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Sunday, October 24, 2010


DANGEL EYEZ came across two things today , thought I might share it with you.

 FIRST...(hmm this one has to do with my ears).

       Started watching a series called THE EVENT and at one scene in the first episode in season1 titled "i haven't told you everything"(its a new series) , I heard "we don't have to go the 360 degrees, now its time to go the 180..."..yes! its ASA's song - 360 degrees. Well, i felt good hearing it..hehe...(i know oo, i just love her too much). Oh!! this is probably stale news but for those that do not know Nneka's song is on FIFA 2010 too..
so yeah! kudos to ASA and Nneka (really doing well !!!)


   and oh yes!! all the illumnati-symbol-finding people will have a lovely time giving meanings to things in this video..lol. There was a ram, an angel, some kind of wierd dinner, etc (ill stop now before i ruin the surprise for you.)
I really don't know what to do with this video. its creative and interesting but seriously that dude freaks me out with his videos, seems like he is enjoying all the illumnati talk and decided to fill this video right here with all the symbolic events/things you can think of.
Selita Ebanks Wings, Selita Ebanks Phoenix,
and selita Ebanks is the angel in the video

                                  anyways Allow me to allow you see the video for yourselves....

  There is just something about that dinner (does anyone feel the same way?)I did not even know he had a song where he said "we love Jesus but we can a learn a lot from satan..."
                                  my friend whats wrong(whats strong) with you?? 
as my friend/blogger kilonsparkle? (http://kilonsparkles.blogspot.com/) said, the part  where the angel says "Do you know what I hate most about your world? Anything that is different you try to change, you try to tear it down"makes sense. But then there might be an INNER MEANING(lol).  

much love to ASA & NNEKA
and KANYE(i hope you know what you are doing)
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much luv,
dangel eyez.

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