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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Omotola jalade talks about her music and grammys.#NotWorkingForMe

     I like Omotola Jalade , she is a brilliant actress but this her singing matter is one to worry about. I cant believe that the main reason for going to the grammys was to promote her music career. What career?? According to kilonsparkles? , its like she hears celine dion whenever she sings. I sicerely believe that is what happens because I cannot understand why she would still push this singing mistake.

 Why am I blogging about this now?? I just came across a video of an interview where she spoke about her experience at the grammys and about her music career . hmmmmm I was PUSHED to lfind her songs and tually listen to them......

some omosexy songs I found ...

you've probably not heard this one ...

oh my goodness, I just wanted to mute the videos and just watch her ACT in the video.. I cant believe none of her close friends have told her to stop. Some actors have tried it and I forgave them  because they became aware of their mistake and quit.... 
               With all the love I have for you omotola please stick to acting and spend your time promoting what you are talented in. #enoughisenough                                          
     much luv,
dangel eyez


  1. She should be fine with auto tune.

  2. lol..unfortunately, autotune is already present here and yet its still terrible .. she shld just stop


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