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Monday, November 29, 2010


And we are rushing to make it in time for the match at a friend's place, his house is already full..no one wants to miss EL CLASSICO. I settle down with my laptop hoping my team wins(won't tell you the team now tho).
 7 minutes into the game already..one team looks ready and the other doesn't have an idea this is a match yet..lol. The first 2 goals of the match announces the team that came el classico ready.
First goal came in at the 10th minute by xavi and the second one follows almost immediately at the 18th minute by pedro.. YES!! players of the one and only BARCELONA. At this point, they are in total control of this match. I mean their passes are sooo smooth, connection is never lost as the ball moves from one barca player to another and when the time is right-->the ball goes into the right net. For some reason mourinho's boyz are losing the ball( i mean that's some jonzing movements), their passes are moving swiftly from their legs to the legs of barca players and then madrid supporters hold their breath hoping it doesnt end in the net!!!!
oh well, madrid players are obviously trying to score, i mean they have to try but at the moment its going over the net...OOPS!!  RONALDOOO....my bf is really trying but he's just gotta try harder.
31 minutes into the game and we see pique and ronaldo fighting(boyz aint smiling).The reason: Barca's coach held the ball when it went out and he held it for too long so ronaldo gave the guy a push like "drop the ball jor". Pique finds out ronaldo touched his coach, a fight sets in and the refree settles it by giving ronaldo a yellow card!!!
An argument sets in the house i'm in too "the coach should not hold the ball"..."ronaldo was wrong jor"..lool... boys and ball!! anyways ronaldo gets a yellow card, and then another yellow card for a barca player and yet another one for pepe from madrid...n i'm like "refree your yellow card neva finish".
the second yellow card led to a free kick but ronaldo missed it , slightly missed it (so painful).

               ball possession: barca 62 38 madrid..........................goals: barca 2-0 madrid
end of first half

beginning of 2nd half mesut leaves for lass to enter. will this move save madrid???
hell no!! two minutes into the second half, we see another goal but its not counted , still i don't think madrid should not be allowing a third goal oo.
Yellow card for alonso, this yellow card just keeps coming...EL CLASSICO ....players are just bringing players down....lol
highlights for barca go plenty..Another wonderful goal in motion but ooo did not make it, the madrid player set his leg out first and the ball went out...barca still has this match on lock down and madrid is still jonzing!!!

another goal oooo...go barca!!!!! 55minutes and
                         OH MY!!! another one in 58minutes(this people should allow me to bloag about one goal finish now)...BARCA HAVE MERCY...I mean the trick here is just to paralyze messi, the guy has tactics mehnnn and barca players are just amazing...no shots just incredible passes.
so madrid makes a change--> marcelo out abeloa in...madrid needs a miracle right about now not abeloa. anybody with the name miracle in madrid's team?
another yellow card for caryhalo of real madrid and then ramos follows with another yellow card around 78minutes...apparently, madrid is good at getting yellow cards ..yay!! madrid....lol
kedira gains a yellow card..this must be as a result of fustration o "madrid why all the cards???"

MOURINHO AINT SMILING!!!! he looks cute like that tho..hehe
yellow card for puyol, this time a barca player (hehe..thank God)....
pedro out jeffren in, first change from barca 
88minutes, the game is almost over, jose aint smiling(sitting down with his chin resting on his hands)
90 minutes and jeff puts in another goal ....OH MY GOD!!!!

messi is with the ball and two madrid players attack him, messi is down, the refree is running with a red card and a fight sets in oooo .....madrid players are vexing....loool eyaa i can understand their fustration.
ramos gets a second yellow card and the match comes to an end.

 the match is over!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5-0 ...GO BARCA!!!!!!! jose is jonzing!!!!

  • Xavi 10
  • Pedro 18’
  • Villa 55’, 58’
  • Jeffrén 90
Barcelona thrash Real Madrid in El Clasico

EL CLASSICO... the most anticipated match and fans watch jose and his team go down, seriously beaten by BARCELONA.....
             madrid brought nothing to this match sadly and barca just had the madrid players running around.
el classico...definitely not a match between two giants in my opinion :D
much luv,
dangel eyez


  1. abeg we dont need your luv n comment jor follow ur ronaldo n madrid #dead

  2. "(won't tell you the team now tho)."....your team was Real Madrid..u beleived in Jose now him don go Jonze see as him fall ur hand.

  3. sad :-( very difficult to hide the disappointment


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