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Saturday, November 13, 2010


HELLO!!!! its weekend, just finished my midterm exams so this weekend seems like the best weekend EVER..lol
   So this is me, dangel eyez, thinking we all should rock this weekend with great songs from way back.  
          and before i forget...happy sallah to all my muslim friends(thanks to you, I have one school-free week :D :D)

  First is the yvonne chaka chaka song we all love. This song was played in my 1 year old birthday party...I TOTALLY REMEMBER (lol..i watched the video :D)

 Next  is our very own MC Hammer(unfortunately he has become a synonym for the word "broke" the "i'm out of money" broke..lol)

Hey!! before you start finding his pants funny..lol..remember you have something like that in your closet :D , even if its much more fashionable now, its still mc hammer inspired..hahaha

second is sexy diva -TINA TURNER...gosh!!! i loved this song a lot.

Another sexy diva--> WHITNEY HOUSTON...still alive but not sure how great her voice is now after all she went through.
Anyways, this was and still is a great song. Fun video too

and ofcourse, how can I leave out one of the greatest artist of all times...MICHAEL JACKSON...i loved this song. He definitely was an amazing musician RIP michael

 OH MY!! that girl didn't just want to let go (can't blame her tho :D)

       I Can't get all the great videos in one post but I'm sure these ones bring back great memories 
                          It was fun taking you all back in time via my invisible time machine
                                               have a FabaMAZING weekend!!
                                                           much luv,

                                                             dangel eyez


  1. How can you remember your 1 year birthday damilola ore mi well #dat1de

  2. lol.. the point is its an old song even older than me i guess plus i watched the video of my 1 yr old birthday.


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