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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


             This is who I am:
 I find something good that I love, I definitely have to share and trust me when I say you'll most definitely love whatever I share.
 EHEN!! last year, I had a problem with my hair. It was breaking seriously because of some factors(e.g weather) where I was studying and I had VEXED and decided to go natural which isn't a bad thing. The only problem was that I could not bring myself to cutting any part of my hair(you don't want to see me on low cut).
  When I came to Nigeria last year July for the summer holiday, my friend introduced me to a salon she felt could help my hair. At that time, I was ready to relax my hair and be good to it so I decided to try it out and oh boy! was i grateful.

NATURES GENTLE TOUCH is the name of the salon 
and I have been religiously going there for anything that has to do with my hair for more than a year now.
They do not fix weavon there or do ghana braids and its likes. They are just dedicated to taking care of the hair God has given us and I love them :D. 
Natures Gentle Touch Hair Institute

Plot 209, Muri Okunola Street

Victoria Island, Lagos.

Phone: +234-1-4627442

Email: info@naturesgentletouchinstitute.com

Relaxer- 1000naira
washing(which includes deep conditioning,steaming,straightening/setting,trimming if needed and proper styling)- 1000naira with their product and 1500 if you come without their product. They'll use their product for you, I am not sure they'll agree to use any other product.
relaxing(which includes everything washing includes) - 2000naira and i think student price is 1500naira
If you are going there for the first time, one of the hair specialist will have a look at you hair (forgotten the term for it) and then tell you which products of theirs to buy.
   They offer other services like dyeing and cutting hair to style but I have no idea how much those ones cost. 
In my opinion, these prices are pretty cool for the services and did i mention the hair stylist takes his/her time to make your hair fab.. NO?? okay, that's like their problem. They never want to hurry o and you know some of us want everything done SHARP SHARP .lol Anyways, my friends and I have learnt to plan well as trying to rush the hair stylist hardly ever works unless of course its some serious emergency.


yes, you do not pay anything extra to get your hair styled this way.
    This is me rocking my hair. I care more about a healthy looking hair than anything else and if i can achieve that then I'm so glad.

and that's it!!!
my free advert for my favorite hair salon :D
Natures Gentle touch is also the official hair salon for MTN lagos fashion and design week and I learnt they'll be at the exhibition at Eko hotel from wed-saturday from 10am-5pm. 
Natures Gentle Touch
For those with natural afro, I think they work on that as well.
Well,My friend ,Joke, has a fantastic blog where she shares her natural afro secrets so you can check it out.

much luv,
dangel eyez


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