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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

LOUD MOUTH: Wake up Nigerians, there is still fire on the mountain!!

 With the elections around the corner, so many things going on in Nigeria. The cry for change is getting louder, so many promises are being made.... AND I'VE GOT THINGS ON MY MIND I NEED TO POUR OUT. 

        Many times we talk about the unimaginable amounts of money leaders have stolen and got away with, the ones that have been caught with ridiculous possessions and those that you wonder if they actually passed the criteria of leading any group of people not to talk of a whole country. 

       yes o!! we have bad leaders but they are not exactly our major problem.

          NIGERIAN ELECTIONS to me is a very smallish fellow that seem to make a big joke out of all nigerians time after time. I mean when elections are coming up you find people speaking their minds and cooking up rallies. Nigerians already know what they want in a leader(the description has always been there since i was born) but when the results are announced
its like the bloody fellow just tells us "haha, I told you o ..i have fooled you again". Nothing has worked over the years and its frightening. 
and once again, I'm soooo not talking about that fellow                             
 now where was I?
what is the problem in Nigeria or maybe, WHO is the problem??
   Sometimes, I wish for a natural disaster(and wait before you chop me raw) , one that will just come and ONLY wipe out the evil people in the country but then i wonder how many of us in that country will BE LEFT?
         YOU SEE the PROBLEM as i keep telling people is with the NIGERIAN MEN & WOMEN.
I mean unless YOU want to tell me the leaders we complain about are not Nigerians or that its been the same set of people in power for a long time because I am pretty sure that over time new faces have joined the government train but what difference has it made.
 we keep focusing on just the leaders.......corrupt leaders , corrupt government....                           WAKE UP!!!

  • those lecturers who wont pass a student because he or she won't heed to his demand is not part of the "corrupt government".
  • employers that give jobs based on connection or the "if you scratch my back , ill scratch yours" basis are also not part of "the corrupt government".
  • the student who prefers to join a cult and disturbs the peace of other students who are struggling to be in school is not part of "the corrupt government".
  • even those market women/sales girls who are not just welcoming to customers(which i find pretty annoyingly annoying) are not part of "the corrupt government".
  • I remember a friend of mine who used to give extra lessons for waec and jamb telling me "i have taught the children from rich families and their children do excellently well but they wont offer me a job in their companies because ofcourse who will teach their children" these kind of people are not part of "the corrupt governement"
and the list goes on....all of these people are obviously not in the government but in one way or the other not doing things RIGHT.

AHA!! I'm sure most of us saw the result of one statistics that place Nigerians as the happiest people in the world. I believe them O! because one thing i know--> WE LOVE ENJOYMENT but maybe that is where the problem lies. You see, we want too much of everything and you and I know what that can lead to.
Greed and Selfishness-->> a man wants more for himself, more for his family, more for his generations yet unborn. haba!!
 Its like a fight for happiness in Nigeria. I must be happier than the other person and if I'm not(WAHALA DEY!!) I must pretend that I am... (NAWA!!)
                                   the problem fellow readers is with the PEOPLE.
   When talking about the country Nigeria most people talk about how the youth must fight against the ills in the country, talk about many men/women that fought for what they believed in for their country(most people make reference to martin luther king jnr) and many make comparisons to developed countries.
   Lets talk about all those great men that fought for their country,(I LAUGH IN MY LANGUAGE).My dad once told me when he came back from a trip he made to some countries. He had been to the grave of one man that had fought for the country and he said " the respect alone they gave to this man even in his death is amazing, soldiers are by his grave 24/7, tourist come around and take pictures" and he said "now i understand why they gladly fight for their country or for the people in their country and are prepared to die for it too. They know they will never be forgotten". Even in T.R.N.C where I study and Turkey , no one dares to say anything evil about their hero- Kemal Atarturk.. you see his pictures everywhere you go.In fact the way I know about him now is as if he fought for me too.YES!! what I am trying to say people is what have we done to respect those that fought for NIGERIA way back???
                        name a street after them and put them on our naira notes.
                                                          is that enough???
The last time I heard about the good deeds President Nnamdi Azikiwe had done was in my social studies class. 
So much for keeping our culture!!our heritage!! so much for respecting those that should be respected. This says a lot about how much we are losing ourselves, if we do not keep in mind how and where the journey to build our great country started or the people that laid the foundations, then we are not heading to any great destination.

OH!! and about the constant reference and comparison to developed countries. I have something to say.
When i look at a developed country, all i see from my own view is their OPEN ARMS TO TALENT. There is a place for everyone to develop their talent. No one is going to see a person with great talent and shut their eyes because he or she doesn't know "THE" HE OR SHE that needs to be known(i mean CONNECTION).

  • For instance, if you are good at any sports, you could get into a university on scholarship!!
  •  movie directors/producers are constantly searching for new faces
  • companies investing in brilliant ideas by talented people(e.g facebook)
         and other uncountable opportunities to help their youth work on their talent.
People that are talented in sports, music, dance, acting and even the bookworms/geeks are all constantly being developed and in return get to give back to their country.
Even schools now have courses such as fashion designing and the likes, so one gets a degree for their unique gift. A developed country has its citizens creating things in the country, buying products made in the country and even making other countries who have not SEEN THE LIGHT buy from them too.
                                      Nigeria!!! are you part of those still in the dark?? 
     OH YES!! I must acknowledge the fact that a lot of talented youth are working on themselves and coming up with good products in nigeria but still everything doesn't seem right YET. the idea of  "YOU MUST HAVE CONNECTION" still exists and a lot of fake people everywhere.
 I tried to prepare myself for modelling in naija this summer but it didn't feel right. A lot of fakes, unprofessional ones, frightening stories of fake agencies and the agencies i actually found professional and worthy were accusing themselves stylishly of being fake... OMG!! can't there be one industry functioning properly?? 
In my opinion, the good ones should find a way of creating a clear distinction between themselves and the illegal ones. (SHIKENA!!!)
 I know I am all about talent and I'm not strictly talking about music and fashion inclined talents. If we put effort into developing our talents in Nigeria, we will come up with our own products.WE CAN DO IT.. think about it! we will not have to import every single thing and i'm guessing there wont be so much people caught in the confusion of having to engage themselves in illegal business.
I know the government should have something to do with creating these opportunities but then the Nigerian people must be able to accept NIGERIAN-MADE products,the ones producing should produce QUALITY PRODUCTS worth buying, sell them at affordable  reasonable prices and already established companies should start investing in those brilliant ideas that don't have enough resources.

      Most Nigerians refuse to do things the RIGHT way but want RIGHT things to come to the country..that can't be RIGHT!!!...right?

LOUD MOUTH HAS SPOKEN!!! if you don't agree TALK YOUR OWN :D

dangel eyez


  1. this was a worthwhile read... seeing how good you can be as Loud Mouth, shouldn't we be looking to kill the angel now! :P anyways... kudos and cheers!!

  2. hw e dey do u self?? u go try calm down oooh, y u go dey expose naija pple like dis on WWW.. watch ur back oooh...lmao


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