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Saturday, October 16, 2010

dangel eyez meets miss omolewa 2009

so, few weeks back i created a post about a beauty contest that was born out of the need to help children and stop children trafficking. MISS OMOLEWA 2010 will be taking place in Akure on the 23rd of October.
                           you can find the interview dangel eyez had with Mr Ayotunde Fabamwo a.k.a twitch (founder of MISS OMOLEWA) by clicking here:http://dangelola.blogspot.com/2010/10/miss-omolewa-2010mr-ideal-nigeria-2010.html

NOW HERE GOES, with miss omolewa 2010 around the corner, i thought it will be nice to have a nice chat with the current miss omolewa, Tinuade Adewole.

dangel eyez:
hi, how are you doing?

i am great! you?

dangel eyez:
I'm good dear, I would like to ask you some questions about Miss Omolewa.
hope its fine by you? :)

yes u can

dangel eyez:
what is your full name, age and what part of Nigeria do you come from?

   I am Tinuade Adewole , 16years and I am from Ogbomoso Oyo state.I attended st Louis Grammar school Ibadan.

dangel eyez:
so you became Miss Omolewa in 2009, how was it for you and what did you get involved in?

Well the whole year has been a fantasy really! you get the crown , the dress , covergirl Berries mag. all the attention but everything is brought into perspective when you work with WOTCLEF and the Love of a child Foundation. i have worked with children with HIV/AIDS and also campaigned against child abuse and all these awesome opportunities have forever changed my perspective on life. 

dangel eyez:
did you come across any challenges and how did you handle the attention you got?

Challenges? thats a tough one! Well, one thing that was overwhelming was the attention i got. Once the crown was placed on my head, i became the centre of attention. As a young girl, i really didnt know how to handle it especially if you meet someone in the market and the person goes hello Miss Omolewa and I'm like wow!lol. I had to maintain poise and elegance most of the time but really as a young girl all i wanted to do was just play ten ten with my friends and have fun! lol. but my family have been wonderful and they supported me all the way. 

dangel eyez:
what has being miss omolewa taught you?

well one thing i did learn was you are never too young to make a difference and every little helps. i remember my first visit to a home, i had to keep smiling but i was so touched, those kids just starring into your eyes and wanting you to carry them.

dangel eyez:
what would you like to see in this year's competition?

well for this year's competition i think a scholarship of some sort should be added. i love the dresses and the attention but i would have loved to gain some academic knowledge as i was a young girl but it was the first pageant so its understandable , how many great pageants now start off big ? tiny drops of water make a mighty ocean.

dangel eyez:
what do you think about the founder, Mr Ayotunde Fabamwo popularly known as twitch?

Ayotunde Fabamwo (now everyone calls him Twitch lol) the chairman has been wonderful. He has giving me nothing but positive support and he is my role model! most guys at his age will be money conscious but he is all about making life better, thats just amazing! he has a pure , sincere heart and loves kids so much! he is just the best really! my deepest thanks go to him , i will never forget his wonderful patience, he has enriched my heart forever.
 i am so thankful to God and the Miss Omolewa pageant for putting me on a path most teenagers only dream about.

dangel eyez:
whats your advice to the lucky lady that will wear the crown this year?

To the lucky young lady who will get to wear the crown , enjoy each moment and everyone you meet , this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity and you are the lucky one to have it!

so there you have it
from Nigeria's first miss omolewa!!

thank you Miss Tinuade Adewole and to the contestants for this year's competition
may the best girl win ;)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

much luv, 
dangel eyez
please do not forget to follow this blog. thanks ;)

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