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Saturday, October 23, 2010


SO I am pretty sure almost everyone has seen this picture....and if you are finding it hard to identify who they are, its our Nigerian celebrities denrele and charly boy.
well, well, well... when I saw this picture, i actually wasn't shocked o because i thought....u know...i mean....anyways moving on..LOL but having it out in public and on a newspaper!!! was a NO WAY for me!!

                        i actually came across denrele's response to this picture so allow me to share it with you
         HERE GOES
  “......I just think that some people are out to tarnish my image. Call it Photoshop, call it publicity stunt or whatever the picture is, people just want to tarnish my image. I’m not bothered in anyway. They are just making me popular. The story is not affecting me in anyway. I have been receiving calls from all over the world about this same picture.I'M NOT GAY,BUT I DON'T THINK I OWE ANYBODY AN EXPLANATION.” 

and there you have it people, denrele has clarified our thoughts(i guess :D)
 this must be another wande coal stunt (PHOTOSHOP PEOPLE HAVE DONE IT AGAIN O..lol)

please feel free to throw in your comments
much luv,
dangel eyez.



  1. u hv forced us 2 believe he is gay, wat else can we say?

  2. @anonymous... my dear, i did not force you or "us" to believe he is gay and nothing in this post shows that i forced anyone to believe anything. some people might believe him and others might not, that's why I said people are free to put in their comments.
    thanks for your comment.
    much luv,
    dangel eyez

  3. lets not fool ourselves..ds gay stuff hz invaded our dear Nigeria n seems 2 b on d rise especially in d entertainment n fashion world.imagine sm1 boldly askin me d oda day if i do guys,babes or both jst bc he knws am a friend of his friend who is suspectd 2 b gay why wld sm1 in his ryt senses n sexual orietation b askin such a question.he went on 2 tell me ders no biggie 2it.we av 2 sayit as it is dats d only way we can deal wit dis pathetic condition while its still developin in Nigeria.


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