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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


     The clear version of the  Naija BET cypher is out now. I love rap to an extent , love the way good rappers play with words and then make u scream "wooo!!" lol. Anyways, those of you that haven't seen it, here it is - the male & female versions in one.
 KUDOS!! to IBKSpaceshipBoi (winner of don jazzy's enigma challenge)who made the beat.

  I respect all of them on the cypher, they all tried but I have my favourites.
Male cypher: Mode9!!!!!!! yes BOSS :D , MI then XO did it for me in that order and Naeto C is my least favourite.
 Actually, there were some people that were not sure about XO's lyrics in this cypher including me but I found his lyrics as one of the comments for this video on youtube and I found it interesting but the thing is you have to be audible and deliver your lines well for people to get you.
oh well, thought I should share XO's lyrics with you all.
"The Outlook’s bright, that’s the Word, all I do is Excel And Casey Anthony rappers, my flow should be on the pill The Lyrical Dangote, even Aliko couldn’t get on this ‘bill’ Last year I watched this from my office – now I’m here – Surreal! Pray for me, I’m spittin’ in a sick way, and I’m (Azikwe Nnamdi) – Truth! Yeh “We Are Africans – Awoo!” But the rap crown was roaming (Roman) and so I ceased her (Caesar) – Poof! Talking ‘racks on racks on racks’? ‘Maybachs on bachs on bachs’?Not stopping ’til Fortune companies hire Blacks on Blacks

Dagrin and Amy Winehouse, RIP!
Now “Back to Black” E.T.
I B-E-T that if yo B C’s D’s (b****/baby sees these)
She will press ‘pause’ (paws) on me, like I’m E-V-E
The sickest lyricist to spit it infinite in minutes is winning would dream it like Hakeem but now like Brixton I’m “innit” (in it)
U see I sawed this beat, its now an eye sore in the I.C.U.
Buzzing ’bout who the best be(e)?
I’m all 3 … Minus 2!"
so I found this writeup and I agree with whoever put it up 

"BET cypher is not about finding rhymes from nursery books. It is much about your creativity with story telling and how you can find good word plays to push it. I looked at all the cyphers and i find the Nigerian cypher the weakest(I am Nigerian lol). It just hurt that the truth is not always supported in Nigeria just the way our politicians use bias to put people to lead industries when we have world class managers everywhere in Nigeria and abroad.  If we really want to set a bench mark for hiphop in Nigeria, we should get a cue from Mode. He leads the next rapper in Nigeria with a long stretch.

Mode 9 - I got introduced to his songs by a friend who was a big fan. After hesitating at first, i decided to give it a try and that was it. For years, i have seen arguments on who tops him in Nigerian hip hop but i am ashamed to see that we Nigerians, though claim to know one or two things about rap are just plain commercial. We don't appreciate conscious music. I wonder how Asa managed to sell albums in the country.  He is straight classic and would go pound for pound with any American MC.

M.I. - On the average, he did not disappoint compared to the other guys, but i think he was trying too hard. A real hardcore rap is mostly about punchlines and fluidity rather than vocabularies. M.I's intro was good though. (Reference to Joe Budden on the Slim 2.0 cypher)....

Sauce Kid - My love for sauce kid does not go beyond rap. I just like him as a rapper and i can acknowledge his ability but he always come to most as an underperformer rather than one with no rap skills. He did not do badly on the cypher and he managed to have a story line rather than finding rhymes like others were doing...

Ice Prince - A rare combination of poor rapability and childish punchlines. NO storylines. He reminded me of some 9ice's songs who gathers adages from wherever to make a song. He DEFINITELY has no....

X.O. - To most people, he came as a disappointment on the cypher after so much hype. I really don't think he did that bad rapability wise and story lines, its just that he wasn't audible enough. There is something wrong with his accent. It came bad on that particular cypher. If he would make another cypher,....

Naeto C - I love him as a Nigerian artist, i don't think he has what it takes to go on the world stage. He is only going to be a bomb waiting to explode. He should feed us with more swag in naija and we will be appreciative of that. "


  For the ladies, they all tried too and they looked really good. EVA killed it for me.. love her plenty and I just didn't get SASHA smh.. by the way, does anyone know why retta was in that video? x_x.

what do you think?
much  luv,
dangel eyez


  1. LOL Don't know what to say about Sasha's till now SMH.
    And NaetoC almost killed me with laughter with that "yes boss" What are you 'yes bossing' in cypher again? LOL
    And for those 2 females that didn't rap, I still don't understand their purpose there. Background effect? SMH

  2. lmaoo but that was naeto's best part o hehehe.
    you might just be right @ background effect. hahaha SMH


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