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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Introducing...Fashion stylist Jennifer Umeh.

If there's one industry that is seriously growing at the moment in Nigeria, its the fashion industry. Every now and then, we have a new designer or stylist  ready to add to the growth of the industry.
Allow me to introduce you to fashion stylist Jennifer Umeh, an international relations graduate that has a passion for FASHION & STYLE.

Jennifer Umeh ,CEO Bellurie (Make up and Fashion Bureau), believes that looking SOPHISTICATED, ELEGANT AND EDGY at the same time definitely gets you a top score.
As you will soon find out, I worked with her on this shoot as a model and it was fun. She definitely came prepared and knew exactly what she wanted. 

Jennifer Umeh of Bellurie

Musician Zara was styled and even had her makeup done by Jennifer Umeh.. The picture below is the result and zara looks great :)
Here are some pictures showing 11 outfits put together by Jennifer Umeh.

STYLIST: jennifer umeh of  bellurie (facebook, twitter)
PHOTOGRAPHY : chunky studios
MODEL: damilola teidi

what do you think??
much luv,
dangel eyez


  1. I really love the different looks of you. Great sense of style and she looks really sophisticated in that jump suit too.

  2. really nice , fashion forward as well will totally wear those clothes.nice one jennifer!

  3. nice.............
    so proud of jennifer.

  4. I love the collection! Nice one!

  5. ooh! She knows what's up! I like most of these collections. I'm just starting my fashion and styling company in Abuja so i'm on the lookout for fashion stylists these days. BTW, do you know any independent models in Abuja?


  6. hey adiya,
    yeah she's really good and i put links to her fb and twitter pages so you can contact her. no, i dont know any models in abuja.
    much luv,
    dangel eyez


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