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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Saw this tweet by Fela's son , Seun Kuti (@RealSeunKuti) and thought to share as most of it is a summary of what has been going on so far as regards the probe in the petroleum sector by EFCC.

"Petroleum Minister does not know the volume of PMS consumed daily by Nigerians. NNPC claims we consume 35million litres daily. PPPRA claimed we import 59million litres daily. Finance Minister confirmed N76 is being paid on 59million litres daily as SUBSIDY. N667Billlion subsidy funds can not be accounted for! 24million litres of PMS not needed but imported could not be accounted for and yet form part of our GDP growth which is put at 7.4% in 2011. Nigeria Customs also claimed NNPC imports Pet. Products without valid documentations which makes it easier for the products to take a walk frm the country without being tracked therefore making data gathering on imported Pet.Products difficult. FALLOUT: MD/CEO Capital Oil requested to refund 5Billion or face arrest. What a weak beginning! On top of these, a kangaroo audit of Nigeria's multi-trillion dollar Oil and Gas industry has now been awarded to one unknown Sada Idris and Company in the sum of N226 million and the audit of Solid Mineral to anoda Haruna Yahaya and Company in the sum of N137 million. These are organized arrangements to rubber-stamp & manage Africa's biggest fraud! Who are these names? What's their history& capacity? Can Nigeria not afford world-class auditors who have a name to protect and who can afford to tell us the truth? Shame of a nation! WHICH WAY NIGERIA? The battle for the soul of this country has just begun! We CANNOT be silent at a time like this!!! Nigerians demand the humble resignation of Finance Minister, Petroleum Minister, GMD of NNPC, Executive Secretary of PPPRA, Comptroller Gen.of Customs, Information Minister. Also the cancellation of these sham audit contracts and to re-award same to more sensible world-class auditors! Its time to say an outright NO to fraud and corruption in the very fabric of Nigeria's Government!!! "

    my own is that since they told us there are fraudsters in the petroleum sector and that is part of the reason we need to remove subsidy on PMS, they must produce at least one unlucky cabal.
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dangel eyez

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