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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Video Evidence Of Election Fraud In South-South Nigeria.

        A lot of Nigerians may say last election was free and fair but we all know that is not true.  Someone just tagged me in this video and I had to share it.
The  comment below was by the group that uploaded this video on youtube:
"The woman in red is Baridi Naleloo, PDP women leader Ward 4 B-Dere and a staff of Gokana local government working for Mr. Victor Giadom chairman of the council and a cousin of Hon. Magnus Abe. Woman thumb printing is Barivure a staff of University of Science and technology, Port Harcourt and a PDP member."
   As you'll see the woman is doing all the thumb printing and the place was packed with Nigerians probably doing the whole accreditation process or maybe they were told the materials had not arrived or one funny story.

If you really belong to PDP , shame on them too.
All other parties are probably guilty as well.
I heard from someone too on how people that came to vote were asked to go home ( they all went home) and some people were paid to do the thumb printing to favour a particular party.
     Where were the so-called observers and security?????????????

  The presidential election is this coming saturday, I wonder if it will be peaceful, free and fair or if I'll be sharing with you more videos like this?
           I do not believe that our elections this year will be free and fair(thats the bitter truth) but I'm hoping Prof. Jega puts in more effort so that it can be close to a perfect election.

kudos to the person that got this on camera
No matter what, We must still vote
pleaseee vote wisely and do not sell your votes!!!
much luv,
dangel eyez


  1. Even if the information about who they(the ladies) are is true, how do we know its this election and not the previous one? I dont see a timestamp.

  2. hey xav,
    i dont see how this could have been last election and if INEC takes a good look at it, they'll be able to figure that out..uv got the polling unit number,the nysc corp members and the people that went there to vote.
    if the names of these ladies are true then its probably this election because one of them is Magnus Abe's cousin.
    Anyways,It is the job of the INEC officials to take a look at the video and find these women out and do something about it.

  3. This is terrible.Omg I hate that lady right now.
    Narrow minded Nigs that will always choose their greed for money over every other thing, including their very life.

  4. I think what Xav is trying to say is that INEC should first verify the info before we draw conclusion on this year's election. Innit Xav?

  5. its definitely this year's election, because corpers where not used four years ago at the election. besides, this video would most likely have come out since. but if u check it directly on you-tube,u'd see that it was posted a few days ago......but this is just really sad!

  6. Those women are a disgrace to Nigerian women. They should be prosecuted.


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