  2. lool @ anon.. i believe you read the post. it doesn't say free anywhere so i'm not sure what you are talking bout.
    it clearly says discount plus you cant say you are not interested :). the website exposes Nigerians to how important group buying can be. so its best you check it out.


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