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Saturday, November 27, 2010


AYOTUNDE FABAMO popularly known as twitch started something in 2009. He found a way to fight for his cause.
MISS OMOLEWA was born because he believed that 
its essential for the Nigerian child to know that it is important to grow in life and help make a difference in the world and NO ONE IS TOO YOUNG TO TOUCH LIVES and MR IDEAL NIGERIA was established to encourage the young Nigerian men that coming up with their own business idea is a way to alleviate poverty in our society

click the link below to read all the juicy details about tmiss omolewa and mr ideal Nigeria : http://dangelola.blogspot.com/2010/10/miss-omolewa-2010mr-ideal-nigeria-2010.html

Dangel Eyez brings to you an interview with the lucky winners and pictures from the successful event .

Mr Bello Olawale Sadiq(MR IDEAL NIGERIA 2010) 

  kwara state, 23, student of OOU olabisi onabanjo university ogun state and a model.
 He says, "I saw an advert of the competition via facebook and I felt it was a great opportunity for me. The event took place at akure. It was a great program and I did not believe I would win. I put a lot of effort as the other contestants were challenging and I was so happy when  I was announced as the winner because this was my first time and I believe its a good sign for greater thngs. About the organization, the team put a lot of effort and they are going places because they are commited. The chairman ayotunde twitch who has the whole Idea put his mind in everything he does. The event was excellent. I am so glad I won and will like to Appreciate all contestants for their effort and comitment and to the organizers, more grease to their elbows. The sky is just the beginning."
Mr Ideal Nigeria 2010 will work alongside fashion Icon Adebayo OKe-Lawal to create awareness about the Business Key initiative. He will represent Ondo at the Mr Independence pageant in December, Duke of World (dukeofworld.com) in may, cover model madtainment Magazine, feature in Onyeka Nwelue's New movie abyssinian boy and loads more.

and Ms Toluwalase Omitowoju(Miss Omolewa Nigeria 2010)
PROFILE :http://www.facebook.com/MISS.OMOLEWA.2009
is from ile ife osun state and just finished from International school, University of Ibadan. 

its funny really , i met Ayotunde in front of the University of Ibadan one afternon on my way back from school while he was granting BCOS an interview for their afternoon street special. He told me about the competition-Miss Omolewa, one thing led to another and here i am now as Miss Omolewa NIgeria 2010. 

everything still seems like a dream. That morning i won't have dreamt I would go back to bed as Miss Omolewa Nigeria. I am really looking forward to it. Ayotunde asked me during the competition to describe my perfect day and i told him that my perfect day will be a day that i will be able to touch lives and i am looking forward to doing just that. 

i will be the goodwill ambassador of love of a child, the charity arm of Twitch Events, organisers of Miss Omolewa. i will be visiting motherless babies homes, old people's homes nd orphanages as well. i will also assist Moyin, miss Omolewa Ondo, to raise funds for the education of children in Ondo state may 27 2011. 
I really hope to compete at the teen miss united nations next year , that way i will be able to touch lives around the world. I am getting into university next year so thats something I am also looking forward to.

Ayotunde Twitch and the Miss Omolewa team are just very creative. it was a lovely show and i am so sure everyone had a great time in Akure.

Ms Moyin Omolewa 
 is 17years old and lives in Akure and currently the Library prefect at Omolorogbo school. 

"I am so glad i won the Miss Omolewa Ondo, i never believed i would have won it but thank God i did.

i will be working with lifting our community , helping to raise money for the education of children in Ondo and also i will volunteer for kids2teen occassionally.

The organisers are very nice people and i am looking forward to working with them."

.............PICTURES FROM THE EVENT.......

Miss omolewa ondo

Mr Physique (Rivers state)

mr Anambra

judges Princess Toun and Miss Tola
miss Biossa 2007

seciond runner up Mr ondo
mr ideal contestant
chairman Miss Omolewa and Mr ideal Organisation. Ayotunde twitch
Top five for mr ideal nigeria 2010: RIVERS, LAGOS, OYO, OGUN & ONDO

Another successful year for the Miss omolewa/Mr Ideal team
A great way to reach out to the less privileged children in Nigeria
and a wonderful message to us all "NO ONE IS TOO YOUNG TO TOUCH LIVES".
God bless Ayotunde and his team :D

much luv,
dangel eyez


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