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Friday, October 22, 2010


                   So yeah UTI from Nigeria won big brother (congratulations uti) and some people are not happy with the result because they think Munya should have won. Seriously, am I the only that did not like Munya??? . 
Anyways, the president of Zimbabwe felt Munya was cheated and decided to give him $300,000(100,000 more than the winning prize for BBA).

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Honestly, I did not watch Big Brother Africa religiously, so I don't know who you think played the game better(UTI, MUNYA or maybe another housemate). What troubles me though is the money Zimbabwe's president wants to give Munya..like THE COUNTRY COULD REALLY USE THAT KIND OF MONEY... if munya was really cheated and you want to compensate him,all well and good but I think that amount coming from Zimbabwe is ridiculous. 
              I do wonder what the citizens have to say about this..well, who knows , maybe Munya might even do something for his country with the money better than what the government will do with that same amount.

so I guess we can say...
congrats UTI
congrats MUNYA(when you receive the money)
much luv,
dangel eyez


  1. This is absolutely RIDICULOUS! if its true..wow!

  2. Oops Good one u know... but they shld all come to the realization that the votes count and nigerians voted real hard... happy 4 him though and good luck to him so probably all their country pple will start coming out for BBA so dat their presido can give them money. lol

  3. Haha...dude was like fuck those nigerians

  4. it is true, actually read it somewhere that some private companies donated and came up with the amount for munya.
    @oezachic..lol.thanks for the great idea..:D


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