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Thursday, January 5, 2012

NLC protest against fuel subsidy removal in pictures&words + VIDEO: policemen protest

     The protest led by the NLC against the removal of fuel subsidy started at 8am on Tuesday at yaba and ended at ojota sometime in the afternoon.
If you are still not sure what the fuss is about on this fuel subsidy issue, read here : http://dangeleyez.blogspot.com/2012/01/fuel-subsidy-removal-reason-and-fears.html
the video below shows policemen protesting against the removal of fuel subsidy.

The NLC protest in pictures and words... #OCCUPYNIGERIA

"One day, the poor will have nothing left to eat but the rich". Seen at  protest iñ 

Lagos JAF protest at Ojuelegba.

Ajegunle people say no to fuel price increase.

SuperScreen TV improvises to get Outside Broadcasting equipment

Bonfire on Ikorodu road.

Ikorodu Road, ,

Protesters now at Obanikoro, the journey continues.
JAF's Aremu asks crowd to sustain the struggle and make the authentic sacrifice required to take Nigeria back.

Protest continues to Gani Fawehinmi Park as the crowd cheers on, along the road.

Crowd gathers around Gani Fawehinmi's statue at Ojota, , singing for the government.

 protest stops at Ojota Car Park. 

 Mrs. Fawehinmi (yes, Gani's wife) asks protesters to ask leaders if they know that N18,000 is now worthless 

 protester acts mild drama just before the Independence Tunnel at Maryland,  

In honour of Gani, the  protest terminates at Gani Fawehinmi park!

From Tuesday till now, there's been different protests all over the country
but the government still has not reversed its decision.
This is what you get when people have lost faith over time in their government.

will Nigerians give this government a chance?
will deregulation really help the oil sector and eventually bring down the price?

pictures and captions from @gbengasesan(twitter)
much luv,
dangel eyez

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