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Monday, March 14, 2011

#OTONDOTALK: nysccamp experience DAY 2

the sound of buckets and people moving around plus my alarm clock wakes me up at 3am...omg!! 3A.M!!
*see me see wahala*I just slept oooOOO

DAY 2- 9/03/2011
   I planned not to take my bath at this time because when the horn blows , its drilling time on the parade ground and then ill be all sweaty after. so I decided to take my bath after the whole morning paroles but I couldnt sleep back so I  laid on my bed and later got dressed in my funny looking nysc white shorts (the white shorts i bought were ruined by my tailor), the white shirts i bought, white socks and white tennis shoes.
4.30am (not one minute more or less) ,we started hearing the silly horn producing some wierd military tunes.lol.anyways, I was "GOOD TO GO, GOOD TO GO, GOOD TO GO SIR" Thats a particular response to something sha, i dont know what exactly because you just never hear what they are saying :P

  On the parade ground, we had two people from the first platoon pray (1 christian and 1 muslim) followed by some kind of meditation or more like early early morning moral talk.
I was still feeling sleepy, the stars were still hanging out and having fun in the skies and I was on a parade ground getting early morning moral talk ...kai!! KMT
  BUT there was a fun part of the morning- the aerobics part. It wasnt fun for all cos some people did not just gbadun the idea of dancing early in the morning but i enjoyed it. We followed the steps of the military dude on stage, i think the deejay was dozing because the music just kept going off and then coming back on hehehe. After that came gyration songs. funniest songs were:
  one that the reply was "for your body" and the other that the guys loved "hold something"..lol.
After all the drilling wahala , I needed a shower. It was also time for breakfast but I didnt plan on eating anything...we had to be back to rehearse for the swearing in the next day and I was really hoping the sun will be merciful. #jonzingmuch
      The sun wasnt o, I almost roasted!!nahhhh I ROASTED, roasted plantain had nothing on me at that point.lol.
We practised for about 3 hours under the sun or more sef. This was the point were I met some really cool people, I mean what else could I have done..I needed to gist away the time especially when we still had to stand even as the band was practising. We had some military routine to rehearse
*ATTENTION* *AT EASE* and we did that repeatedly like uncountable times..I GOT IT THE FIRST TIME O!!lol
After hours under the sun, we were asked to go eat lunch and rest. I went straight to the most interesting place in the camp MAMMY MARKET ..a girl i met there calls it AUNTY MAMMY.hehe. I ate and drank and just relaxed but then the horn went off again...it was time to go BACK TO THE PARADE GROUND!!! and depression came upon me :P
And it was, that we spent another 3 hours rehearsing for our swearing in..i was exhausted but never too tired for another adventure at the mammy market... i just lovee to have fun!! but truth be told i have got to leave this camp and rest on my bed in my HOME. 

Thought I should put this really funny video from AY...trust me you will not expect what will happen at the end..enjoy hahaha
to be continued....
much love
otondo dangel eyez.

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