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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


    Well, I do. 
Is it my business? NO
should I keep typing? OFCOURSE YES
  In my opinion, Tuface has just satisfied society by finally deciding to get "married" because left to me I'll say he is already married to 3 wives and is the father of five children with one on the way making SIX!!.
 Now the sixth child does not even belong to Annie who earlier today said "yes" to his marriage proposal at club 10. So am I exactly happy for her? I am not sure. 
The comment below on BellaNaija practically sums up how I feel:

"...I dont know if I am happy or sad for her. If it’s all about finally getting the man you have waited and hustled for and that you have come out victorious, then I am ecstatic for her. She has overcome. But if it is about love, commitment, faithfulness, fidelity, then I worry, I really worry. Nothing God cannot do sha. I wish them both well." by temi of http://temiville.wordpress.com/
   but.... like I always say no one knows about a relationship better than the two people in it so only her knows why she should be excited . 
  I also hope  just for the sake of everyone's safety that the other women especially the one who is pregnant for him are sort of at peace with this recent development . 
   For many reasons based on my recent research on some things I shall let you all know about later, I CONDEMN NONE OF THEM :- the other women, the one who is pregnant, the one who said yes or the man who has "finally" decided to settle down.
Afterall, let he/she who hasn't done something wrong in his/her life,
cast the first stone
I wish both annie and tuface well
as well as the other parties involved.

much luv,
dangel eyez 

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