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Saturday, April 2, 2011

#musicsensation9ja: jodie-kuchi kuchi

  I have missed blogging...just finished the nysc camp orientation wahala and it feels good not to hear the sound of that horrible beagle at 4.30am :D :D :D ..would do more post on #otondotalk and other posts soon but FIRST
    I have here Jodie's first single and music video titled "kuchi kuchi"... Jodie was that brilliant singer that should have just won West African Idols..I loved her and I love her more now.

"kuchi kuchi" is a love song but not for couples and lovers but a love song from a mother to her child...how beautiful right?? she went in a different direction and has given mothers a new song to sing to their babies.. and i love it... The video is brilliant and the concept is onpoint!! im even loving the ancient "mbeke" hairstyle. ENJOY!!

AND HERE IS JODIE AGAIN from way backkk when she was a contestant singing a natasha beddingfield song and making it her own in a good way.

have a lovely weekend ;)
dangel eyez

1 comment:

  1. i like d hair styles on d backup singers ..lol!! nt a bad song


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