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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thoughtful Thursdays: I want to be like Her……No Her……umm Yes Her!

Females are the most indecisive sexes on the planet….and more fortunate than not, I am one indecisive person. Yes, I said fortunate…lol…why should I limit myself to just a few options when I have a zillion varieties to select from. I owe it to myself to satisfy my thirst to always have the best of anything within my reach (well as I try to cut my cloth according to my size). In my journey to find myself and understand who I am, who I want to be, qualities that I want to shape my being, I do not limit myself to just one person as a role model. For every person I admire, there is a quality that has drawn me to them. Not necessarily because the others do not have it, but because people exhibit it in different ways individually that makes them stand out more than the other person.

So my style icons are Victoria Beckham, Queen Raina of Jordan, Whitney Port, Blair Waldorf (the character), Miranda Kerr and Solange Knowles. Their fashion styles are not too far off, well of all of the mentioned, Solange is pretty much the most urban. But I just can’t seem to choose one particular person in this category to emulate wholly because it’s more fun and adventurous to come up with something that combines what I see in all of them. I am definitely not the only one who has loads of people they look up to in one category of …’whatever it may be’. So you probably get my gist, it gets more interesting in our attempts to fit all of these different features in one.

The same way I have people I look up to when it comes to more staid aspects such as my defining values. The people in this category are those I know personally, they are people I have lived with or been closely acquainted to. Close enough to understand what makes them who they are, how they perceive things, their spiritual foundation, their goals in life, and enough to know what so..so would do in a given situation. These are my Friends (notice the cap.’F’ lol…) who I can count on one hand. I surely have loads of people I talk to or hang with or party with or even share things with but whom am I deceiving? I can only rely on a tinny tiny fraction of these people 24/7. No one is perfect, my Friends individually have their short comings but combining all their winning values together would make a wonderful person (who I aspire to me as I get older and wiser and more settled on my journey to finding me…hoping I don’t get lost on d way lol).

To some extent, I guess personality contributes to what degree a person’s indecisiveness is. Some people are ‘go getters’ they know what they want and where they are headed. Once they make up their minds there is no turning back. Well some of us are not like that and the earlier we admit it and deal with it the better for us, before we get stuck in places we don’t want to be, places that are not meant for us, places we aren’t meant for. This does not me we (people like me) do not know what we want. We actually do, and a limited sample does not satisfy us. Since we know this is part of our nature, we tend to be picky (in a good way) and are ready to spend time (wisely) trying out various things till we find the ‘perfect’ (subjective to different individuals) combination we seek else the search continues. J  

In the end, it may take a life time for some of us, others my find their ‘perfect’ combinations earlier what ever the case, it would have been a worthwhile journey. We would have learnt and experienced so much. We would have funny faces (comprising of smiley, serious, embarrassed, dreamy looks etc) as we reminisce on our lives, the highs, the lows and the limbos.

Totally my opinion,
Signed: AOI

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