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Friday, February 10, 2012


    I Just read a very intriguing biography of a remarkable woman, mother and leader Mrs Margaret Thatcher ,and if she had balls I would say they were made of iron. A really determined and tough woman, little wonder the movie “IRON LADY”  played by another AMAZON Meryl Streep has received huge a claim over the past weeks. One element that caught my attention was the fact that she was a steady leader that positioned herself and her country for greatness.
 What habits, character traits are inherent in leaders especially in a growing society where a lot of our leaders even our Presidents, C.E.O, Bank directors have lost the faith and support of their subordinations within the twinkle of an eye.
      In Nigeria it has been and still is business as usual when leaders appear in the media and make promises and give assurances only for the masses to be left hoping and waiting to see when will fulfill their promises. Integrity is simply indispensable; one’s ability to say and perform according to the dictates of their words can never be over emphasized. So if you in head of your department or heading a small group always remember to tell the truth and avoid lies and excuses.

      One very important tool President Barack Obama emphasized in his book Audacity of hope is "Listen like you mean it" this might seem easy, but it entails abandoning all you are doing and looking at the speaker straight in the eyes, paying attention to every detailed information ask questions, Benjamin Disraeli observed “talk to a man about himself and he listens for hours” Listening increases likeability, and likability leads to trust in a leader.
    There is never an excuse for anyone to whine no matter the circumstance, whining only shows that you have been defeated by the present challenge and the last resort is running you mouth in a systematic correlation of stuffs people don’t want to hear from a leader. If you are leader suck it up and think constructively, the solution is around the corner.
      Long before Tiger Woods I have always hated Golf but I hardly know a major broker or CEO that doesn’t swing the club and most times if you want to strike a major deal with the big shots, you seal it up during their leisure hours. Mixing business with pleasure might be the most technical but it is a trait we need to learn and master. Knowing when to shake hands, etiquette and pay compliments pitches you in a class of your own.
      Rewards never come without occasionally taking risks, all forms of fear and doubt must be cleared and full focus at the task at hand because the leader who blows like the wind can and will never be trusted. The sports brand NIKE said it all “just do it “
     Communication goes beyond being able to talk in a large crowd but communication in a leader should require tact, intelligence and knowledge of the listeners, being a man of woman of your words. Follow through the information you need to pass across.

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