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Friday, November 5, 2010

WEEKEND GOODIES: putting you in the mood

YELLO!! (please dont say MTN...lol) . So i haven't had any post in a while, currently writing exams and been busy but its weekend and hey!! this sister needs to relax!! and so do you :D
                                 and i've got just the right goodies to put you in a great mood this weekend

                        TIWA SAVAGE with KELE KELE LOVE....
         lovely song with a nice video although i'm thinking it has too many graphic stuff going on plus it reminds me of rihanna's rudeboy sha. Anyways the point is its a great song for the weekend and you'll enjoy watching the video too :)

another one on me list is
                     Feeling by Ice prince ft M.I... i lurrrrv this one, it has a reggae feel i love.

and the movie to watch this weekend
SOCIAL NETWORK(that's if you haven't seen it)
I just saw the movie recently and i loved it. It was written based on the book "accidental billionaires"  (i've not read it) but all i know is the movie showed how our dearest facebook started. Well, they obviously added juicy parts to it and Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz called the film a "dramatization of history ... it is interesting to see my past rewritten in a way that emphasizes things that didn't matter," he said. According to Moskovitz, "A lot of exciting things happened in 2004, but mostly we just worked a lot and stressed out about things; the version in the trailer seems a lot more exciting, so I'm just going to choose to remember that we drank ourselves silly and had a lot of sex with coeds.... The plot of the book/script unabashedly attacked [Zuckerberg], but I actually felt like a lot of his positive qualities come out truthfully in the trailer (soundtrack aside). At the end of the day, they cannot help but portray him as the driven, forward-thinking genius that he is."
oh you really need to see this movie(dont know how you'll do that tho :D) but i'm totally sure you'll lurrrv it too :)

and to laugh your ass off like me is 

Jah-Bless ft Ice Prince, eLDee, Ruggedman, Durella, Reminisce -- JOOR OH (Remix)


se le fi g-string fi se catapult
octopus paul so le fi se pastor chris?
i like to see showkey do a catwalk
chinese balm fi masturbate
oun fe lo wo agbada sori prada
PINGING lori NOKIA....looool
hahahahahahah please feel free to add to my list

hey!!leave a comment and follow thy blog :D
and by the way 
o le fi bic biro drop comment sori blog mi.....JOR OO!!!

have a great weekend,
much luv,
dangel eyez.

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