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Saturday, March 12, 2011

#OTONDOTALK: nysccamp experience DAY 1

As some of you know, I just got my BSc in information technology and decided to do the whole NYSC wahala before i go for masters. For those that do not know, NYSC is for every Nigerian who has completed his/her first degree in uni. Its all about service to the country Nigeria. It consists of 3weeks paramilitary training and the rest of the year working in a company.
    now that i'm through with the introduction :D i can now gist y'all of my experience so far at the camp.

DAY 1: 8/03/2011
     I got to camp early so i can get a good room and be done with registration on time. I checked my luggage at the gate and moved on to get my room (there was a really long line sha but anyhow i got a room on time ;) ).
The rooms had 16 double bunk beds which meant 32 people in a room ..*ahn ahn!! warrisit nysc ??* and the lady in-charge still brought in one more double bunk bed....oh me gosh!!
as i moved to my room, my side eyes checked out the bathroom and toilets which wasnt dirty YET but was in a horrible lack-of-maintenance state..d only thing that could come out of my mouth was "chei!!".
 I got a bed and put my things on it so noone takes it and next stop was registration. Now this is where I was glad I came in ontime because an hour after I was done with registration, the line was unimaginably long. Anyways, it wasnt a hard/long process. Nigerians can sha use every opportunity to make money, people were stapling documents for 10naira per staple work done,biros and papers for sale and the photographers that were singing "aunty,take your passport picture in one minute" and even if you say "bros i don get 12 already", they will lie that you still need more. lol
     Representative of banks were also everywhere asking us to open an account with them..i opened with GTB sha cos they looked really good hehehehehe.
Next stop was registering in your platoon..a platoon is like the group you'll belong to as a corper and I was placed in platoon 6 and platoon 6 had the longest line *hissssss* , I had to wait till it was my turn and the dude that was coordinating was just annoying plus he looked like shrek.lol.
After all the stress of registeration, i finally got my otondo(corper)kit consisting of shoes,shirts,shorts and a very big sized khaki that i just had to amend .
  Honestly, I did not want to stay that night..I was just thinking of how ill cope cos nna mehnnnn this place wasnt looking good at all.
 At about 5pm, they started blowing one annoying horn like that and we all started hearing the sound of whistles everywhere, military dudes were screaming "all corpers to the parade ground" and the funniest one was "if you are still in the hostel, YOU ARE WRONG"...lmaoo as in please if thats all I am , I dont mind..I just want to sleep.lol....different statements o "double up", "if you are strolling or catwalking YOU ARE WRONG".. I had to jog myself to the parade ground ooo..this thing wont be easy at all

to be continued.....
much luv,
otondo dangel eyez :D


  1. Dammy Love..i always love ur writing bbz..It's Ebun btw...kai...I actually do envy you..leaving eutrope and goiung back to Naija...there's a big difference in both worlds...When it is my turn..ish...im sure i wld get pregnant so that i can run away 4rm wot u r going thru..but again..it is part of d fun at camp! I LOVE YOU GIRL....have fun bbz..and give my heartfelt love to everyone..BTW, wen u r applying to do masters' u had better apply to schls in UK!

  2. lol ebun..glad u love me writing, i dey try! :D
    n yea there's a huge difference n its jus crazy.lol at u gettin pregnant (ABEG O).
    n abt where ill do my masters, ill holla at u soon :D


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