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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


On October 29, a car with aides of the Lagos State House of Assembly Speaker, Mr. Adeyemi Ikuforiji hit the car of nigerian actress Ufuoma Ejenabor. A very simple sentence o but the story didn't end there.

This is how Ufuoma's story begins,“I think it was about 3pm and I was listening to Banky W on the car stereo. Suddenly, I noticed that a black Toyota Hilux truck, which has ESCORT as its registration number squeezed its way on my right side. Suddenly my Jeep was hit violently, damaging the right fender. To my utter shock, the driver did not stop."

Anyways she said she was beaten by the policemen that hit her and some of her things were taken from her/stolen.
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On the other hand, the police officers claim that they did not touch her or assault her in anyway.
One of the drivers said "Even if it is true that we hit her car, which cannot be proven from the video recording, when there is an accident on the road, the first thing you do is not to call a lawyer. So, it was obvious she was onto something right from the beginning and that was why the Speaker directed that everything be recorded,"
               It is just a shame that the issue of the police officers assaulting her would come up. Whether its true or not, the fact is the naija police force is just a shame.

                            please let me allow you watch the video

That commissioner really wanted her to calm down but sadly no one trusts them anymore to even listen to them :( by the way,Its not easy o...Too much drama displayed by the actress, serious operation FIRE FOR FIRE..lol
The current situation is that both parties are now suing eachother...na wa o! In my opinion MR Lagos State House of Assembly Speaker, it just shouldn't have got to that o.

The part of the story i find amusing is all the things that the actress claims are now missing:
white gold necklace (N850,000),
 Silver Gucci wristwatch (N475,000), 
Pink Ipod (N55,000),
 Blackberry Bold (N150,000)
 Channel Sunglasses ($1,215). 
She also claimed that her wedding band, worth £3,000 was broken
She also said,"My Apple Macbook Laptop fell during the ransacking of my car and the screen and the disc compartment were destroyed. My Louis Vuitton bag was also damaged, while my wedding band was broken.."

OMG!! AHN AHN AUNTY!!! lol...all these things in your car?? its not easy at all.Well, If they really assaulted you, then make sure they pay for all the unknown and known damages.
much luv,
dangel eyez


  1. dis is a doctored tape, we can't be screwed by politicians. dis recordin cant hold in any court, cos it shows dat she initially came out of d car at d beginning b4 she was beaten and l8r she refused to come out cos she started protecting herself.. her fone was also collected cos dey didnt also want her to make her/d "COMPREHENSIVE" recording..finally, it can't be an arranged accident cos she was hit from behind which makes dem wrong in any driving skool or manual.. infact, dere video is enuf facts against dem..

  2. hmmmmmmmmm...........see office now on d NPF head.....


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