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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


so I saw these pictures on www.onenigerianboy.com and I was really amazed/impressed/shocked..lol... I guess some Nigerian men/boys are starting to have their own DARING style because i consider most of the outfits you are about to see a bit of a RISK in Nigeria(for now i think).

and oh! what was the occassion?
 House of Nwocha fashion show.

those shoulders reminds me of something from outta space :D
but im not saying he didn't rock it. 


hmmmmmm i aint sure about this one though especially the belt
oh! my dear friend adebayo oke-lawal(one of the gentlemen of onyx&pearl + the BUBAAI dude)
those sandals ehnnnn
and before i forget the blazer is one of the onyx&pearl clothing
if you like...order now  07037559787,08069819228,018238004 & 08030779776
lets have a closer look at those sandals again...hmmm
gladiator sandals for guys?? is that a yes or a no no
doesn't look bad to me tho
take a closer look at the bottom of the pants
and i think i have been seeing those kind of shoes on many naija guys lately.

once again..the pants and those shoes.

i actually love this one

so what do y'all think
is it okay or a bit too much
much luv,
dangel eyez

1 comment:

  1. i can never wear any of these things sha, but the last two won't receive criticism from me. I don't like taking risks and i'm more for classic than trendy and the last two have less risks exhibited than the others.


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