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Saturday, April 2, 2011

#OTONDOTALK: nysccamp experience

So I just couldnt blog about the every day camp experience..21 days is long plus after sometime there was really nothing to do and i was always running home :D
   The first week in camp is definitely killing but after that if you are not doing anything for your platoon(the group/family :) you'll be assigned to) then you'll be so free, you'll be bored.

AHHH!!!if you are going for nysc orientation just pray that your camp commandant is not as mean as ours..That guy made some of us sit down on the camp ground because we were not on our beds at 10pm.We sat there from 10.30pm till midnight o. That was when I saw some non corp members that were caught around the hostel do frog jump and could not get up after..hmmm wasnt funny o. The dude did not smile with us at allll. The man tire us o!

loool..only batch A otondos that will laugh at this...lmao.
We had like aerobics in the morning and there was this cd that they used that started like this with a funny yoruba accent "dj gami gami gami"...lol its either gami or kami

 There is always one company doing a talent show in camp so you can always take part in one, MTN did not impress me  because they gave the least gifts to contestants (sme ugly looking bag like that) and LEGEND annoyed me because they ruined the bonfire night doing raffle draws or something like that but I'm sure it was pretty fun for those that won something(so ill just keep quiet now with my bad belle.lol)
 I remember when it was lights out(yeah we had lightsout) two guys  held their flat screen up in the air and sang "its good to drink beer"..lol..you can't blame them.
 The biggest talent hunt was from fidelity bank which i took part in and did not win but honestly quote me anywhere o "out of 23 contestants, about 18 of us were more talented than those contestants in some of this nigerian music competitions"..i was even shocked and the winner had everyone standing and screaming..it was a fun night thanks to fidelity bank(see me doing free promo but they did well).
HMMMM how can i forget the dancer cynthia who took a gift from every company that came, she was simply amazing and she definitely won a lot of stuff. 

There were also inter-platoon competitions consisting of football,volleyball, cultural dance, cooking, board games and so on. I'm not good in any those so i did not even go there lol but i participated in the miss nysc competition which went pretty well. 

"if soldier marry corper, dem go born mumu " ..lol one of the gyration songs. first week was the week of just meeting people and randomly asking for numbers for one cooked up reason or the other
and by the time I went home and came back..people were holding hands and forming relationships.. some will work out after camp and most wont i guess...some of these hookups involved married women and men 
(uh-oh !!).

mammy market -> gulder & fayrouz joints were responsible for finishing some people's allawi(allowance). I actually heard one day that alcoholic drinks had finished in mammy market..i dont know how true it was but it was possible.
mammy market will be missed dearly and they sure made money from us, they sold everything including paper.Infact they were charging phones for 50naira.lol.mammy was fun.
BONFIRE wasn't fun at all and we all looked forward to it but the raffle draw legend people ruined it..kmt!! by the time everyone wanted to have fun...The beagler blew his annoying beagle for lights out. my fellow blogger and otondo described the beagle as  " a very annoying horn-like sound which is blown by a soldier"
and I agree!! 

The favorite one was - HOLD SOMETHING!!

I call am call am she no gree
I call am call am she no answer
When I tell am, I’m  a soldier
She say make I buy am something
(Wetin I buy am?)
I buy am apoche
I buy am miniskirt o
I buy am rubber sandals….
Say Iya Bose —-Iya Bose Iya Bose
Say Omolara—Omolara Omolara

Soldier sings:
Ehhhh zero your mind
eeeeeeh zero your mind
Alawee no dey, zero your mind
alawee no dey, zero your mind
Corpers respond:
Eeeeeh yawa go dey
EeEEEEh yawa go dey
If alawee no dey yawa go dey
If alawee no dey yawa go dey

This is the way I wanted to be ooo
This is the way I wanted to be
Eeeeh I want to be a corper
Eeeeh I want to be a corper
Eh Eh Eh I want to be a corper
This is the way I wanted to be


Camp wasnt that bad afterall, it gets better after the first few days and you get to meet really great people. The only part that puts me off is the dormitory-the rooms, bathrooms and toilets. Dear government, that part needs a lot of work o!!.  oh and ofcourse those annoying soldiers that scream like they are constantly high...HOL(hissing out loud). They constantly get on your nerves but anyways I forgive them now jor..hehe

I loved everyone I met especially the girls in my room
wishing everyone the best :)
much luv,
dangel eyez

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