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Monday, October 17, 2011

'I have breast cancer,' reveals E! presenter Giuliana Rancic at 37

Heath battle: TV presenter Giuliana Rancic revealed she has breast cancer on the Today Show this morning
Rancic made the announcement on NBC's Today Show this morning, admitting she will undergo surgery later this week.
She said: 'Through my attempt to get pregnant through IVF, we sadly found out that I have early stages of breast cancer. It's been a shock.'
Rancic and her husband Bill were preparing to undergo a third round of IVF treatment after two failed attempts when a doctor asked her to undergo a mammogram. 
She explained: 'I wasn't prepared to get a mammogram until I was 40 years old, like I'd been told. I never in my wildest dreams expected anything to be wrong. It was just a kick in the stomach.'

Recalling the moment she found out, Rancic said: 'I went into the hospital in L.A., when they came in to tell me, they said it pretty quickly, they just said, "I'm sorry, you have breast cancer."
'It's what you expect, but so much more, it was like, incredible instant sobbing and the world just crashed down around me. I couldn't believe it - 36 years old, no family history? I couldn't believe it.'
After her lumpectomy, Rancic will undergo six weeks of radiation therapy.
And despite her illness, Rancic is hopeful she and her husband will be able to resume IVF after her cancer treatment.
She said: 'I still want this baby ... because this baby has saved my life. I truly feel God was looking out after me... If I had gotten pregnant later down the line, I could have been a lot sicker.' [*pregnancy would have made the cancer spread faster*]

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2050068/Giuliana-Rancic-breast-cancer.html#ixzz1b3d3S17d

Supportive: The star with her husband Bill in New York on Thursday
I thank God the doctors detected it on time and I pray for her that God will see her through, give her and her husband the strength.
My heart also goes out to others fighting cancer. May God see them through and may they come out strong. 
much luv,
dangel eyez

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