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Sunday, January 29, 2012


              It’s weekS into the year but HAPPY NEW YEAR regardless. Ha! I lapsed in my posts, so many things have happened between my last entry and this post from work to personal stuff to procrastination and everything in-between. It’s a new year and I will make an effort stay consistent with my entries.

             I haven’t written in a while so this post may come a tad rusty but the subject for this post is HYGIENE. It still amazes me how people manage to leave their homes with body odour, not to even mention the stench that is waiting for any chance to get released into an unsuspecting person’s face. There are so many ads on TV, billboards, shops window displays, even radio stations (for anyone likely to argue that some people don’t have access to TVs) of products that can be used to deal with odours. What exactly is the problem? Is it that body/dental products are too expensive for people to purchase, or the importance of hygiene hasn’t been propagated enough by the media, national health institutions or schools? I am sure we all know how uncomfortable it is to be around or talk to someone who has mouth or body odour.

          Besides sitting by bus conductors, fish mongers (who can be pardoned due to the nature of their job) or bumping into someone at a social gathering, my worst experience so far was just last Thursday in the staff bus. I sat in front by the driver on the trip back to town from work and in the nicest way I can put it, I felt nauseous through the whole ride. It wasn’t just the smell of sweaty under-arms but anytime he talked to someone in the bus or yawned or cleared his throat, I just wanted to faint (and imagine how the AC does a wonderful job of circulating whatever air is in the vehicle). I really cant explain what my emotions were, but if anybody can try coming up with a term that combines disgusted, sad, angry, helpless, … (that’s for another emotion I cant seem to name) it’ll be good enough.

           In Uni I had a friend who was extremely cautious about body hygiene, it wasn’t like issy (made up name for anonymity) used a lot of body products or stuff like that, she mainly stuck with the basics and routines like; bathing and brushing her teeth at least twice daily. She also went the extra mile of having breath mints and her body splash/wipes with her almost always.

          It’s a bit shocking when you’ve lived with someone who has an OCD attitude towards personal hygiene, and when you change environments you are faced with the complete opposite. How do you cope? Is there anyway of letting people know that they stink or you might pass out if they spoke to you. It’s most annoying when people with this condition are those who can comfortably afford to take better care of themselves.

With this topic, a few questions that come to mind are:
Would you let your friend know he/she has an odour issue? if yes, how would you tell the person? If no, why the decision?
Would you let a random person (a co-worker, an acquaintance etc) know when they have an odour? If yes, how would you tell the person? If no, why the decision?

Have fun pondering on your opinions and don't forget to share
Signed: AOI (Dangel eyez's contributor from Ghana)

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