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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So the funny question going around the social network is "would you hire Jega  as your wedding planner??" and there has been so many other jega jokes on twitter and facebook.

   Who is Jega and why all these jokes?? Jega is the chairman of the organisation in charge of conducting the 2011 elections in Nigeria who has already started failing us by postponing the first part of the elections TWICE!!!.
I do not know why some things can not just go as planned in this country especially something as important as elections. We've all known about this election since last year, months before now, so I do not understand why it had to be postponed. WHY WAS INEC NOT PREPARED??
 Jega's reason was that the ballot papers did not arrive as planned *sad/angry face*. That reason does not even make sense because according to many Nigerians , they had cast their votes using ballot papers(so which ones didn't arrive as planned???).

IMG00089 20110402 1234 1024x768 Nigeria Elections 2011: What was Caught on Camera #PhotoSpeakIMG00093 20110402 1237 1024x768 Nigeria Elections 2011: What was Caught on Camera #PhotoSpeak
"At Ward 8 in Ibadan North Local Government for instance, hundreds of voters at the various polling stations had cast their votes. With the turn of events, how will they believe INEC’s claim that materials just got flown in at 9am Saturday morning? They expect a better excuse."  www.cp-africa.com

Exactly Jega , we need a better excuse as to why you moved the elections from April 2nd to April 4th and then to April 9th. KMT!! It is a big shame to the present government and loads of us already believe that there is something fishy going on with all that has taken place.
  INEC whatever you have to do , do it O because we all want a credible election..no wuru wuru, no jega jega (jaga jaga).  

  moving on to nollywood, have you seen the "NOLLYWOOD FOR GEJ " video??
click this link http://dangelola.blogspot.com/2011/04/loud-mouth-nollywood-for-gej-videoright.html and as usual I haff got something to talk abourrit (about it)

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