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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


The Elsie Vintage Blog sale is here again..

 January 28th... 12pm..
The items,ranging from Vintage/Retro clothes,accessories,purses,shoes etc shall be displayed for sale on this blog.

To prevent mistakes and double sales, they shall be replying the emails within 24hrs and not immediately any-more. 
The deal is;-
1)      Look through the pictures and pick your fave piece on http://fashionphoenix06.blogspot.com/
2)     Send the item number to her mailbox, Onyinyefafiobi@yahoo.com with your address, number and name.
3)     A reply shall be sent containing the day of delivery and time within 24hrs.
4)     Free delivery for everyone.
5)     All pieces either Medium or large can be altered to fit a small size
6)     First email sender on a piece wins.

NOTE; - this is for only people living in Lagos. Stay outside Lagos and really want a piece? If you have a way they can send it to you. That’s fine. J
Alterations can be done by the Elsie Vintage Alteration tailor,BaBa. this will cost an extra N500.

onyinye fafi-obi of elsie vintage.
twitter: @ElsieVintage 


As you can see, those with the fastest fingers get whatever vintage item they desire..
and I have those fingers ..lol!! 
Anyways my darling readers, this saturday by 12pm, STAY OFF the fine items. 
okay, just joking
happy shopping..all items are affordable :D 

much luv,
dangel eyez

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