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Monday, April 4, 2011

Introducing D'GRIND entertainment - Ireland based Nigerian Band and their single

Like i mentioned in my last #otondotalk post there were so many talented Nigerian youths in camp. On the music side, some of them are upcoming and still trying to break into the music industry, some have demos that they played and performed while some even have videos of their songs. Well , I met one corp member who had an established music group D'GRIND from ireland that already had a video for their single.

"D'Grind is an Ireland based Nigerian band. Founded in 2006, the band consists of 3 young Nigerian artists, Mitchell Okeke also known as Big Mitch, Razak Sadu aka Raz D'chef, and Jordan Colgan who goes by the name Alexi Duce. 
D'Grind was founded by Big Mitch facebook profile, a Pharmaceutical Science graduate from GMIT, Ireland. He started out as a radio show presenter on Flirt FM, a Galway radio station.
Driven by a passion for music, Raz D'chef and Alexi Duce joined Big Mitch and D'Grind was formed. Raz D'chef, a Music Technology undergraduate, started out as a producer and eventually turned to rapping and Alexi Duce, currently a Sound Engineering student, started out his career doing freestyle battles in his neighborhood. "

Here's the video of their single 'Just Pull'. Its a really great dance track-great beat. enjoy :)

much luv,
dangel eyez


  1. Brilliant absolutely love it, so impressed & inspired! You dey balm!:)

  2. Unreal Bois kip up d gud work and Alexi u remind me of Chipmunk d british artist. Love u guys


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