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Monday, February 13, 2012


   Maybe not all the damages..oh well
        I woke up this morning to the sound of a very heavy rain and serious wind to go with it. Anyways, it finally reduced and I headed for work in a very happy, chilled mood listening to the radio. Everything seemed okay until I started seeing trees , poles and all sorts that had fallen and then someone called on the radio saying a pole had fallen on someone at obalende and another had fallen on a car. I think at some point the news got to me and when I got to the first lekki roundabout and saw the signposts that had fallen flat, I was pissed.
I know the rain was heavy but the signposts were practically uprooted from the ground and was just laying flat on the surface. I was like "seriously, who the hell was incharge of  fixing these signposts??" I mean signposts are supposed to remain for years and in my opinion should be properly fixed in the ground..HUGE EMPHASIS on the word "properly". Its not even new to Lagosians how terrible the wind can be especially with the situations we had last year. 
So I cannot understand the kind of job that was done that wind will blow a signpost to the extent that its "stems" are uprooted from the ground.
do you understand what i mean??

This also goes for the poles that fell in a similar way. Just take a look at the antennae at PHCN(Nigeria's power holding company) Ikoyi.

I understand the rain was heavy but there'll always be rain and wind.. it is the duty of those awarded these jobs to do their work properly. Must some people in this country do things "half half" all the time??
 *rolling my eyes*

what do you feel?
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